Melt body fat high thermogenics foods

Foods of high thermogenics

Melt body fat with foods of high thermogenics
Melt body fat with foods of high thermogenics | Source

Melt body fat with high thermogenics foods

In the market place, there are countless diet plans that advocate their own specific diet methods for burning fat, such as the low fat Ornish Diet and Pritikin Diet which was strongly promoted by the American Heart Association back in the 1980s. Although these diets were perfect for preventing heart disease and reducing cholesterol, in practice, it was discovered that overweight patients found it very difficult to stick with the diet mainly because of the low-fat content.

As an alternative to low-fat approaches, the famous South Beach Diet plan was created by cardiologist Arthur Agatston and dietitian Marie Almon. The cookie diet by Dr Sanford Siegal was designed as a means for overweight patients to control their hunger. All of these diets work fine and have their own advantages but the element of individual food preferences and lifestyles will always prevail depending on what fits one's comfort zone.

Protein the highest thermogenics

There is a known theory that advocate by increasing the frequency of your food intake consequentially increases your body metabolism to increase energy consumption resulting from the repeated absorption and digesting process. Therefore, it is fair to say that increased metabolic rates will eventually burn more body fat. This theory is very useful information for someone determined to design and create their own fat burning diet plan. By simply consuming 5 to 6 meals per day, chose healthy foods for each meal.

Healthy foods that make a difference. Protein has the highest thermogenics which slightly increases body temperature and metabolism but the accumulation of calories burned per day could be major. Foods of high thermogenics should be considered as another option for melting body fat, the more energy your body uses, the more fat your body will eventually burn. Consuming foods of low-fat, low cholesterol's, foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids are just as important.

The Glycemic concept

The concept of Glycemic Index was developed by Dr David J.Jenkins of the university of Toronto, as a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar level. This is important if you intend on increasing your intake of foods rich in carbohydrates.

1) A high Glycemic Index level is when carbohydrates break down very fast during digestion, releasing glucose quickly into the bloodstream.

2) A low Glycemic Idex level is when carbohydrates break down more slowly during digestion releasing glucose gradually slower into the bloodstream.

Therefore, to minimize the development of adipose or fatty tissues in the body, consumption of carbohydrates low in Glycemic Index is recommended, and although the body needs fatty tissues, too much will definitely make you overweight.

With an understanding of the various food types and their impact on your body, it becomes easier to adjust the intake and the type of foods you consume to achieve your desired weight loss goal.

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