Fibroid Disappears Suddenly


A sister who headed one of the departments in our church was suffering serious abdominal pains that refused all medications. The pains got to a peak while she was on suspension as a Head of Department. She did series of tests and scans and was billed for fibroid surgery. Some church members were aware but she kept it from me (her pastor) even when she was counseled to call me for prayers before going for the surgery.

I heard about her ordeal a night before her scheduled surgery. Initially I resisted the urge to call and pray for her since she wanted the whole thing kept away from me and I am not a prayer contractor or merchant but thank God for His Word that came to me. I picked my phone, called her and asked if she indeed wanted to go ahead with the surgery and she said “no”. I agreed with her that she did not need to be operated on by man but by God. I gave her the Word of God that worked for my wife and reassured her that if she had faith, God will heal her. I asked her to hold the phone with her left hand and to place her right hand on her abdomen while I prayed. To God be the Glory, she did not go for the surgery but went for another scan which confirmed that the pains were gone because the fibroid tissues had disappeared! Today, she is happily married with children, glory be to Jehovah Rapha, Halleluiah!

In the beginning, there was neither sickness nor diseases. Sin was introduced into the world by the failure of Adam and Eve; the aftermath of their disobedience to God. The wages of sin is death; sickness or diseases are but progressive forms of death. The world became diseased, troubled or plagued because of man’s failure to live in accordance with God’s command. Sin therefore is the origin of what is now called natural diseases. Pastor E.A. Adeboye has this to say about sickness, “sickness is an agent of death. Many people die through sickness. Even Elisha took ill and died of sickness (2Kings 13:14). Yet, Exodus 15:26 says we do not have to be sick.

The world became infested with demons (fallen angels) some of who committed fornication with daughters of men (Gen.6:1-5), who gave birth to giants that were instrumental to widespread wickedness and evil in the then known world. Today these demons are still responsible for idolatry and occultism with practices like evil altars, witchcraft covens, familiar spirits and curses.

As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come. (Pro 26:2)

A curse is words spoken against someone and is a direct consequence of sin, evil and widespread wickedness in our world today. A curse could be the cause of a sickness or disease. It is activated by sin (Deut.28:15-19), comes with a reason and the reason for a curse is iniquity. The sin of idolatry (Ex.20:4-6) brings a generational curse even to the 4th generation of the unborn children. Idolatry is worshipping of idols; a representative of a god. An idol is not actually a god but a demon masquerading as a god (Deut.32:16-17).

But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. (1Co 10:20)

Generation is from the Greek word gene and this means that children of today could and do receive demons from their parents who were involved in idolatry. These demons are called “familiar spirits” and are able to make a daughter or son afflicted or even dies by the same sickness that killed the mother or father respectively.

For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater ... (Eph 5:5)

Greed also came into this world by the sin of idolatry. A greedy person is a slave to money (mammon) and materialism. He puts money and material things first before God. He finds it difficult to serve God with things he received from the same God. The greed of Gehazi (2Ki.5:25-27) brought a curse upon his bloodline and his children inherited demons (generational curse) that made them lepers like their father.

The so-called natural diseases and the above mentioned demonic diseases can be healed when brought to the Doctor of doctors, Jesus. Medical science only has solution to some natural diseases; demonic diseases cannot be captured under any medical diagnostic equipment and hence can only be healed by divine intervention.

The natural diseases originated by sin and are being spread by Satan and his agents. Demons are the spirits behind demonic diseases and once they are cast out through deliverance, the sick can recover almost immediately. There is a definite relationship between healing and deliverance (casting out demons).

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. (1Jn 4:1)

Jesus healed various natural diseases and also drove out many demons (Mk.1:32-34). Jesus established the need for healing of both natural and demonic diseases. We can tell if a demon is the source of a sickness or if it is just a natural cause by testing the spirit through the spiritual gift of discernment.

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Ping 6 weeks ago

i have huge uterus fibroid which press on my ureter and make my kidney swollen, i really don't want to go through any surgery, i need prayer , i believe God will heal me completely

Prince 10 months ago

please pray for me i have fibroid and i am not opting for surgery . i want Jesus to heal me and i believe he can. Please keep me in your prayers please

mailess banda 12 months ago

i am booked for a surgery for fibroids on the 14th of January next week . please pray for me i don't want the surgery to happen i have never have a child and i am 44. the doctor said that they might remove my uterus. i have read the testimony and i believe God is able to remove them for He has done it for my sisters i have read in the testimonies above.

