Foot Massage

There is nothing like a good foot massage performed by a qualified individual.  The individual does not have to be a professional to make a difference in tired aching feet however.  Other body parts can benefit from someone who knows the pressure points that correspond with various body parts.  Reflexology is a science that targets these pressure points with skill to address many medical illnesses.  There is a difference in a massage and a reflexology session.

A massage is supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing, but a reflexology session may be quite the opposite, especially the first few sessions.  A qualified reflexologist is going to prepare the patient for a possible uncomfortable experience.  At the same time they will ensure the patient or client that although the procedure requires deep tissue penetration, deep breathing and consciousness on the part of the practioner will make the first few sessions tolerable.  After the first few sessions those areas of congestion will improve and thus cause less pain.

The feet makes the ability to stand possible. It is important to keep them in good health. Over the years however, the feet can be subjected to discomfort, injuries and pain from bone spurs and other means of wear and tear. Some of the problems that can arise over time include:  arthritis, calluses, in-grown toenails, corns, bunions, hammer toes, foot fungus, warts, and falling arches.

The cause of these ailments can be a number of things. Temporary relief may come from an assortment of over-the-counter and home remedies. Some conditions may even require surgery for relief. The best way to minimize the chance of developing many of the above mentioned ailments is to avoid them from the start.

Wearing proper fitting shoes, regular cleansing, moisturizing, and maintaining healthy weight will ward off many ailments associated with the feet. Some ailments of the feet are harder to avoid. Diabetics often suffer from problems of the feet. Old injuries can lead to arthritis and viruses can lead to painful warts. Gout can also cause unavoidable foot pain. Information on diet is the only thing that can help avoid foot pain in people prone to gout. Simply trimming toenails regularly will avoid in-grown toenails. Arch supports, pads and other similar products will support and cushion areas that are sources of pain.

There are some jobs that require steel toe boots. These boots can restrict toe movement and cause gradual repositioning of the bones. As a result surgery may be the only relief. The muscles and tendons in fingers and toes like other body parts need exercise. Typists are aware of the importance of exercising the fingers to maintain flexibility. The toes require the same.

Maintaining healthy feet is as important as maintaining other parts of the body. We often take the feet for granted especially during younger years. Aside from examples given, wiggling and flexing the toes every now and again as a form of exercise, soaking the feet and a good foot massage will help to maintain tender tootsies for a lifetime.


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