What Does My Dream Mean? Find Out for Free

To Find Out What Your Dream Means, You Need to Be Honest With Yourself

For the most part, dreams are challenging us to be honest about who we are, what we want, what we fear, what causes us pain, our insecurities and the things that are holding us back in life. Dreams often tell us where we’re at in terms of what’s going well and what’s going not so well in our lives.

Our subconscious is like our own personal therapist and we’d be wise to listen to her!

Getting into dream interpretation has so many benefits. It can bring liberation, self awareness, self knowledge, a strong connection to our inner selves and an awareness of our emotions.

Dream interpretation is a massive topic, but this article will explain many of the most important elements you'll need to interpret your dreams.

What does my dream mean? It must mean something!
What does my dream mean? It must mean something!

Step 1: Determine the Function of Your Dream

You can go a long way towards answering the question of what your dreams mean by identifying which of the following functions the dream you want to interpret may be able to serve.

For example, if you were watching a movie about vampires and that night you have a dream about vampires, then the most logical function of that dream, taken from the list below, would be "Organizing Knowledge & Experience." Your brain took in certain elements of the movie and the dream's purpose is to organize them into your existing knowledge base.

The Main Functions of Dreams

  • Expressing and processing emotions
  • Maintaining or improving mental health
  • Providing information on what we want, need, think or feel
  • Giving sexual release
  • Organising knowledge and experiences – de-fragging the mind like a computer
  • Learning (making connections)
  • Helping with problem solving (creativity, thinking out of the box, new inventions, finding solutions)
  • Providing wish-fulfillment (e.g. having a sexy dream with someone famous)
  • Connecting to spiritual realities (rare!)

Through lucid dreaming and dream incubation, we can develop confidence in ourselves and any area of our lives that we choose to. We can also go on some amazing adventures!

Identify your emotions to understand what your dream means
Identify your emotions to understand what your dream means

Step 2: Don't Ignore Your Emotions

The emotions we experience in our dreams are one of the most important aspects to dream interpretation. Believe it or not, our dreams are trying to be obvious! Understanding dream language can take a bit of practice but once you get into the right mindset you’ll find the majority of your dreams can be interpreted quickly and easily.

An Example of Why Emotions in Dreams are Important

If you are driving a fast car in your dream and feel exhilarated, this could mean you're progressing at a great speed in some area of your life and you are finding it exhilarating and exciting.

  • But, what if you are driving a fast car and feel terrified of crashing? The meaning will be vastly different. Something along the lines of, you are traveling too fast in an area of your life and feel out of control.
  • Or, what if you are driving in a fast car that will only do 10 miles an hour and you feel impotent and frustrated? You would need to look at what is holding you back in life either through inside or outside circumstances.

Make a special note of your feelings in relation to each symbol that appears in your dream as it's going to give you some of the most valuable information on the dream's message to you.

If you dream about a house you lived in as a child, ask yourself what was happening in your life at the time you lived there.
If you dream about a house you lived in as a child, ask yourself what was happening in your life at the time you lived there.

The Relevance of Recent and Past Events in Dreams

  • Recent events come up a lot in our dreams. Sometimes it is because our minds are trying to process and organise what happened, other times they offer the mind handy symbols to present other information.
  • Past events, people and places also come into our dreams frequently. They are usually telling us that there is something from our past that needs understanding or resolving. You will normally find that the issue is something that is also prominent in your life now.

If you dream about a house you lived in as a child, for instance, ask yourself what was happening in your life at the time you lived there.

  • Did your parents separate?
  • Did you change schools?
  • Was it a particularly happy time?
  • Ask yourself why your mind would want you to revisit that time again.
  • Are there things issues from that time still holding you back?
  • Did you make decisions based on events in the past that are no longer relevant or useful?
  • Do you need to recapture a certain quality or feeling?

Psychic dreams -- do they really exist?
Psychic dreams -- do they really exist?

Prophetic and Psychic Dreams

There’s a strong myth stating that all of our dreams are foretelling the future, and this is simply not true.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen -- I've had quite a few myself. Dreams can occasionally give us information about future events, (which is where the myth comes from). However, unless we have highly developed psychic abilities, these are usually few and far between. This begs the question, “How do we know when our dream is prophetic?” Unfortunately, the answer to that is that you can’t know until the event you dreamt of takes place.

