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In today's society, a large majority of the population is either clinically overweight or obese. If you are considering turning to supplements, surgery, or quick weight loss programs to shed your body of excess fat quickly, you may want to research effective weight loss routines before wasting your time, money and effort. High intensity weight loss can only be achieved through high intensity workouts. High Intensity Training (also known as HIT) combines both sprint interval training for cardio and weight training for a successful way to lose weight and keep it off. Rather than spending hours on end at the gym, it is important for those serious about their weight loss quest to research fitness programs that work. With fitness interval training and the proper diet, you will see the extra layer of padding around your midsection disappear quickly and permanently.

High intensity interval training, also more commonly referred to as HIIT in the fitness world, is a cardio routine where high intensity levels are followed by moderate intensity levels and repeated for 10-20 minutes. Rather than spend hours on an elliptical or treadmill, interval training fat loss occurs during the day when you are not actually working out. This is because you are working out at such intense levels that your body will expend energy trying to recover from the workout you put it through earlier in the day. Referred to as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, the body will consume more oxygen during recovering leading to quicker and more effective weight loss.

While any type of exercise is better than no exercise at all, it is important to choose a routine that will offer you the best results and the most aesthetically pleasing figure. If you are currently doing a hour of cardio a day, however you are not utilizing fitness interval training techniques that trainers recommend, you could be losing out. Studies have shown that individuals who follow high intensity interval training programs can burn as much as nine times more fat while they are sitting at their desks and doing daily chores. If you can cut down on the amount of time you spend exercising and increase the amount of fat you burn on a daily basis, why look elsewhere?

The biggest challenge with high intensity weight loss training is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. While you may be used to using your treadmill or bike at a moderate level, you will need to raise resistance levels and push your hardest to achieve ultimate highs and most importantly weight loss. If you are willing to push yourself and put in the work, you will spend less than half of the amount of time you typically do while tripling fat burn.

Aside from the reduction in training time, there are several benefits of high intensity weight loss training techniques. Not only will you have time to fit exercising into your schedule, you will increase your maximum oxygen uptake during exercises. This means your body is more saturated with oxygen increasing your stamina and your energy levels throughout the day. Not only will you increase your stamina, but high intensity training will replace fat accumulations with muscle mass which is not always achieved by moderate, long duration cardio training.

Another very effective type of high intensity training involves weights. High intensity training with weights is a form of strength training that focuses on intense weightlifting that tones the muscles, rids the body of fat, and increases muscle mass. With a high number of repetitions, a high amount of weight, and the right amount of time, trainees can increase muscle fiber, lose weight, and build their strength. Superior for size and strength building, intense weight lifting exercises can be combined with high intensity interval training for quick and efficient weight loss.

Just like with any other type of fitness program, trainees will need to consume the proper diet when training to ensure you lose the weight and build muscle mass. Unlike most dietary plans, when you are utilizing a high intensity weight loss program you will consume a higher level of fat because studies have shown that the oxidation of fat increases. While you can consume 40 percent of total calories in fat, you will need to cut down on carbohydrates that are known to offer a lower source of energy during working out and are more difficult to burn. It is important to develop a diet low in calories and carbohydrates and high in protein and fat to achieve the best possible results.

Interval high intensity weight loss can be achieved quickly with the right cardio training program, strength training and diet. Stay fit by dedicating less time to your workouts and more effort. While fitness interval training will be challenging, you will feel the difference quickly and will build a newfound self-confidence. Not only will you look great, you will better your health and feel more energized each day.

A perfect example of a fitness program that includes HIT, HIIT and a healthy diet is Every Man Fit’s program ( The author, Richard Webb, has a simplified plan and offers a double-your-money-back guarantee on the e-book that you can print, read on your computer or import onto any mobile device that supports PDF format. Additionally, an audio book format is available from iTunes for $9.99. For more information, see

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