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A lot of men tend to treat their feet like their shoes; they ignore them until there is a problem. By that time it is often too late to do anything about it without a lot of time and expense to cure a problem that could have been prevented, with a couple of minute’s attention every day. From simple things like powdering your feet and cutting your toenails, with a little bit of effort you can prevent problems in the future and make your day less uncomfortable. If your day consists of a lot of walking and/or manual labour, your feet take a lot of punishment. In looking after your feet you will prevent other ailments such as knee trouble, backache and some muscle disorders, as well as feeling better in yourself.


So where do we start? There is the old adage that in life you should have a good pair of shoes and a really good bed, because if you're not in one, you're in the other. So here are a few points to help you keep your best friends (your feet) in a position to support you for many years to come.

·         Keep your feet dry where possible and clean. Ensuring that you properly dry your feet when you come out of the shower/bath and before you put your socks on. Also if you powder your feet regularly with a good quality foot powder, avoiding talcum powder as this is course, this will help prevent infections and sweaty feet.

·         Always trim your toenails straight, and try not to follow the curve of your toe, as this will help prevent ingrown toenails.

·         Changing your socks and if practical changing your footwear at least once a day will prevent one of the biggest curses of man - smelly feet!

·         Where possible insure you wash your feet before you go to bed at night, as dirty feet can cause infections and also irritate the skin.

·         When washing your feet you should try using a pumice stone to reduce hard skin or a foot file if you prefer.

·         Wearing the correct shoes will make all the difference, the right footwear for the right task is more comfortable and reduces the risk of corns, bunions and blisters.

·         Use woollen or cotton socks to help prevent your feet from sweating.

·         When resting, try to put your feet up for at least 10 minutes a day as this will help your circulation.

Looking after your feet should keep them looking after you for a lot longer. Bad feet are often an indication of poor health. Pains and soreness in your feet can often lead to you walking badly which in turn can cause knee, back and hip problems. Spending a little time looking after your feet will make your day a lot more comfortable and prevent long-term problems.


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