Is Fitness Really Worth It ?

Are You Worth it ?

Everyone wants to be healthy and stay healthy, but is that the only reason we stay healthy, is longevity? We Know that we can have a conditioned body with beneficial life span. So why is that most people don't exercise?

Well in my opinion I think it's not out of laziness, it's lack of motivation to succeed in ones goals. Now I'm not saying that people who are over weight don't have goals or anything like that, I'm just simply stating that all people need to be pushed in ways only other people can do for us.

People take fitness as an extra activity they feel doesn't really need to be established until health problems occur. Some people don't even care about their own bodies and let it deteriorate through drugs and alcohol or even just tobacco.

The case is that every person has to make a decision in life if they think their body is really worth it to save. Many people would then be in a position to make an effort to improve oneself or make excuses not to and slowly dwindle away. I ask you, are you really worth it?

Are we all worth taking the time and energy to sculpt one another, to show us that we can build confidence in ourselves by building a beautiful body you like and love and treasure? Who is to say we aren't worth it? What if we weren't?

It doesn't matter because if we weren't worth it we definitely will find out how much we are worth in all aspects. So besides the motivation of fitness we do show signs of fatigue! People lose interest in fitness because there is just no time for it with some people. Hence when some become fit the worth of working out either comes naturally or forgotten.

So what keeps us up to keep fit? Well a lot of variables in that question, it could be friends, family, spouse, sports you name it even sitting at home sometimes might get you up to pop in a video and hop to. When concerned if its actually worth it look upon yourself and come to the realization that in fact you are only worth it if you are by your side and trust yourself we can all make an improvement.

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