Fibromyalgia - Causes and Relief from Symptoms

Causes Vs Symptoms...

I was told by my doctor when he first diagnosed Fibromyalgia (which I'd never heard of before), that the cause is unknown.

Having then lived with the symptoms and read up on it a little, and having analysed my own life before and after the symptoms started.... I'm sure I can pinpoint several possibilities... I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else if this makes sense, or if it's just me lol.

* Stress! I went through a prolonged period (a couple of years) of Extreem stress before developing the FM symtoms. Others I've read about seem to also have experienced extreem stress before being diagnosed. When you think about the harmful chemicals released during stress ...well, it seems like a "no-brainer" unless I'm missing something. Problem is, when the stress is over, the symptoms remain - which I believe is because of the following causes....

* Sleep. My doctor informed me that disturbed sleep was a SYMPTOM of FMS, but I believed that is was one of the CAUSES - and I believe that some doctors now believe this to be the case as well.

Before the FM symptoms, I used to sleep really really well - deeply, and comfortably. Over the time before the FM started, I'm sure I remember interrupted sleep and not sleeping deeply very often. Definitely with the symptoms, I didn't sleep for more than an hour at a time - and then very lightly. Considering what happens in our bodies during deep sleep (healing; growth hormone release and absorbtion; melatonin being released; proper deep cleaning of organs; decreased levels of cortisol (a biggie! - which I seem to remember is linked to depression as well); repairing of muscle tissue ....... and I'm sure there's a lot more that is linked to this that I dont know or can't remember)

So, a viscious circle: stress, pain and other symptoms cause interrupted sleep and lack of deep sleep.... which aggravate the symptoms... which aggravate sleep etc.

* Breathing! Now, I could be wrong on this - I haven't read much about it, so I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has this as well. I read somewhere that people with FM tend to have very shallow breathing. Again, described as a SYMPTOM. I know I breath very shallow and erratically, except when I remind myself to breath deeply - I even catch myself not breathing at all sometimes!! So, if this is the case, could that also contribute to muscle pain? If muscles aren't getting enough oxygen, I'm sure it must have an effect on them.

I find it peculiar that doctors still haven't pin-pointed the cause/s of FMS. It seems to obvious to me, although I could be wrong of course - it could be just me and a few others, in which case I'm going to feel very silly lol. xxx

Fibromyalgia Release


Eliminate It (New Paths Fibromyalgia Module)

Fibromyalgia is classified by the occurrence of

widespread chronic pain and tenderness often accompanied

by fatigue, muscle aches, muscle spasms, weakness, nerve pain,

sleep disturbances, cognitive dysfunction and so on.

This Module is designed to eliminate the symptoms that occur as a result of Fibromyalgia..

This Module assists your body and mind in:

  • Calming and balancing all neurotransmitters
  • Increasing the health and comfort of muscle and ligaments
  • Reducing fatigue Increasing physical comfort when pressure is applied
  • Reducing tender points Reducing cognitive dysfunction Increasing deep sleep

This is the modality that worked for me - I've now been free of FMS symptoms for almost a year. I was one of the "guinea pigs" for this module, and it's just now been released officially.

Fibromyalgia Release Module


Relieving the Symptoms

Apart from the Fibromyalgia Release Paths Module, I haven't come across any permanent relief, but here are some methods that worked for me, for temporary relief...

* Hot baths - this felt like magic for me during those years with FMS. It was the only time I didn't feel any pain at all. While I was in the hot water, the pain dissapeared completely and I felt "normal"

* Prioritise sleep. I found I didn't sleep for more than an hour at a time while I had FM, but I know that deep sleep is a key to the symptoms. If you can, make sleep a TOP priority - invest in the most comfortable matress you can afford; sleep whenever you feel you can, regardless of the time - if you don't sleep well at night anyway, you might as well take the opportunity to have a good deep sleep in the afternoon if that's when you sleep better. Ask your doctor about a Melatonin Supplement. I haven't taken it myself (Paths increases the body's natural production of Melatonin), but I know others who have, and I believe it's very effective! Not only does it aid sleep naturally, it also has anti-aging qualities.

* Be GOOD to yourself - treat yourself with kindness. Treat yourself as you would a loved one who is going through a rough time. DON'T force yourself to do things because you feel you "should" - you'll only aggravate the symptoms. Give yourself a break and lOts of doing what you FEEL like doing, rather than what you think you "should" do.

* Drink lOts of water throughout the day. Your body and brain rely on it. If you're not getting the deep sleep you need, which means your organs are not cleaning themselves properly, the least you can do is give them plenty of water to help out ;) Also, enough water will help a little with the fatigue.

* Eat as healthily as possible. Okay, it's an obvious one, but worth mentioning. Giving your body good quality fuel will help it do the best it can under the conditions, and you'll feel the difference. It may not relieve your symptoms, but it will help keep it in a better condition than if it's running on empty or rubish of course :)

* Become aware of your Breathing - do some deep breathing exercises whenever you think of it - and be aware of the oxygen being delivered to your muscles. Breath in slowly, hold it for a bit, imagine the oxygen reaching all your muscles - like watering a dry garden, then slowly let the breath out.

Do write in the comments section below, any other methods you know of that may help others.


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Great Useful Info. Thanks for Sharing. I had an small with Sir. Mark Knowles here in the Forum on this topic. I am glad to read this. Thanks for sharing.

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