Fast Teeth Whitening Methods

Woman with amazing white teeth.  Learn teeth whitening methods here to get white teeth too.
Woman with amazing white teeth. Learn teeth whitening methods here to get white teeth too.

Using Night Time Whitening Gel for White Teeth

The first method for getting fast white teeth results is using a generic teeth whitening gel. Getting it at most retailers will cost you about $40. This product: Plus White 5 Minute Maximum Whitening Speed Gel is great for this method and you can pick it up online at Amazon for less than 15 dollars.  Not too bad and it'll be completely worth it when you have super white teeth.

First, grab some waxed floss and use it on your teeth.  Floss you teeth really well and make sure to get rid of all that gunk that collects behind and between them.  Now, grab that gel you purchased and apply a film on each every tooth.  Keep your mouth open and your lips curled to help with the application process.  After you've finished coating your teeth, close your mouth and wait 5 minutes.  This part can get uncomfortable but you have to wait 5 minutes for the best teeth whitening results.  It can help to put on a song that you like to listen to help distract you from the gel.  Again, the longer you wait, the whiter your teeth will be.

Once the time is up, brush your teeth with toothpaste that has ingredients for teeth whitening.  Keep brushing your teeth until all the teeth whitening gel is removed.  The combination of teeth whitening toothpaste and gel will give you a combined whiter smile when finished.

Rinse your mouth out and smile at yourself in a mirror.  I guarantee you'll see much whiter teeth than what you had before.  You can repeat this method again after waiting several hours if you need white teeth fast.  Otherwise, just do this once per night as part of your normal oral cleaning routine to keep your teeth dazzling and white.

Laser Tooth Whitening for Fast White Teeth

Another great way to get long lasting and fast white teeth is a method called laser teeth whitening.  Many people recommend this type of procedure for teeth whitening and for those that undergo it, see amazingly white teeth.  All together, laser whitening for teeth only takes about one hour to to do (certainly fast if you need it right away).  There are many dental professional available to do this method if its something you're interested in.

How laser tooth whitening works is a rubber protectant is placed in your mouth to protect your gums.  A whitening product is then painted onto your teeth by a dentist.  After the product is painted on, a laser is then used to stimulate the chemicals that make your teeth white found in the stuff that was applied.

Many dentists recommend this method for whitening teeth and most people see results where their teeth get 6 shades lighter.  Laser tooth whitening usually lasts about 3 years but can be lengthened or shortened based on the foods you eat or if you drink or smoke.

The cost of laser teeth whitening will vary on who you have working on your teeth.  Many dentists have specials for new customers or coupons that they give out throughout the year for the clients.  The best way to get a great deal on laser tooth whitening treatments is to shop around on the internet.

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Awesome hub you have here Draanor... very informative and educational as well... i voted this UP!^^

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