Foods That Can Help You Conceive

You’ve probably all heard about different foods and diets that can help you to get pregnant quicker, but is it really true or just another old wives tale?

The good news is that food can help improve your fertility and boost your chances of conceiving, but don’t rely on food alone because it should be part of a whole lifestyle change if you really are serious about getting pregnant.

And it doesn't matter if you are on a budget or not, because fresh wholesome food is always good for you, so you'll be saving money on groceries as well as creating the right environment to help you fall pregnant.

Fertility Diet Foods

Probably the most beneficial foods for your fertility are those that contain good amounts of Omega 3 oils such as oily fish and flaxseeds. The Omega 3’s in these foods can help lower inflammation in the body which is important if you suffer from a inflammatory condition such as PCOS. Even for those that don’t it can help improve your cervical fluid to provide the optimum conditions for the sperm to survive in your uterus.

Pineapple is another food can help you conceive, especially if you eat it around and after ovulation time. Many women swear that it can help implantation during the luteal phase of a women’s cycle. It’s to do with the bromelain found in fresh pineapple.

While there haven’t been any formal studies to see if it pineapple actually works, many naturopaths and acupuncturists recommend it to their clients, and anyway - it tastes delicious so it certain can’t hurt.

Coffee is another great food (or in this case drink) for fertility, but not for you - for your partner! It has been shown that if your partner drinks coffee prior to intercourse it can help to ‘wake up’ the sperm so that it survives longer in the fallopian tubes thus giving a longer period for them to find the egg.

But while coffee might be good for him, you should avoid it since caffeine in high doses can make things worse. Most experts agree that one or two cups a day won’t hurt, but anymore than three will diminish your fertility and make it harder to get pregnant.

More Foods To Help You Get Pregnant

Generally the healthier your diet (for both you and your partner) the better it will be to conceive a baby. Vegetables and lean protein, lots of water and some exercise as well has been shown to improve the menstrual cycle so that it is more regular.

Actually speaking of protein, many people on high protein diets which restrict carbs have said that a side effect of the diet was that they got pregnant even when they weren’t trying! Obviously that has to do with the lowering of unhealthy carbs in the diet which contributes to inflammation (which as I’ve mentioned can inhibit fertility and in particular healthy ovulation).

So the general consensus is to eat as healthy as you can, reduce the amount of bad carbs you eat, increase your fish or flaxseed intake and get your partner to drink coffee before love making. Sounds good to me.

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hubber-2009 6 years ago from India

I wonder without only food you cannot conceive.. maybe it may help you to show the way..

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