First Aid for Sunstroke


Scorching sunlight can make a person unconscious. This incident is called sunstroke. People suffer from sunstroke in very hot summer days. High temperature of sunlight produces bad effect on the health of the people and they become unconscious. Such patient may collapse if he is not treated on time.

First aid

1. Bring the casualty to a cool place.
2. Put off his tight cloths.
3. Wipe his body with cloth soaked in cold water.
4. Give him some cold drinks.
5. Let him rest for sometime.
6. Call on the doctor immediately if the case is serious.


1. Remain inside the room if the outside temperature is too high and the sun is shining brightly.
2. Do not walk in the scorching sunlight.
3. Walk in the morning or in the evening in hot days.
4. Use umbrella to save your body from the sunlight.
5. Make the atmosphere of the room cool.
6. Use cold water in summer season.
7. Drink a lot of cold water before walking in very hot days.

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Gayatri 3 years ago

This is so useful for me

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bodh678 3 years ago from ASIA Author

You are most welcome dear :)

pawan kumar punnu 2 years ago

Diye huye first aid ne mujhme ek zindgi dal di.... so thank you Very much..

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bodh678 2 years ago from ASIA Author

You are welcome Pawan :) ...

man 2 years ago

man amn man man

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