Fat Burning Fuel

What Causes Thin Children To Become Obese?

The Author, at Age 57
The Author, at Age 57

The Root of the Problem

Fat burning fuel is the remedy for the global epidemic of overweight and obesity. The root of the problem is found in the artificial, unnatural foods we eat and the obesity-inducing ingredients that are inserted into our water supplies.

And yet, because a program of glamorous advertising and propaganda in the public schools and by public health agencies, Americans cling to these unhealthy foods out of tradition and addiction.

Our foods look the same, but new unfamiliar ingredients have been used to cause us to eat more. The average American doesn't live on a farm anymore, and has come to accept manufactured foods as a natural thing. Most people don't read the ingredients on the box and half of all meals are eaten in restaurants, anyway, so who knows what's in our food?

My personal search to find out why eating certain common foods caused me to feel so bad led me to learn some terrible truths about what has been purposefully done to our food. It is all about corporate profits, it turns out.

Since most of our food is processed and, without some chemical help, would taste like cardboard after sitting on the shelf for months, manufacturers discovered they could make food taste better by adding artificial flavor-enhancers like MSG.

MSG and the many similar flavor-enhancers also have a tendency to make us insensitive to the hormone that tells our body when we are full. Other substances, such as high fructose corn syrup and the artificial sweeteners (especially Aspartame), have a similar effect.

Of course, the food chemists that now design our foods know about this effect and use it quite effectively to guarantee high profits for their corporate employers. The corporations can then pass the blame back to the consumers, claiming it is their fault for not using more self-control over their appetite!

The insidious dangers of this class of flavor-enhancers is too deep a subject to go into here. Their effects on the human nervous system, on obesity, on tumor growth and spread, and on lowering intelligence in unborn offspring has been well-documented. I offer a free report on this subject at my http://www.healthyplanetdiet.com site, entitled "Artificial Sweeteners Make You Gain Weight, But Worse Than Sugar!"

Lobbying groups and conflicting scientific reports (funded by the manufacturers of these dangerous ingredients) keep the public confused. The Media don't dare get too aggressive at exposing this threat to the public, for fear of offending a major source of advertising revenue.

Even public watchdog agencies, such as the Food & Drug Administration are complicit and strangely silent on these obvious factors in causing an expensive and deadly public health crisis. Google "Donald Rumsfeld and Aspartame" to get a quick education on how the political power of special interests overrules public health concerns.

Dr. Russell Blaylock -- "Nutrition and Behavior"

The Obvious Solution To The Problem

The obvious solution to this problem is to stop eating the processed foods that are causing the obesity and the diseases associated with it. Unfortunately for the public, these artificial additives are addictive, causing so much pleasure that it is very difficult to quit them.

Another obstacle to quitting is the widespread lack of awareness of the true cause of the obesity problem, as well as the fact that processed foods are everywhere, are assumed to be safe, and are more convenient and frequently subsidized by our government so they cost less than healthier alternatives.

The public needs help in breaking their addiction to these unhealthy foods. Most diet products are themselves unhealthy and improperly formulated, so they aren't much help.

What is needed to rescue the world population from this spreading plague of obesity caused by our processed mass-marketed food is a gradual weaning and return to an appreciation for more natural foods.

It is unrealistic to expect to change personal habits of eating by decree or by sheer willpower, so a more stealthy and gradual approach is the one I have personally chosen with satisfying results.

Noticing the interest and following the TV show "Biggest Loser" generated, it seems smart to include group support and even a financial incentive to reward compliance and eventual success.

Fat Burning Fuel is what real food is in a healthy, active body. This seems like a good name for a workable program to return people gradually to a natural, health-promoting diet.

To be successful, a program of physical and mental detoxification needs to take place.

The mental aspect of preparing the participants is very important, I have found. Belief that fat accumulation is determined by genetics is a massive obstacle to even starting any diet program. Yet this is a common mental block that is perpetuated by the media.

Information overload is another block that stops many people from even making an effort to figure out a solution. New conflicting scientific information is released nearly every week -- It is easy to just give up and go on eating what you have grown to like, regardless of the consequences.

A dietary approach to reacquainting the American public with fat burning fuel for their body needs to cover all the elements of the problem, if it is to succeed.

The digestive system must be cleansed so that full use of the nutrients contained in food can be assimilated.

Some provision must be made for increasing the dieter's resting metabolic rate, usually with a thermogenic aid of some sort. There are natural herbal means that are safe and effective for this -- no need for harsh synthetic chemical methods.

Appetite suppression is another area where proven natural means are best. One of the key failings of many diets based on doing without foods is that this causes hunger, low energy, and a generally-miserable state that inevitably leads to relapse and even bingeing after the dieter can stand it no longer. There are some very clever herbal helpers that make it possible to remove the overpowering desire for food, while increasing the use of stored body fat.

Another familiar element of many diets is the protein shake. Here is where many formulators get the ingredients wrong, usually out of a desire to make the shake taste good and to keep the cost down. This leads to the use of artificial sweeteners, which, ironically lead to insulin spikes and fat storage anyway.

It requires a capable formulator to use the right ingredients, so that the product has an actual potential to deliver the results it promises.

After years of being interested, for my own sake, in finding a system of effective dietary products that would help me and others make the transition back to a healthy weight, I am confident from the results that I have found are proof what I have found works.

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