Food Lovers Fat Loss System Review

Lately, weight loss diets have been moving away from traditional methods - counting calories, cutting carbs etc and focusing more on eating what YOU want.

Just take a look at any of the new diets (like the Food Lovers Fat Loss System for example) and they'll all tell you that you can even eat pizza or chocolate cake and still lose weight.

Is this a gimmick to sell more diets just because they play on your emotional wants? It certainly sounds easier than just eating boring salads.

Keep in mind that you're not getting the big picture, just the part that YOU want to see. You still need to eat healthy foods - like the boring salad. It's just that you can even eat the foods you'll usually feel guilty about eating and still lose weight.

But will these types of unconventional weight loss diets ever work for you?

The Calorie Shifting Concept

Many of these new diets are based on a fat burning method known as calorie shifting. With calorie shifting, you simply eat 4 - 5 small meals per day, consuming different amounts of calories each day.

This type of eating kicks your metabolism into overdrive forcing your body to burn fat instead of storing it. Calorie shifting diets work because they're backed up by science.

Take the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet for instance. It has been available for at least 5 years and is one of the best selling online diets with many independent testimonials and reviews claiming the diet works where others have failed.

Since then, there have been a flurry of other diets that have been shown to work just as well because they've...well...they've incorporated the same calorie shifting technique into the diet. Same diet, different brand and of course different creators put their twist to it.

Like Robert Ferguson...

The Food Lovers Fat Loss System

The Food Lovers Fat Loss System promises that you can "eat all your favorite foods all day long and reduce your waistline every week!"

This is a very bold statement and even they know that it would be met with skepticism. The statement is both a fib and a fact - advertising meant to appeal to your sense of need.

Who doesn't want to know that they can eat what they want and still reduce their waistline? However, eating what you want - if what you want is pizza and fried chicken - isn't at all healthy or recommended if you're trying to lose weight and any weight loss expert would tell you this. But you're still allowed to eat these foods in moderate amounts since we're focusing on shifting calorie values and the focus is still placed on healthier foods.

With Robert's plan, you get the following materials to help you lose weight:

  • 21 Day Metabolism Makeover - this is the core of the plan. It will teach you how to put your body in fat burning mode instead of fat storing mode. 
  • Fat Loss Secrets Day by Day Audio Series - This audio series will give you daily motivation, shortcuts and tips to lose weight on your 21 Day Metabolism Makeover.
  • How To Make a Fat Loss Plate - Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs and the difference as well as how to combine your favorite foods to make a fat burning meal. 
  • Million Meals Menu Planner - These help you plan your fat loss plates.
  • Snack and Treat Guide - Helps you find brand name snacks and treats you can have between meals that will keep you metabolism running high. 
  • Food Lovers For Life - a lifestyle guide for after you complete the 21 day Metabolism Makeover. 
  • Eating Out Advisor - How to eat out at popular restaurants and fast food chains. 
  • Classic Comfort Food Recipe Cards - Brownies, Fried Chickena and macaroni and cheese etc. 
  • The Joy of Eating Cookbook - Mouthwatering recipes for the whole family

Plus 2 Bonuses

  • Robert's 12 Minute Workout Series DVD - Fat burning, body shaping workouts you can do in just 12 minutes a day. 
  • 6 Day Detox Drop - cleanse and detoxify your body to accelerate your metabolism

Does The Food Lovers Fat Loss System Work

From all the research I did on the internet (just so you won't have to), it seems that the Food Lovers Fat Loss System does work for a larger percentage of people.

There are a lot of amazing success stories but some seem to think that it doesn't matter if you use Robert's system or any of the other calorie shifting diets - as I've pointed out you're going to see results because its not the brand that works, its the calorie shifting method to losing weight.

Is it perfect?

There aren't many complaints about the diet, mainly success stories but there seems to be two main issues people talk about.

It's Expensive

Whatever the price you pay to maintain healthy weight loss and body, it shouldn't really matter but for a system like this, some people are complaining that the kit costs a lot and you still have to buy expensive supplements that Robert recommends (although some people prefer to do the diet without buying them), and the recipes are complicated and expensive to shop for.

The Detox Drop

Some people said that they initially lost pounds on the optional Detox Drop but that they gained back those pounds once the detox was over.

The Detox is a bonus and you really don't have to do it. Remember that detoxes are for cleansing the body and not meant for weight loss. Whatever weight you lose on detoxes would always be temporary.

Those were the two main issues encountered with the Food Lovers Fat Loss System otherwise it is a diet that works not because it is unique but because of the method it uses.

