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"When we leave ore familiar environment, we still carry our character inside us and when life puts us under pressure, our true character emerges from within."

One day my uncle told us that "he is showing us a magic that will be useful to all of us throughout our life". He asked me to get two plastic transparent empty bottles. He kept two large sponges in two different trays along with two glass jars filled with water, one that contains good filtered water and another with dirty colored water. Then he inserted each sponge into each jar. The sponges are soaking up the water.

We all were still curious for the magic to be revealed. "Now what happens when I take the sponges out of the water?" he asked as he lifted up the sponges, one in each hand. "How do they look?" asked my uncle. "They look the same to me" said my mother and we all laughed.

My uncle said "You are right". "Watch what happens when I squeeze the sponges." My uncle squeezed the first sponge and clear water flowed back into the bottle. He then squeezed the second sponge and released a steady stream of dark liquid into other bottle. You see, even when I remove the sponges from their trays, they still carry their water with them. It’s only when I squeeze the sponges that we can really see what’s inside them.

"The same thing happens with us, and that’s exactly how we develop our sense of character. We absorb the ideas of the people around us just like these sponges soak up the water."

“If we surround ourselves with supportive, optimistic people we gradually develop a positive character,” said my uncle indicating the bottle containing the clean water."

It was timely message for all of us and particularly helpful to a young boy like me. 

That moment onwards I decided to spend my time with motivated, optimistic people. By doing this I gradually started to soak in the thoughts and ideas necessary to develop a positive character.

He then picked up another bottle. “On the other hand, if we continually associate with pessimistic and cynical people, we gradually develop a negative character.”

People with negative character need to constantly, consciously absorb the clean water, then only dirty water will be removed slowly and a sense of positive behavior will be felt. It will be difficult in the beginning, but surely it will happen.  

My emails are certainly acting as clean water. You just need to read it again and again and again and again, till dirty water if any gets flushed out.



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