How to handle unexpected medical emergencies- First Aid Tips for household and Workplace Medical Emergencies


Very often it is likely that some of us caught in position when we ourself or some other person is in state of extreme medical emergency. And then there is time interval between, and ambulance or doctor is called upon and it has reached. And how you respond to this interval, is sometimes is difference between life and death. Again, to counter such situations, there are unauthentic myths are also there, you get from your friends or within family, and which have never been asked by a doctor or expert to give their opinion on them. Sometimes practicing these methods even puts the already affected person in more dangerous condition. So it is our duty to learn at least some basics of reliable First Aid tips, which at the time of need can save a life, or save someone from lifelong disability. Remember, that life can be one of your near and dear one’s.


Preparing for the unexpected is ultimate wisdom
Preparing for the unexpected is ultimate wisdom

Few Things which you Take Care of when Dealing with Emergencies

  • Ensure that you have some sort of First Aid Kit, and further ensure that is has what is particular to your family needs. If you do not already have one, gather one now.
  • When a medical emergency occurs make sure that the affected person can breathe freely and there is nothing around him/her, which creates suffocation, or obstruction to breathing. Make sure there is not noise around the affected, and some machinery (specially the one with its parts moving) is running close it immediately. If required you may even need to govern artificial respiration immediately.
  • Try to get figure out, that what are possibilities and chances of occurrence of some medical emergencies, in your house or at work place. And try to read some material about how to cope with each type of emergency.

First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit


Keep the First Aid Kit at some place, which would be easily accessible for you. Do not just mix it with tooth pastes and cosmetics etc. And it should also be out of reach of children. Label everything in the kit clearly, and it is further recommended that you write in your own writing the purpose of each item in it. This kit is for emergency purposes, so make sure everything you need can be accessible at the time emergency, and so try not to lock it. Otherwise you be hunting for the keys, at a time when will suppose to apply treatment. And also periodically check the expiry dates of items in it. While the kit is supposed to be easily accessible for you, make sure it is still out of reach of children.

  • At some prominent place display all emergency information and telephone numbers,. which are required to be called upon in case of emergency which includes

          i.        Fire Fighting Department

        ii.        No. of nearest hospital and ambulance service

       iii.        Location of First Aid kit in your home or workplace

       iv.        Number of nearest police office.

  • At the time of emergency first check the pulse and then make sure that it heart beat and breathing is not stopped. And if, this would be the case, remember every second counts.
  • Try to calm down yourself; what had to happen has just happened. You undue hurry and turbulence can even worsen the situation.
  • Try to guess, what has happened with the affected person, and then act to relieve him/her by method suitable for that particular situation.
  • Most of times, an affected person can safely be moved to a more suitable position. However this is not the case with someone with neck or back bone injuries. In such situations, try not to move that person, unless there is some other extreme bad is expected if person is keep laying on that place (e.g. risk of fire or extreme cold etc.)
  • In case he/she has vomited, and you have checked or guessed that there are no chances of neck injuries, turn the person on his/her side to prevent choking and keep the victim warm by covering with some cloths like blanket or coats etc.
  • While you are applying some initial rescue measures, make sure that someone has already called ambulance. And while the ambulance is on the way, make sure to take some help on phone from the medical assistance, by stating apparent condition of victim, your guess that what has happened, and what all is available with you before the medical help will arrive.
  • Have someone call for medical assistance while you apply first aid. The person who summons help should explain the nature of the emergency and ask what should be done pending the arrival of the ambulance. Reassure the victim, and try to remain calm yourself. Your calmness can allay the fear and panic of the patient.
  • Try not to give any liquids to an unconscious or semiconscious person; they may enter windpipe of victim and cause suffocation. And also don't try to arouse an unconscious person by slapping or shaking.

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NoelGalera 5 years ago

Thank you for this info. this will come in handy

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very interesting and useful information in daily life routine.

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