Five Easy Ways to Get Pregnant

Learn 5 easy ways to boost your fertility naturally!
Learn 5 easy ways to boost your fertility naturally!

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy. For some it can be a real struggle.   But that does not mean that it is impossible.  There is plenty of help available to those who long to conceive a child.  Some are complicated therapies and treatments; while others are fairly simple remedies.  The choice on where to begin and what to try is up to you.  But here are 5 of the top ways to boost your fertility naturally and help you on your journey to getting pregnant:

Self Fertility Massage DVD teaches you how to perform fertility massage for yourself.
Self Fertility Massage DVD teaches you how to perform fertility massage for yourself.

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1. Self Fertility Massage

From femoral massage to get the blood flowing to your reproductive organs to deep tissue massage to alleviate stress that could be hampering your ability to conceive, there are several different varieties of massage that can be done to enhance fertility. Many can be administered by yourself or your partner in the privacy of your own home.

When trying to decide which type of massage to use, consider the root cause of your fertility (if you know what it is). For instance, massaging the uterus is good for promoting circulation to the uterus to give it the proper blood supply; ovarian massage supplies the ovaries with the nutrients and oxygen her eggs need to thrive; massaging the fallopian tubes can help to clear blockages that could happen conception; liver massage can help rid the body of excess hormones such as estrogen and massaging the stomach is good at relieving stress. Self Fertility Massage incorporates all of these massage techniques into an easy to use routine you can perform on yourself. You can learn more about Self Fertility Massage here....

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2. Eating The Right Fertility Foods

Keep this important fact in mind: Nature has created just the foods we need to nourish our bodies and create new life. When we follow the fertility diet outlined by many researchers, including those from Harvard, we are able to give our bodies the perfect mix of vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and phytonutrients to enhance our fertility and sustain new life.

So what types of foods are best for our fertility? Most experts agree that:

  • organic fruits and veggies that are free from any number of pesticides and chemicals
  • whole grains in their natural form
  • fiber rich beans and dark leafy greens are wonderful
  • free range meats and organic, free range eggs
  • fiber and clear water are best..

Some of the things that should be avoided are:

  • processed foods
  • refined sugars and grains
  • too much dairy (make sure it is organic when you do eat it)
  • meat and dairy that are not organic
  • soy products and most fish.

Research has shown that women who get their protein from fruits and vegetables rather than meat; eat less refined sugar and carbohydrates; stay away form chemical laden foods and ate more fiber and iron reduced their infertility rates by a whopping 80%!

To learn more about eating a healthy fertility diet, check out the 21 Day Fertility Diet Challenge!

3. Fertility Herbs

Herbal therapy is a wonderful way to balance your body and improve your health. When it comes to boosting your fertility there are some herbs that are very effective. They include:

  • Detoxification herbs meant to cleanse the body of toxins and chemicals and prepare it for conception. These include: Yellow Dock; Burdock; and Dandelion.
  • Nourishing herbs to replenish the endocrine and reproductive systems. They include: Nettles; Red Clover; Maca; Raspberry; Lemon Balm; Skullcap; and Rose Hips.
  • Hormone Balancing Herbs like Vitex (otherwise known as Chasteberry), help to balance hormones that need balancing without affecting others. Dong Quai is most often used by women who have scanty or no periods; False Unicorn helps to strengthen the uterus to prevent miscarriage; and Wild Yam is used to balance estrogen and progesterone levels and synthesize sex hormones. When it comes to dealing with male infertility the following herbs can be useful: Maca; Tribulus, and Panax Ginseng.

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4. Fertility Yoga

By using specific yoga poses designed to enhance fertility, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant. This is done by supporting the reproductive systems by increasing the energy flow and circulation throughout the body. Women who suffer from any type of blockage from endometriosis and PCOS often report good success with using fertility yoga techniques.

5. Fertility Smoothies

When it comes to increasing your chances of fertility success, nothing beats giving your body plenty of fertility super foods like maca (a root from Peru); Royal Jelly; Bee Pollen; Spirulina, Wheat Grass; and leafy green vegetables. One of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to add these superfoods to your diet is in a good old fashioned fertility smoothie. To learn how to make fertility smoothies make sure to check out the 10 Day Fertility Smoothie Challenge

What Next?

I hope you found this article helpful. If you end up having any questions I would suggest for you to join the Natural Fertility Community and post them there. Not only will you have access to natural fertility speciallists, but you can also get feedback and support from women who are going through the same experience as you.

I wish you the best on your journey and look forward to hearing about your BFP!

All the best,
Hethir Rodriguez

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