A lot of people have experienced dreams that involve ESP or what we might call psychic events. Again, these are quite rare -- most people might be lucky to have one or two of these in their lifetime. They include:

  • Dreams of a deceased relative or friend (accompanied by feelings of joy, peace and love)
  • Dreams of a deceased person we do not know
  • A dream involving extra sensory perception (ESP) such as seeing an event in a dream that is taking place at the very moment you dream it
  • Dreams of angels, spirit guides or religious figures
  • Dreams of past lives
  • Out of body experiences
  • Astral travel

Those who have had these kinds of dreams report that they are exceptionally vivid and the feeling quality of the dream is different than in ordinary dreaming. The emotions are particularly intense and there is a sense of watching the scene as an observer rather than being involved in it.

Pay special attention to your nightmares as they contain the keys to a freer future!
Pay special attention to your nightmares as they contain the keys to a freer future!


While distressing, nightmares can tell us a great deal about ourselves. In particular: what we fear, what causes us the most emotional pain and what is holding us back in life. Nightmares are usually expressing deep feelings and thoughts that we are unconscious of. That's why they're so frightening -- because they are bringing to our attention emotions that were perceived to be threatening, devastating and/or overwhelming at some point in the past.

The occurrence of a nightmare is a sign that you're now ready to deal with these emotions and that you need to deal with them for the sake of your emotional, mental or spiritual health.

This statement may sound obvious, but it's surprising how many of us don't understand that our nightmare is telling us about something we are frightened of or anxious about. Take the time to discover its meaning, and you'll benefit in the long term.

Common Dreams

Below are three common dreams that show examples of the kinds of questions you need to be asking yourself to enable you to accurately interpret your dreams

A Partner Being Unfaithful

Dreams of your partner cheating on you are most often an expression of your own anxiety and insecurity. Very rarely will they be your intuition alerting you about actual cheating -- rule out all other possibilities first:

  • Are you scared your partner will leave you?
  • Do you have low self esteem and/or confidence and wonder whether you deserve your partner?
  • Have you or your partner cheated on each other or other partners before and you are worried this will happen again?
  • Do you have problems with trusting people?
  • Do you find it difficult to trust yourself?
  • Are you attracted to someone else?

Dreams of Being Naked

What is your dream of being naked telling you? It will depend greatly on how you feel about it in your dream. Are you embarrassed? Ashamed? Free? Liberated? Vulnerable? Scared? Indignant? Exposed? Natural? Exhilarated?

If you experienced a negative emotion in relation to your nakedness, it could mean:

  1. You are feeling very vulnerable at the moment.
  2. You are scared of being exposed in some way.
  3. You have problems with your relationship with your body.
  4. You are hiding something you need to share.

If you experienced a positive emotion in relation to your nakedness, it could mean:

  1. You feel totally free.
  2. You feel liberated from a problem, setback or difficulty.
  3. You are at one with your physical nature.
  4. You enjoy your body.
  5. You are being completely honest about who you are, what you want or need.

Dreams Involving Animals

One way of interpreting animal symbols that I often use is to ask myself, "What special characteristics does this animal embody?"


  • The eagle soars freely high above the earth. Therefore, the eagle has a broad perspective of what is below and will be able to "take in the whole picture." Do you already see the whole picture, or you do need to take a more objective view of something? Maybe you need to look at things from another perspective.
  • The eagle is strong and powerful. Do you feel strong and powerful or does someone in your life embody these qualities?
  • The eagle is a skillful hunter. Do you need to hunt something down or do you feel like someone is hunting you down?


  • Are you feeling stung by something that happened recently or by something someone said?
  • Bee is a homophone of "Be." Is your dream of bees telling you to just "be" yourself?
  • Think about what is special about bees. Bees are very busy, productive and industrious creatures. They work cooperatively for their survival. They swarm together for protection and to attack. They are hive creatures - the group is more important and powerful than the individual. They produce a nourishing food (honey). Do one of these things prick your intuition about what the bees mean to you?

