For time to stop

In this moment of time, the heart stands still. The mind stops, the thoughts cease.
A defense mechanism to avoid reality.
If the mind becomes as a zombie - frozen and unemotional, then the pain will not flow directly to the heart.
The fear that is non-existent is an illusion that has caused way too much pain in the past. Way too much heartache, way too much literal physical illness.
For time to stop, these happenings need to take place.
Choosing to live in this moment, not worry about what hasn't happened. Don't assume that what I think will ever be a reality.
So much disappointment and insecurity.
So much illusion, so much disappointment in the plans wished for and quashed in the midst of reality.
For time to stop, it's better for the heart to stay in a fog. And still to rise above the fog, to dig deep into the soul, and to know that all things are as they are meant to be and all things will play out exactly as they are meant to, as well.
So shall it be. Fear not, just believe.

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