Similar Diets

  • Rob Nevins Skinny Switch Diet - Read my review of this diet by weight management expert Rob Nevins.
  • Every Other Day Diet - Creator of this diet, Jon Benson, used the diet to go from clinically obese to having an athletic body type - literally saving his own life. He wants to share the diet with the world.

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Hendrika profile image

Hendrika 6 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

I really did not know there are more diets on the calorie shifting idea. I know the calorie shifting works, so thanks for the trouble you took with the research.

Renay 5 years ago

Hi I just wanted to say thank you. I've been on your program and truly for the first time in my life I feel wonderful about choosing a lifestyle program. With eating every few hours you never feel hungry or deprived.

I started this on 7-29-2010, I've lost 18 lbs - 18 inches.

It's all about making healthy choices and choosing to live a more positive lifestyle.

Casey Teller profile image

Casey Teller 5 years ago from Ft. Lauderdale Author

You can get the Every Other Day Diet (similar to FLFLS) for only $5.00 this Black Friday only.

marizol 5 years ago

thanks alot i haven't tried the diet yet. im still searching but u really help n i am going to try the shifting calories system

Kylee 5 years ago

Don't bother this system does not work! I followed to a T for six week and only lost 5 lbs - according to their caculations I should have lost 25.

Calissa Leigh 5 years ago

I'm surprised at the number of reviews done on this diet, but there's rarely someone who has reviewed... that has actually tried the diet/program. I'm disappointed the writer didn't try it... I suspected that's what I assumed when I read the word, "review" and not "light overview and personal opinion without actually trying".

I'm thankful to those who did have something to say that actually did try the product, positive and negative alike.

Sgwoods 5 years ago

Well this has started out as a very bad experience already... I called yesterday to order at about 9:20am after seeing the advertisement for it on tv. Immediately I wished I hadn't placed the order. After trying to sell me everything else in they have to offer and me declining everything, she said that I would get free shipping (as did the tv infomercial) if I paid in full. I did agree to pay in full. After thinking about it for a bit I didn't feel good about the order and called back to cancel my order.

The operator of corse couldn't help me and gave me another phone number. (877-366-3587) She said that it took 6-8 hours for food lovers fat loss system to get my order. I waited until later that afternoon and called the number they gave me. They said that they didn't have the order yet and was nothing they could do until they received it. She told me to call back the next morning (this morning) and that she would put notes on my account. They had not debited my account yet, as of last night!

This morning I start calling before they even open hoping to catch them first thing and when I finally talk to someone they say they order has already been processed and shipped and and they cannot stop it! Now I have this terrible feeling about the whole thing! I wished I had never done this to start with!

They debited my account at 6:45am this morning for $139.93 which includes $119.94 for the system and $19.99 for the "free expedited" shipping and handling. So far nothing they have said has been true! I copied and posted the amounts below! So much for the free shipping if you pay in one full payment!

It sounds like a scam from the start!

The "pissed" icon needs to be added to the emotions icons at the top of this post! None of the others fit


Food Lovers Fat Loss System










Grand Total


Today's Total


Nan Mynatt profile image

Nan Mynatt 5 years ago from Illinois

Interesting hub, however I would gain weight on this diet. I think that it depends on your age, etc. Check out my movie:

LivinDietFree 5 years ago

May I suggest ordering Robert Ferguson's products directly from his personal company, at You can use Code 0608 for 10% Discount! Robert has little to do with the company that puts out the infomercial for Food Lovers, and has NOTHING to do with customer service. (or lack there of!) I've always gotten excellent service from the staff at Diet Free Life and love all of the great products there.If the cost of the Food Lovers system is an issue, there are several products there that are much more affordable and still provide all of the info you need to burn fat and boost your metobolism! Kind of like Food Lovers in a nutshell! (although the FL system is still available there) This is a great lifestyle! It DOES work, easily! Hope this helps someone find what they need a little more hastle free! I give Robert Ferguson's products (at a "thumbs up" but customer service when ordering from the infomercial a "thumbs down".

jamiesweeney profile image

jamiesweeney 4 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

Interesting ideas for losing fat.

Traci 4 years ago

I also saw the infomercial for the FLFLS. I ordered on-line and chose the full payment option because they were offering priority shipping with this option. I placed my order on 12/31/11 and it is not 1/14/12 and I still haaven't received anything. After tracking my shipment with Fedex, it's not scheduled to arrive until 1/19/12. I called the company and, of course, got the run around. I sure hope everything works out, but I'm very skeptical.

mrsbuff 4 years ago

hello people all diets work if you get off ur ass and workout too...thats how we got fat sitting on our ass... been doing foodlovers for 2 weeks 15 pounds down because I FREAKING WORKED OUT I LOVE IT

Virginia 4 years ago

I just received my program in the mail this past week and will start on Monday. I too almost fell for the free shipping but if you look at it again, you will see it says they will 'upgrade' the shipping for free. That means you still get charged for regular shipping but will expedite at no additional charge. It's a shame what they try to do...not to mention that as you go though check out, you get continued prompts for more up sells!!!

