Forever Changing

We all know that life starts in our mothers womb. I did a lot of growing in there for nine months, I was changing every day. I don't remember.that part of my life,,

The first ten years of my life I spent learning. i learned how my body works, and of the many emotions.inside. I started developing my own unique personality that defines only me. I learned how destructive hate can be when President Kennedy was assassinated.

The second ten years were my teen years, I learned how cruel kids can be and the meaning of a true friend. That love hurts.. I had my first date, first kiss and my first heart break. I learned how ignorance and hate could take a mans life because of the color of his skin when Martin Luther king was shot and killed, I learned the power of words when Martin Luther King addressed the nation with his heart touching speech ," I Have a Dream ".After getting married and having my own family, I was taught by my babies the true meaning of unconditional love.

The third decade of my life I learned a new song with a different beat .A beat of grief and weeping at the death of a loved one..i learned what true loneliness is as one by one my kids who were my life, left home to start their own family,

My next ten years i will learn to not worry, enjoy my grand kids. I will try to make up for things I missed. I am learning new things, I'll not live in the past, but as the last chapters of my life unfold, and time slowly closes the doors. I will learn to smile from within for all the good in my life. I will smile.


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