Flawless complexion and homeopathy

Get rid of facial blemishes and seek flawless complexion with homeopathy

Everyone wants a flawless skin like a film star! But we cannot sit watching our skin all the time like them and use different costly skin treatment ointments and creams. When we understand this reality, we feel, we should at least have skin that will not have blemishes and dark spots. Especially when suddenly at middle age women or even men start having dark discolorations on face, they get worried. The butterfly pigmentation is quite common in women and may result due to hormonal variations during pregnancy or menopause.


When such discolored patches start appearing, most people turn to creams and ointments that are advertised heavily on television and magazines. Well, these creams and ointments may work for you if you apply them consistently. But most people complain that they help only for a temporary period and the darkness returns as we stop using them. Now what to do? Answer is simple- Opt for homeopathy!


Homeopathic medicines act from inside out and work in accordance with nature’s principle. The homeopathic medicines, however, need to be taken from experts to reveal the miraculous results.


Why homeopathy does not believe much in external application?


Many people when come to us ask whether we will be giving them some cream or ointment to clear their face. But in most cases, we suggest them to go for internal medication first. It is because, external application is temporary. Moreover, the external application suppresses the facial blemishes for certain period of time. This does not drive away the tendency to form discoloration. Rather, there is chance that some other side effect may result due to suppressing of discoloration. The internal medication eradicates the tendency to form facial discoloration and cure results.


Also homeopathy has got great scope for sunburns and discolorations aggravated by sunburns. Some local applications like Witch Hazel have proved wonderful in treating sun related darkness. It can be called as one of the most natural and great sun screen! Remedies like Sepia, Natrum mur, Carbo veg, Thuja, etc can work as constitutional remedies depending upon the physical and mental make up of the patient.


Remember your skin is precious. Do not harm it with nasty chemicals and drugs that may create unnecessary side effects. Instead opt for mild yet potent homeopathy and seek flawless and envious skin!   


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