Spiders and Goats?

We eat our food, know that is tastes good, and nourishes our bodies. This is the simplest chain of events in our minds. We associate food with health. Although this may be true, GMO (or genetically modified organisms) could retract form our health. Eating what we feel as healthy, and consider safe may not be. Monsanto, the evil chemical/food giant is not just puting poison in everything they put in the stores, but their GMO foods are cross polinating into neiboring farms, thus polluting what would be otherwise healthy food as well. This criminal organization will not be satisfied until everyone is sick, dying, or wishing they were dead.

The laws of many countries protect and even encourage these criminals. The USA certainly does. Yet there is hope. Some countries like have outlawed these foods. Hungary, which is an EU member has outlawed the use of genetically modified organisms in farming. They just show up with combines and dozers and plow the crops under if it is found on Hungarian soil. Good riddance.

It used to be when I was a kid, there may have been a number of children with cancer in my home state that you could count on one hand. Maybe I'm old, but I still remember how it was. Now there's a handful kids with cancer in every town. I believe along with many other people that our food supply is to blame.

Do you think goats should spin spider web silk from their mammary system? Or cows should cows be genetically modified to produce more milk? There are Atlantic salmon being farmed in giant nets in the ocean that have been modified to grow faster, eat more, and be more aggressive. If these abominations escape into the wild, they will without a doubt wipe out the entire natural salmon population because they mature faster, they can grow larger faster, and eat all of the natural ones that take a couple of years to mature and breed.

They're doing these things. They are playing God. It has taken eons for natural selection, or if you prefer, God's plan to unfold and create the creatures we rely on for food, and clothing. It just doesn't seem right that they are tinkering with the most complex molecules on the planet known as DNA strands. This crime against mother nature and even God himself has to be stopped. We could upset the whole balance of our cause. If we let these modern day Frankensteins create their "Frankefood Monsters" we may find ourselves on the verge of extinction.

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