For Those Of You Who Are Tired Of Playing The Diet Game

Losing weight fast is dangerous, so do so with doctors advice, but I have found a way that worked for me and I lost 24 pounds in one month. If you want to lose weight, the first consideration is to do so naturally. Using diet pills or starvation diets can be harmful and most do not last and you gain the weight back. Fad diets are even worse. There is no long term studies on most fad diets and they usually only work for a small segment of the population.

Calorie shifting has become an old, but resurfaced diet that has been working for almost everyone who has tried it. When I started this diet I was about 260 pounds and my over 40 spare tire was taking on some unusual shapes. Now I am happy with myself and the weight has stayed off. Instead of burning calories by exercising (which you are suppose to be doing anyway) calorie shifting kick starts your metabolism and helps you burn more energy with less effort. The new diet has me more energetic and I even need less sleep now that I have burned off those extra pounds.

Calorie shifting is successful because it gives you the right foods to eat at specific times of the day and rotating the food selection so your metabolism does not get used to the same dietary routines. This allows your metabolism to be always on high as it shifts to meet the new foods you introduce into your system. You don’t have to look at calorie count or the loss of food groups in your diet. This is a life style change that will allow you to keep the weight off. This has worked for me so I thought I would pass it along to the people who are tired of fighting the weight battle.


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