Fitness Essentials for Woman

What women need to know regarding fitness?

Fitness is very essential for any woman as she is the one who takes care of the whole family’s health. If she is healthy and fit, probability for the wellness of the complete family is high. Woman should be well informed of the fitness requirements and components crucial for attaining and maintaining health. 

Before getting involved in a fitness regime, it is important to get motivated and maintain it throughout your workout routine.

Decide upon the number of pounds you want to loose: you can first find out your present body weight and reduce it from your ideal body weight to decide the number of pounds you want to reduce.

Decide how long it will take to reach your desired goal: always be realistic while planning. Try to do it in gradual steps for better results.

Try to get support from your friends and family: let your friends and family know about your plan and get encouragement from them. Invite your friends to exercise together.

Prepare yourself for the program:Get yourself fitness apparel or a pair of new sports shoe so that you get motivated to go for workouts. 

Important components of fitness:

Cardiovascular exercises:

Cardiovascular exercises are those which when done increases your heart rate, improves your lung function and blood circulation, helps to lower body fat, increases bone mass and muscle mass and even helps to deal with depression. The more often you do your cardiovascular exercises, the stronger your cardiovascular system will be. Some of the common cardiovascular exercises include walking, jogging, running, aerobics, swimming, biking, kickboxing etc. Swimming is an excellent exercise as it easy on your knee and joints. It is beneficial to the whole as compared to some others liking jogging or biking which concentrates on lower body. It can be done also by pregnant woman. You will benefit from cardiovascular exercises as per the time you dedicate for the exercise. For maximum benefits, you must do 20- 30 minutes of exercise for at least 3 days a week.

Strength training

Strength training exercises include all exercises that exert that make your muscles exert force against any object like free weights. It improves endurance, muscle tone, strong bones and prevents osteoporosis. Some of the common strength training programs for woman are using of weight machines, free weights, water exercises with natural resistance etc. It is necessary to engage in stretching exercises before starting your weight training to prevent injuries. Before beginning your weight training program, it is necessary to have proper information on the use of machines or weights or correct supervision of a trainer. It is better to undergo the weight training by considering different body sections like upper body or lower body and doing exercises alternatively. 

Flexibility training

Flexibility training helps your joints in full range of motion. It helps to relax your muscle groups after a strenuous workout. It also helps to improve posture, reduce risk of injury and increase supply of blood and nutrients to the tissues. Some of the flexibility exercises are twisting from side to side, kicking an imaginary ball, holding one leg out in front of you etc.


Nutrition is as important as exercise. The diet of a person should be well balanced and as per the requirements of the individual. This also helps to stabilize the weight loss that you acquire through exercises. While reducing your weight through exercises, you can reduce your energy intake through food, keeping in check the six essential nutritients required by your body. 

Postnatal exercises

Most of the women experience a tough job to bring back their abdomen to original size and tone after the child birth. A combination of pelvic and abdominal exercises will work for these women. Some of the exercises include:

Pelvic tilt- lie on your back, keeping your knee bent up and feet flat on the floor. Now gently tighten the muscles of your stomach and push your back against the floor. Also hold your bottom tight. Place your hands on your stomach so that you can feel the tightening of the muscles. Count till six and then relax.

Sit- ups- lie on your back with your knees bent up and keep your hands alongside your head. Sit up and touch your knee. Swing your hands to both sides of your head. Repeat ten times.

Elbow to knee lifts- bring your one and opposite elbow together. Then do the other way. Do this alternatively for twenty times.

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karlscabin profile image

karlscabin 6 years ago from A High Desert Valley w/ river (4500ft)

I look, I study, I learn, I am a vacume..... or a newbie, one or the other.... nice hub!

MPG Narratives profile image

MPG Narratives 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Thanks for this hub, women do have different exercise needs to men. Very informative, Kevin.

rls8994 profile image

rls8994 6 years ago from Mississippi

Great information. I do alot of walking and it does seem to help me stay in shape and also gives me more energy. Great hub!

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ted122781 6 years ago from Texas

Loved the Hub.

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projectmaster 6 years ago

great hub but how do you flatten your stomach with out getting a six pack?

Ron 5 years ago

The topics given above is very good and helpful .

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi projectmaster and Ron,

Thanks for the comments you have send on the hub. Hope it was helpful.

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