Pretentious 4 years ago


strongman 4 years ago

Ok, I'm a stongman/highland games athlete, know a few things about nutriton. First, does calorie shifting work? Yes. Does this mean you can eat crap all day and not exercise? No! Think about calories as fuel. The average adult male needs 1500-2000 calories a day depending on activity levels (slightly less for women). More than this and your body stores it as fat, less than this and your body actually burns muscle to survive. I for example weigh in at 265 lbs with a body fat percentage of 18% (well within healthy range), I NEED about 6000 calories to maintain. Sounds like a lot but that what I require. The thing about the human body is that regardless of what we have been told about three squares meals a day is that we actually need to eat more like six or seven times a day for optimum health. When your body goes to long between meals it basically goes into panic mode thinking there is a lack of food so what does it do? Stores fat (fuel) just to be on the safe side. Now this doesn't mean you can eat nothing but chocolate cake six times a day and lose wieght, what it does mean is that you can eat carbs, fats, etc.. in fact your body needs these for optimal health as well. You just need to eat the proper amounts in the right combination for your daily requirements. Do we need to spend money on T.V. diets to do this? NO its honestly a waste of money! There are plenty of free resources on the internet to calculate your requirements. In the time it takes to watch an infomercial you could have checked thes resources, planned your daily meals and still had time to squeeze in some exercise . Which brings me to my next point....Exercise! I know every one wans an easy way to los wieght but I hate to dissapoint everyone, there is no way to become healthy without proper exersice. Now most people will say "I have no time". I hate that excuse, I. Am 31 years old, have 5 kids, work 10 brutal hours at a manufaturing facility 5 days a week and still find time to stay healthy. How? I don't watch much t.v., I don't sit around on the internet all day, I don't spend hours on the phone texting or talking, to me being healthy is a bigger priority. Am I saying everyone should live like me or that it takes my level of commitment, no. I have different goals than everybody else I've done what I need to do to meet those goals. what I will say is if you have goals go do the things to meet them instead of looking for an easy way out!

JJRS 4 years ago

I have the Food Lover's Fat Loss System and it is not a calorie shifting diet at all. It is based on portion control and nutritional content (protein, fat, carbohydrates, etc.) Whomever said this is based on calorie shifting is dead wrong.

CS 4 years ago

I am so glad I checked for reviews on the Food Lovers System.....thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences and knowledge about the system and about calorie shifting - very very helpful.

Alisha 4 years ago

Thanks strong man you really helped me ,thanks for keeping it real

Lorrie 4 years ago

I started this Food Lovers System two and a half weeks ago and do not follow it exactly and have not exercised at all but am down 4 pants size.I wouldn't call it a diet more of a healthy balanced way to eat and I am eating every few hours.Sometimes I feel like I'm eating to much but it work for me keeping my blood sugar on an even keel.It is portion control but it also is learning to eat the right amount of slow and fast carbs as well as the right amount of protein.I can eat out knowing I have a good idea what my portions should be and YES I can eat pizza:-)

J n m 4 years ago

My wife and I own the system for more then a year. She put it under the couch I totally for got about it till 3 weeks ago I found it while getting to some badly needed spring cleaning. We both are food lovers lovers (LOL) I do most of the cooking we have not weight ourselves yet but our clothes that were thight and I mean eye popping tight. Now Momma's lookin good if you know what I mean. Thank you we are getting heathy and the eye candy is GGRREAT

Amused 4 years ago

Loving how "Strongman" had time to find a pretty specific review on a particular diet to soapbox in when he "doesn't sit around on the internet all day."

And by the way... Are there free resources out there, readily available to those who would seek them out? Yeah, there are. However, some people, myself included, appreciate the structure that a proven diet would provide.

I'm 24 years old, and recently gave birth to my beautiful little girl. I am a full-time student, I help my boyfriend run his business, and have another part time job, which I am lucky enough to telecommute to, all while being a full-time mother and homemaker. I am physically active, however, I've always had a few troublesome extra pounds. Since going through pregnancy, even though I was a little under the average weight gain, I've gained a few more. I know that once I'm done breast feeding, I'd like to work on getting to my ideal height-weight ratio, and I'm researching my options to help me attain that goal.

