Top 4 Female Body Builders

Bodybuilding is not male dominated. Nowadays women have also stepped into the sports of body building.My hub is about some famous female bodybuilders.

Linda Cusmano:Linda Cusmano is a fitness model, a professional trainer, fitness writer and Consultant. She specialises in Post rehab(neck and back), plometics, sports specific training and fat loss. She came first in 1999 Miss Fitness model nationals. She has contributed many articles in magazines like "body talk", "Hard fitness", "Oxygen" etc. She also appeared in many TV shows. This multi talented person has own forums in Yahoo and Msn groups.

Michelle Berger: She is 30 years old and a mother of 4 children.She specialises in exercise science and nutrition. Few years back Michelle was a physical and mental mess: overweight, over stresses, over tired and depressed. Later she decided to change her life. She designed a unique program that helped her body to gain shape, loss of fat, controlled her hormones and above all she became happier, healthier and more confident. She is a living proof of getting a beautiful body even after going through physical and mental mess.

Lyen Wong: She is a 28 years old German-Cuban fitness athlete. She worked as a fitness trainer in a cuban beach resort. Wong has participated in Fitness competitions for the NAC Germany Association since 2005. Wong has also won the Miss Universe title of NAC international in Shape category.

Yaxeni Oriquen: She is a professional female bodybuilding champion from Venezuela. After winning amateur contetests in 1993, Yaxeni moved to United States. Her most noteworthy achievement as a professional has been winning the  title of 2005 Miss Olympia. Yaxeni has settled now in Miami beach with her husband and son. Currently she works as a trainer at Crunch in South Beach.

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stacey007@gmail.c 7 years ago

This is the best workout for women to get great results !

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IdeaMorphist 5 years ago from Chicagoland

Saw you on Redgage! Glad to find a fellow hubber that way :)

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Hi, thanks again. I use Redgage to promote my Hubs and other sites.

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