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There's no about it, your feet are the most active part of your body, even more than your hands. Infact most of the time they are definitely over worked, in this scenario what do you do for your feet? Sure, you do that monthly pedicure, but that's not enough. You need to take care almost on a daily basis. Most of the foot problems are caused because of neglect and almost no maintenance of your feet. You must pamper your feet once in a while and give them special treatment and also care for them every day. Why not begin with this article and follow the simple but effective tips.

  • Scrub your feet with a foot scrubber as it removes the dry cells, then apply moisturiser generously.
  • Apply foot cream before going to bed, to avoid cracked heels.
  • Avoid wearing high heels as they put pressure on the feet, Ill fitting shoes or weakened arches may cause corns and calluses. Hence selection of proper shoes is essential,if at all you suffer from corns and calluses, use corn remover pads and ointments, after consulting your physician.
  • To prevent foot odour due to perspiration, use odour control products that comprise of foot powders, foot sprays and specially designed insoles. These keep the feet dry and fresh as well as prevent foot odour.
  • Shoe bite is a common complaint.So to avoid them, use heel grips and cushions and also air pillow which provide cushioning comfort while relieving pressure on heel.
  • For daily use, wear shoes of adequate width, comfortable instep and plenty of wiggle room for toes, reserve high heels and tight shoes for short term wear. Height of the heel should generally be restricted to no more than 2 and half inches and the heel should be broad enough to support the wearer's weight.
  • Change socks or tights daily and don't wear the same shoes daily, which you use for running- give them a day or to dry out properly as feet sweat a lot.

Some Home remedies

  • Soak feet for 10 minutes in warm water to which salt has been added. Remove and scrub dry, especially between the toes, This is the easiest way to relax tired feet. In the case of a sprain add Epsom salt to the water for best results.
  • You can also use the hotandcold treatment, which improves the blood circulation of your feet. First dip your feet in hot water and then dip it in cold water. Do this for 20 minutes.
  • Alternatively add a shampoo to warm water and soak your feet for 10 minutes. This will also improve the texture of the toenails.
  • For cracked heels mix a few drops of lemon juice in Vaseline and apply gently on cracked heels.
  • Scrub heels with pumice stone while bathing and then apply a rich moisturising cream.
  • Mix a few drops of lemon juice in Vaseline and apply gently on cracked heels
  • After bath, apply almond oil to the feet and massage until all the oil has been soaked up. Do it for a month for best results.

Take Immediate action to follow these steps certainly you will have your feet not a dream but a reality.

If you follow all the above simple steps then i can assure your feet like in image no 1.

If not then you got to go for the next remedy like image no2.;-)

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photo by aussiegall
photo by aussiegall
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photo by eloquator

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msms profile image

msms 8 years ago

Eswar Sir

Who cares about feet? But you rightly reminded of our feet, how to take their care. Well it could be true for both male and females. Your article is good help for our tired feet carrying over load of our ebese body.

Great focus. 

eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India Author

Thats so nice of you.

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