The advantage to having a vested interest in making a diet work is the motivation it provides to stick with it. That vested interest also generally means a more reliable support group that is readily available, as from what I've seen, these plans often have forum and member sites where one can go to find a buddy, exchange recipes, or just get advice and encouragement to keep going.

Posting broad-spectrum, condescending lectures on a review of an eating plan that could really help some people is not only obnoxious, it also has a big chance of discouraging people who are looking to better themselves. There, rant over.

I appreciate the comments on the efficacy of the diet from those who've actually tried it. Would've appreciated a personal experience from the reviewer, as opposed to simply repeating what she found others saying. I'd agree with a few other commenters, this isn't a terribly useful review.

57 yr Round Gramma 4 years ago

Strongman's comments really helped me in my decision making. Thank you! I just watched the infomercial & was so tempted to order immediately, however, my laptop was available. -so glad I checked. Instead of going thru the call center & spending the money, I'll do the online research & get what I need without spending &/or waiting for a delivery. I can start today! As for me, when I decide I WANT to make a change, I can do it without waiting for a box & a lot of freebies. Good luck to all those working on losing!

Changing 4 years ago

We all need the encouragement from experiences of others, even strangers. We need to believe we can be something different than what we've become. The good news is we are intelligent enough to do a little research. Thank you for your comments every one.

Hellmutt 4 years ago

Sounds like eating in the Zone to me. That's what we do and it's been around for ages.

Dawn 4 years ago

Do not order from this company, terrible customer service. I ordered the Food Lovers product and it did not provide any additional information over was the commercial states. I cancelled it immediately. I was given a very tedious process of steps to complete for returning it properly and had to pay for all shipping costs to return it. They "claim" the package was not received within the guarantee time and they are charging me the $109 for the package. Even worse, they did not contact me in regards to never receiving the package & sent me to collections. Now I am being harassed by a collection agency that is telling me I am better off just paying it!!!! I called Food Lovers Customer Service and the man on the other end was very rude & refused me a supervisor when I requested one. He said I have no need for a supervisor. I googled Provida's corporate offices and called them. Again, receiving another call center lacky (you can tell for the background noise). I was treated just as bad. I was able to get some sort of PO Box that I can send a complaint letter to Brian Archibald's (President) attention. WOW, is all I can say!!! I will never order anything via phone, internet, mail again. If I can't physically return it, no way! How do these crooks get away with this?!?

Caroline 4 years ago

Hum...this sounds like the Food Lovers program is a newer version of the Six Week Body Makeover...also by Providia. Is that correct? The Six Week had some good things, but the program needed to be upgraded...perhaps this is. I am thinking about buying it.

Sumit 4 years ago

I am also looking to follow the same as son as possible. In the food related services am using Online food guide and delivery

your blog will surely helps me to get update myself because there are many valuable blogs are there, i'll bookmark your it and hope for the valuable idea's for me. Thanks

Gina 4 years ago

Don't Buy!!!! It is a scam! The infomercial said, 5 pmts of 19.99 if you called right now! I did. They continued to charge my credit card after the 5 pmts. When I called about it, they were rude and told me I was lying! Now, they are playing email tag hoping I will give up and let them keep my money! BEWARE!!!! It doesn't work and they scam your credit card!!!!!!!

fmburson 3 years ago

I have been using the FLFL for almost 3 weeks now, have not weighed nor measured yet, 4 more days, but I can see and feel a big difference already. Whether you want to call it calorie shifting or not, this program works. It teaches you what types of foods to eat, how to space your eating pattern, and the benefits of exercise, any kind of exercise. I don't feel that this is a "diet" because I am going to continue using the program for life. It works, I feel 100% better. I am sorry for those who had problems with customer service. There is no excuse for that type of headache. Like anything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it. I love to cook, love learning new ways of looking at food, and I love this program.

Patricia 3 years ago

I ordered it and don't think it is the program for me. I find all the books confusing and overwhelming and feel like I need to take a class to fully understand this program. What I need are meal plans.

I would do just as well with a $20 low carb cookbook. This program is way overpriced for what basically amounts to (1) a food diary and (2) recipes. I am planning on returning it.

VKF 3 years ago

For those that are passing on this "diet" package because of the business practices of those selling the product ... there is a way to get around the problems. I ordered on Ebay, which routinely has this system for $30 less, as well as free shipping. Seller ratings allow you to get a good product, and you are never set up with an automatic payment for things you didn't order or authorize. Research before you buy!!!!

youbar profile image

youbar 3 years ago from Los Angeles, California

interesting information here. thanks for sharing!

Steven 2 years ago

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