Oyinade 17 months ago

Sir pls give a word of authority to the growing fibroid in my womb to uprooted. I lost my baby last year n have not been able to concieve since then because of fibroid.

mochachapp 21 months ago

I had an ultra sound done on October 27, 2014, and recently gotten my results back that the fibroids were in fact located around my uterus. I'm here to tell my testimony that God is a faithful and just God!!. I know he's a healer. I will not close my womb! The doctors only options to give me are hysterectomy and haven't conceived.. As of today I'm overcoming the odds and continuing to live the life that God promised me a wholesome fulfilled life!. To God be the glory in the highest. Please continue to stand with me as God performs a miracle in this season. Amen!

Cute Edge profile image

Cute Edge 22 months ago from Nigeria Author

@Janice, your womb was created by God for the purpose of carrying babies, and that God will fulfil in Jesus name. I command that fibroid to dry up and make room for your first set of twins in Jesus name, amen. Call me +2348023220158 and get my book on how to get rid of fibroid without surgery @

Janice 22 months ago

Dear pastor, everything is possible with god and believe i will be healed. I have fibroid and doctors said best option is to Take out my womb. I very saddened by this because i don't have children. Please you and your church pray for me

eboselumen 22 months ago

I refuse to have fibriod,i believe in the report of God and not of the Doctors,i hold on to the word that non shall be barren.Please Pastor,join me in my faith and in prayer that I shall testify.More Grace

bina 2 years ago

please pray for me i have fibroid in my breast and i am not opting for surgery . i want Jesus to heal me and i believe he can. Please keep me in your prayers

mochachapp profile image

mochachapp 2 years ago

Please Be Mindful Of Me For Being Told I Have Fibroids, But May Need To Have A Hysterectomy In Which I Do Not Agree With. I Thank The Lord For The Spirit Of Discernment.. I'm Scheduled For A Ultra Sound Next Week To Determine The Size And Next Steps.. I Plead The Blood Over My Body. In Jesus Name. amen

mochachapp profile image

mochachapp 2 years ago

Please Be Mindful Of Me For Being Told I Have Fibroids, But May Need To Have A Hysterectomy In Which I Do Not Agree With. I Thank The Lord For The Spirit Of Discernment.. I'm Scheduled For A Ultra Sound Next Week To Determine The Size And Next Steps.. I Plead The Blood Over My Body. In Jesus Name. amen

NNENE 2 years ago

I receive healing in JESUS name AMEN!

Peace 2 years ago

Dear Pastor,

I indeed of prayer, i've pain in my left breast as well as in my womb, abdomen area, i wondered if it could be pelvic inflammatory disease or what?

Kindly pastor agree with me in prayers, so then gud Lord will heal me from all these ailments in Jesus' name

Cute Edge profile image

Cute Edge 2 years ago from Nigeria Author

Barbara dear, nothing is too big for God, I command that the furrow of blood through which its been growing dry up now in Jesus name. the fibroid will wither and be uprooted by the right hand of God in Jesus name, Amen. you can onnect with me on skype(cuteedge) or Google hangout(

Barbara 2 years ago

I still need Prayers.. The biggest size which is about 9.7cm is still bothering me and becoming more painful. Please pray for me that it also disappears.

Cute Edge profile image

Cute Edge 2 years ago from Nigeria Author

Evelyn and Cathey, that stranger in your womb will dry up now to give way for your womb to perform its real function of carrying a baby in Jesus name, amen.

check out my other posts on prayer to get rid of fibroid. You link up with me on skype as cuteedge for prayers and counselling

Evelyn 2 years ago

Please pray for to be fruitful, fibroid is eating me up

Cathey 2 years ago

please pray for me too i also have uterine tumors on the womb (penduculated), am using your prayer points please stand and agree with me in prayer.amen

patricia 3 years ago

thank you jesus for those break throughs, pray for me because iam in the similar situation of fibroids

Caritas 3 years ago

God is great. im happy for all those who were healed.pls pray with me so that my fibroids shrink without surgery.

Thank you and be blessed.


Mayblessed 3 years ago

Praise The Good Lord brother for this wonderful testimony. I'm in a similar situation and kindly ask you to stand with me in prayer.


God bless you!

Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

How awesome is He! Great Hub of His faithful answer to prayer. I was healed of breast cancer last year. I just had surgery to rule out ovarian cancer, and it was ruled out. That is what they were thinking, and it turned out to be fibroids, but they couldn't tell at first, as my uterus was enlarged and tilted. So, should have thought to pray about no surgery too!!! In His Love, Faith Reaper

Cute Edge profile image

Cute Edge 4 years ago from Nigeria Author

Fibroid Disappears after first Child, Single Sister Healed of Fibroid, Aged Woman Healed of Strange Body Growth, Middle Aged Woman Healed of Breast Tumour, Appendicitis disappears as a sister was being prepared for surgery. Your testimony is NEXT!

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