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Ashley Quillen profile image

Ashley Quillen 5 months ago

One nightbmy fiance had a dream we went somewhere on vacation and we was inside a glass building and then all the glass above underneath and around us broke an we started to run and i didnt run fast enough an i got cut very badly an put in the hospital but my parents refused to let him see me an blamed him an he was going crazy because he really wanted to see me and told them he loved me very much but then a couple nights later i had a dream that we finally bought our own house and didnt have to pay rent anymore and on the night we was supposed to move in him and my brother dropped me off somewhere so i could get stuff for our new place and when they came back to pick me up just as they went to turn so they could get me some odd reason the jeep he was driving in my dream was pulled side ways into a jersey wall an it went up in flames an i asked the paramedica if the people are ok because ita my brother and fiance they wouldn't tell me anything but then i found out my brother was alive an he was in the hospital but nobody would tell me if my fiance was alive or anything and i started freaking out and crying because i couldnt see him an didnt know how he was and what was goinf on with him. What does this mean? Ever since then our relationship has been different and in a weird way.

McBen 8 months ago

please i had a dream that an old friend of mine came to me in the house to ask for my singlet(underwear) to wear and i gave it to him. that same night i dreamt that i was giving out two numbers to some of my friends to play in lottery and they won and rewarded me ransomely. i dont really understand, please help me interpret it.


Aisha ortiz 8 months ago

I had a dream with my daughter it was really weird it was I was in a spinning room with a whole bunch of fish tank all the fish were dead and I just kept on spinning and spinning consecutively looking at this room full of dead fish has spanned for like 5 minutes all of a sudden my three-year-old daughter was sleeping right next to me she open her eyes and tells me mommy you killed all my fish and goes right back to sleep I woke up really dizzy I had to go wash my face but this is really weird and I want to know the meaning of what this might be because how can we have a mutual dream I did not think that was possible can you please enlighten me on what this might mean

Alexis 8 months ago

Okay I had a dream last night I was at school but it had a science lab now . we were conducting experiments when we made a highly contagious virus that killed off half of the world . you touch the virus bacteria or goop and u will get sick only two days to live . I walked into my gym where my crush Xavier sat on the bleacher's I looked up and said well look whose still alive we laughed I made him sit next to me and I showed him my new phone he said " can I see it ?" I said yes and we touched hands . then he said I just touched you what if I had the virus or you I said back if we got the virus I would spend my last days with you . he made a smile at me we walked to the band room where there was a bed TV just like my room . I told him about my virginity for some reason and things got intense , but he never took it .we talked and hanged out looking for a cure together not successful .then I was cleaning the goop from around the school where some toched me I told him and Xavier hold me tight and said I love you , I told him my feelings and then died .

Tammy 9 months ago

Hi I just dreamed that I woke up and my husband took all the portraits off the wall except for two which I couldn't tell who they were then he took me into a room where all my portraits were packed up Whats this mean it's bothering me TY

frances 9 months ago

DREAM-mu husband passed away four yrs ago in my dream on a girls nite out my right eyeball gets poked out.these no mess its a clean dark cavitiy .i go home to a messy house which im more concerned about than my eye.my husband takes me to a chemist where we a placed in a long queue.hes not upset nor angry and puts a bandage on eye sock and tapes it around my head with industrial tape.we are more concerned the kids will be late for school-they are adults in real life

any cues

shama 9 months ago

i dreamed about jesus taking me up with him and then i start crying he said lets go up it's your time now

Lovemore Zvirikudenga Ruwende 9 months ago

I dreamed my late mother telling me to read John 2 verses 1-11 which talks when Jesus his Mother and disciples attended the first wedding of Cana in Galilee. What does this dream mean?

jasmine 10 months ago

I had a dream of rose plant front of my house with full of beautiful red roses....it looks awesome.....what does it mean

Mona1313 11 months ago

I left my country 35 years ago and dreamed I was at my exhusband's house and left from there, could not find my way back and asked some strangers and they did not know, I left from there and forgot my shoes, it was cold outside and saw my grandfather who died 38 years ago, he never liked me, but in my dream he said, he was giving me a ride back to my hometown, then I woke up.

matthew 11 months ago

i had a dream that my brother owned a tire shop and i went ther to get a tire i havent spoke to my brother in 7 years what does this dream mean

alex 11 months ago

for my parents i broke up with my bf but last night i so on my dream that he came back to me. what's that mean

Gracie Hilton 11 months ago

I had a dream about my " love crush" that's what I call him . He has a girlfriend but I still dreamt about him . My dream was " I was in History class and he came in with his parents and a boombox above his head playing a romantic song . he sat it down beside the teacher . he walked to me and grabbed my hand . He took me to the front of the class and we danced .( This part is weird ) he grabbed my butt and his parents drove me to there home with him . His house was gigantic and he took me to the back yard . he had acres of back yard land. It was beautiful .I think it was fall in my dream . he kissed me and I woke up .

