Simple Tips to Promote Anti-Ageing


One of the most important factors to consider when looking at staying young and healthy is the anti ageing diet you take. As the saying goes you are what you eat, meaning that if you eat well you will be able to have a good life and live longer. This article therefore seeks to enlighten you on the nutrients that are essential for those seeking a natural and simple anti ageing diet that has been proven to work. The anti ageing foods that will be outlined here are quite simple and only require simple lifestyle changes for you to realize the desired results.

Listen to your body

To begin with you need to understand your body when eating. It is not only about eating at the programmed times but doing this when your body directs you to. It is advised that you try to de-link yourself of the emotions that you might be feeling that will lead you to eat even when you are not hungry. Further, you should make it a habit that when eating and you feel full you stop eating. To avoid being wasteful, you should start by taking a small serving and if not satisfied you take another serving.


Next you should drink the recommended daily allowance of 8 – 10 glasses of water. Water is important in the body as it functions cannot be understated. The main uses of water in the body include transportation of food and to body cells and the removal of unwanted material in the body. You can also consider the use of foods that contain high water content. Further, you should reduce your intake of caffeinated and carbonated drinks as they are detrimental to your health by increasing toxicity in the body and dilution of calcium in the bones.


This is a very important component of the anti ageing diet. When you take your meals, you should always make sure that half of the amount you eat is vegetable while protein and carbohydrates share the remaining half in equal proportions. This ensures that you provide the body with all the proportions of food that it requires. This will ensure that all the required nutrients are provided by your diet. The best sources of the above nutrients will be found from nature. Examples of such foods are vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts.

Choose fibre over highly processed food

It is also advisable that you reduce your intake of highly processed foods. The reason why processed food is not recommended in the anti ageing diet is because they contain high energy levels which are all absorbed into the body and if not burned, they are stored in the body as fat. To increase the expense of the fat in your body naturally, you should employ a diet that has high fibre levels. Fibre is an important anti ageing food as it is made of cellulose and cannot be digested, it will increase the level of excretion of cholesterol, which is a type of “bad” fat in the body.

Enjoy Food

Finally it is always advisable that you eat slowly and enjoy your food. This will help you to understand the levels of food that your body can accommodate rather than just eating on the run. This will not allow your brain to think about satiety as you are preoccupied in many other things

With the above anti ageing diet techniques being employed strictly and regularly, you are surely going to achieve the requirements. This will make you look younger and improve your general perception to life and will lead to you advocating the same anti ageing diet techniques to your friends.

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