Flunarin uses and side effects

Flunarin box
Flunarin box

Flunarin is a popular brand of Flunarazine. It is classified as a calcium channel blocker and it is prescribed to prevent migraine attacks.

In migraine, smooth muscles surrounding blood vessels constrict. This causes reduced blood supply to the scalp and causes pain/other migraine phenomena. Flunarin acts by relaxing muscles of blood vessels. There by counterbalancing the effects of migraine.

It is usually given to prevent migraine attacks in the future. But it is seldom used in an attack itself. Usually painkiller medications are used in migraine attacks.

Dose and administration of Flunarin

Maximum dose of Flunarin in an adult is 10mg per day. For a child it is 5mg day. This medication is available only in oral form. Since this medication cause drowsiness, it is better to be taken in the evening as a once daily dose.

Who should not use Flunarin?

Both pregnant and breast feeding women should not take Flunarin. It is known to harm the unborn child. In addition, it should not be used by people who are allergic to it or any of its contents.

Side effects of Flunarin

Most common side effect of flunarin is Drowsiness. It can even carry into the following day if the patient takes it in the evening. This side effect makes driving motor vehicles and operating machinery dangerous. Therefore, people who are on this medication should stop doing them until they know how the medication acts on them.

Other common side effect is weight gain. In addition, this medication is known to cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea in some individuals. Depression is another less common side effect. However, this is a well-tolerated medication for most people.


Flunarin is a medication used for Migraine prevention. Most common side effects are drowsiness and weight gain.

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Shraddha 4 years ago

is this tablet act as sleeping pill and have same side effect as sleeping pills have..???

njmanura profile image

njmanura 4 years ago from Sri Lanka Author

Flunarin can cause drowsiness, but it is not effective as a sleeping pill.

Ravindra 4 years ago

Any alternate medicine to counter drowsiness. As I have to take flunarin regularly because I have Migraine.

njmanura profile image

njmanura 4 years ago from Sri Lanka Author

Sorry, i don't know about any medication that can counter drowsiness, especially alternative therapies. By the way I am a doctor practicing western medicine.

Surprisingly, there are no good legal medications in western medical practice that can be used to counteract drowsiness.

Most medications that are in fact developed to promote alertness are used as street drugs with very dangerous side effects. e.g. Amphetamines

Ravindra 4 years ago

Thanks for your reply. Ok could you please suggest other medicine having less side effect(drowsiness) for Migraine.

njmanura profile image

njmanura 4 years ago from Sri Lanka Author

Non Drowsy Medications that can be taken other than Flunarin are Pizotifen, Propranolol, Topiramate and Gabapentin. You need to discuss with your doctor regarding these medications.

AANTON DE SILVA. 4 years ago




2 . S.G.P.T.

3 .S.G.O.T.


njmanura profile image

njmanura 4 years ago from Sri Lanka Author

Rarely Flunarin can cause elevation of liver enzymes, therefore, it is better to stop it and wait for three months and test them again. if the liver functions are not improving then you need to think about another cause that will affect liver.

In addition, it is better to check for other progressive liver diseases. Therefore, your child should be seen by a pediatrician.

Sakshi 2 years ago

I am a breast feeding women, suffer from migraine and doctor prescribed me to take Flunarin. I want to know that it will harm to my child or any type of side effect? Pls. advice

njmanura profile image

njmanura 2 years ago from Sri Lanka Author

The harm is minimal, But at night breast feed and then take the tablet.

profile image

sanjana sanjay 2 years ago

How much weight gain is caused by tis tablet and how long it vl take to lose those extra weight?i am afraid it vl be permenant.

arpit 2 years ago

how long should we take it. or for gow long should it be taken to over come migrain

njmanura profile image

njmanura 2 years ago from Sri Lanka Author

This would not cure migraine. But it will suppress it.

Ramesh Kumar Thakur 22 months ago

My wife is suffuring from migrain & the doctor has prscribed to take flunarin daily for 3 months. Is there any side effect for continuous using medicine.

my child age 6yers he has no headache but he seen all things two.and he has no grip hands to catch. doctor perscribe flunarin why she prescribe he medicine 20 months ago

please gave me answer

njmanura profile image

njmanura 20 months ago from Sri Lanka Author

He need to be seen by pediatric neurologist

Harry 18 months ago

I m migraine patient from last 3 months, when it attacks, my eyes also paining and it become red and even small, how, is it somethig serious??

njmanura profile image

njmanura 18 months ago from Sri Lanka Author

It is not clear, whether one eye or both eyes, what you means becoming small.

Senarath 17 months ago

I have got acne on the scalp giving me a severe disturbing headache. Treated for acne but didn't work.when I saw a physician, he prescribed flunarine. What is your opinion Dr.?

njmanura profile image

njmanura 17 months ago from Sri Lanka Author

He might have thought you have migraine.

Isuru.S 14 months ago

Hi...i just wanted to know if flunarin-5 is toxic if medication course is more than 3 months....

Hoping for a quick feedback, thank you

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