Kyra 12 months ago

Hi my name is Kyra and I had a dream that is really confusing to me. The people in this bream are people I actually know in real life. My guy friend- Ben his little brother- Tye their mom-Kathy my mom And me. At first it starts out as all of us except my mom were at the beach. Then we ended up at a lake house surrounded by woods. Me and Ben were dating in the dream. But bens mom didn't like me so she told Ben that she thinks that he should dump me. With all the people in the lake house and a bunch of other people(these people had no faces) showing up the only place that had no one in it was the gigantic bathroom. So i brought Ben into the bathroom to talk. Both me and Ben wanted to talk to each other alone but for different reasons. We were very comfortable with each other and I can remember the conversation we had in the dream. It was like this:

Ben- we need to talk about something

Me- Yeah

Ben- my mom doesn't really like us dating or like you so she thinks we should break up. I don't want to break up but my mom has pretty good judgement so I think she might be right on this one.

Me- I don't think she's right. Are you sure you want to do this

Ben- I don't know. Not really. Things are going really good for us and I don't want to ruin it. I'm starting to hate my mom now.

Me- Ok. Do you want to get back at your mom?

Ben- kinda but I don't know how to.

Me- Ben I've wanted to talk to you alone for the past few days and because of your family I haven't been able to get you alone.

Ben- okay. What do you have in mind.

Me- Ben I brought you in here to have sex with you.

Then in the dream we had sex and his mom walked in on him giving me anal. And then the dream was over.

I'm really confused on what this means and I really want to know. Someone please help me.

Dorion Monroe 12 months ago

I had a dream that i was dating this guy and we went go to his aunts moms house with his two year old daughter. He was 18 and I was 16. For some reason I loved the fact that he had a kid and he was very mature for his age. He treated women the right way, but I have no idea what my dream even meant.

Kristopher Iero 12 months ago

Hey guys this is Kristopher here

i'm hoping some of yall would be able to interpret my dream i had not too long ago for me

(aya is my sister)

Okay first it started as a friend I know in real life her name's lina so she was over at mine and so were some other friends of mine whom I don't recognize so line suggested we go watch the sunset on the roof (where ayas room is) so we ascended the flights but lina never came

Anyway I was the first to get to the sitting place but the others couldnt pass through

I turned west to look at the sunset and it was blocked by a house then I turned east and I saw another sun identical to it in position and colors of light beams

So after that it turned night and it was a clear sky with lots of stars and my family was suddenly there aya was sitting on a plastic white chair facing south with like an invisible tube connecting the stars to her left leg

Okay so like in my dream I told aya that somethings gonna happen tonight n she gave me a nervous laugh saying don't scare me n I was like k watever then we went inside and like my parents were then n like at the window I could see like a white ring slowly turn gold in color then it started spinning rapidly up to down right to left then it started developing layers of gold steel then it flew away

I looked outside and most houses had that

So like I turned to my parents and I asked my parents if we can shoot those down n dad was like u stay here and we're gonna go then he muttered something and left with my mom

So like for some reason we needed a place to stay n aya knew a dude and she drove us there

So this dude was dark skinned with a roundish face a stubble and was wearing green pajamas and he smokes

This was explained by my friend I told him about this so it turned out that my sister spoke to my friend about relatives of his studying abroad and one of her main destinations was italy so his cousin studies medicine there which is basically what she wants and he told me he does have all those qualities and wears weird pajamas so apparently I saw him in my dream even though I knew nothing about that dudes existence

So like we went there he wanted to see my hebrew tests in which I had in my hands for some reason?? N he gave me a sympathetic smile and told me that my friend used to do those (he spoke of him as if he was dead) then we got in his car and it was daylight by then and the sun was weird it was expanding and shrinking at a frightening speed so like in the car ride apparently I wore really thick glasses with thick lenses n I knew so because my glasses slipped out of my vision n all

So like we got to the kids store we were headed to

Idk what happened to that dude but my sister was doing something and I was just passing time then I sae a little girl she was chubby and pale with freckles and crooked teeth with a teeth gap and she had light brown curly frizzy hair put into a braid

She was like super poker face so like I smiled at her to cheer her up she just gave me death stares

So like there was also this part where my vision went from normal colours to purple and green then to all shades of blue then back to normal

Notice that my little sister and my cat weren't there

Walt 12 months ago

I had a dream that I was running on a balcony or such. I turned around and saw two people behind me a man and a woman. The man pushed the fence which was likes gate. He fell to his death and the woman also. I turned to stop them but couldn't. I went for help and no one cared. Then I found myself in front of a window and a women friend who I deeply care about, was falling head first hanging out of window. She was hanging by her feet and reached up with both hands. I was frozen and could not help. She knows that I care but has been involved in a relationship with a married man. It was a very negative feeling. I woke up and felt like I should let go of my feelings. I keep hoping that our friendship would blossom and change. It was about tragedy and death.

lauren marie 12 months ago

um well my dream was about me taking 2 paths like train tracks one was bad and the other good. i went down each path and i did really bad things but im 14 and i dont understand i figured my dream would be something about a change in my life or a choose i will have to make soon

Carol P 13 months ago

My mother (who is 77) broke her ankle 5 months ago. After 2 surgeries to repair it, she was placed into a rehab facility until a month or so ago. She had dementia and the surgeries progressed this . She eventually died from complications that stemmed from her surgeries and my siblings and I are trying to interpret her recurring dreams in these last months of her life.

My mother, who passed last week, would tell me of these vivid dreams that she'd been having for the past 5 months. There is a man who follows her. He never says anything to her but is always around her. Then another dream after she finally was able to come home again was that there is a man in her basement and he is going to be buying my parent's house. This seems to be the same man that she has seen in her other dreams that follows her. These dreams always seem to end in her opening some sort of door and she sees me with a long flowing white dress on and that is all she can remember. She was convinced that these dreams were real in the beginning because of how vivid they were to her.

Aya 14 months ago

this is actually super accurate to my life right now D:

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN profile image

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN 14 months ago from Barcelona, SPAIN (Europe)

Hello Aya

+ I like to read the dreams of other people

IMHO Your choice will not like your father who lives in a world or life frozen and You expect a change.

+ CLUES fat lady-succes or gain , cat-animal of independent behavior, eyes-points of view, eye on hand-election, fight-lack of consensus or parental approval of pattern (Pattern Etimology: from Old French patron and directly from Medieval Latin patronus ,see patron and pater -father-).

The ambiguity is so common in dreams !!!


aya 14 months ago

Hi, I had a dream i was with my dad in a frozen sea where there were waves but full of ice and everyone except me had ice all over their hair, lips etc. and then a fat lady swam to me and smiled and said watch your back and she swam away and then three cats were swimming and i thought one of them was dying so i picked it up to keep it warm and then it opened its eyes and on the right eye it was full of different eyeballs with different colours so i asked it jokingly to give me one and it turned away put a part of its eye in my hand and disappeared and then my dad tried to kill me and i ended up throwing a knife to his forehead... what does that mean x.x

Tommie 14 months ago

I dreamed that I was the leading star in a play. On the night of the play the theater was full of people and I had a personal assistant who helped me with my dressing. I wanted to put on one suit but she picked out the suit I had worn to my first cousin’s funeral this week. While getting dressed my assistant started playing and singing and playing a gospel song. The song touched my soul and I became engulped in the spirit. While in the spirit, I forgot my opening line and I was the person who was to speak first. I was still in the spirit and but was confused as to what I had to say. People were looking for the first page of the play and no one could find it. The spirit kept me involved and I was panicking, then I woke up.

Ed Choice 15 months ago

A friend who has extra set of keys to my house came and took everything out of my bedroom including the bed and pictures on walls- left it with bare white walls....what this mean?

Robert 15 months ago

what does it mean when your dad falls down stairs and you cant help him but he is already gone?

Thaddeus 15 months ago

My sister passed away about three months ago. I have seen her in my dreams a few times since then but the last dream was a bit too annoying.

I saw that we were doing mountain climbing and we were on a very narrow cliff path when she lost her control and fell off the cliff and I could not catch her and save her. I woke up before she hit the ground.

What does that mean?

Courtney 15 months ago

Hi my name is courtney and I'm 11 years and go to SSMS. I had a weird dream where my crush and four other people and me where all grown up prob. around 30. Then we had our own shops. Then out of the blue we ended up in water. I don't know why or how.

Vaibhav 15 months ago

I had a dream. Where I am playing with my cute daughter and my wife as I really do in real life. Hugging them, taking for a ride etc. But the difference is here in Dream I see my old girl friend at the place of my wife. Rest all the feelings, my daughter all same. What does this mean. I find another sequence where some one introducing my daughter as her (my GF's) daughter. Please explain this dream.

space girl 15 months ago

i had a dream of me and my boyfriend cuddling and the lights went out and when they came back on he was gone

galleryofgrace profile image

galleryofgrace 15 months ago from Virginia

I'd really like some input on this one. It's never happened before. I have had many prophetic dreams, and found lost things etc but this is different.In the dream I am with a male relative(who is deceased) of a former husband. He is hugging me and I feel safe and happy. But someone is walking in and I become afraid of being caught. The person that comes in is the person I am standing there with. There was two of the same person. Dream ends.

Belle 16 months ago

I have been dreaming about my partner being unfaithful. Recently i had a dream of him talking to unknown girls in facebook and when i saw, i got disappointed & left him.

Sophia 16 months ago

A few months ago my conure coco recently ripped off the beak of my other bird Rico and we were forced to put him down.

In my dream, Cocos lower beak was cracked and pouring blood, to make the dream 100x more horrifying, there was absolutely nothing in her cage except for 1 wooden perch. I started crying like crazy and thats when the dream ended. I must know what this means, is Coco in trouble??

Storm 17 months ago

I dreamed I was heard my niece crying very lightly and I went outside to look for her and I found her and one of my nephews buried alive in sand with the sand over their entire body and face (sorta looked like when you get buried in sand at the beach but it was over their faces and they couldn't move) and I saved them by digging them out while my other nephew was less than a foot away from the trying to climb over a fence that he could never get over. what does it mean I am so confused by this dream..

MeganLeigh 17 months ago

I had a dream about being trapped in a car after a crash and my best friend was outside the car trying to save me. The firefighters arrived and pulled him away from the car and then there was a terrible noise and a bright light and I woke up. What could this mean?

lucky 17 months ago

I dreamed being at a place i don't know, and a dirty bed and picked lice. what is the meaning of this?

stephanie 18 months ago

This is a weird one but one of which Ive had similar dreams to. My most recent relationship ended up where my boyfriend and best friend cheated on me and are now together. The dream is though that me and my kids were staying in this house with them which was big and my son whom is handicapped was in a room by himself when I got this feeling something was wrong with him. I ran into the room he was in and he was laying on the floor sweating. I picked him up and he had this weird look on his face. The room was a mess and I can tell there was a presence in the room. Not sure if it was good or bad. I told this presence to leave my child alone but my voice was very low and slow like dragging my words, What does this mean?

Luna 18 months ago

My boy fiend cheated on me, yet I'm having dreams about having dates with other men? My heart is still broken, but some how the dreams, make me feel happy..does this have any meaning..?

Susana S profile image

Susana S 18 months ago Author

Has he changed in some significant way? Does he seem to have lost part of himself? Is he depressed and has lost his spark? Has your relationship deteriorated? Has he moved away? All of these "losses", plus many others, can be represented by death in a dream.

nocy 18 months ago

I dream about my brother as if he was dead & and it was really confusing , others where gossiping that he killed himself & my brother was not sure what is the cause of death...its really confusing...what does this dreams mean

Rhyonius 18 months ago

Can someone explain why I keep having visions of my partner being hurt? They're very vivid in description.

I keep seeing my my partner walking around like she had just been knocked out and there is a group of men around her. She walks in a daze crying trying to ask why are they doing this to her and she walks towards one of the men in the group. In 3 different visions he either punches her in the face or he shoots her or he stabs her in the stomach and there is nothing I can do to stop them or to help her.

I have been having these visions for the past 2 - 3 days now and last night they were happening over and over again and I am really concerned that something bad is about to happen.

Does anyone know what this could mean?

rebecca 19 months ago

what does it mean when you dream the moon in on fire and flames are shooting from it.

Raymond 21 months ago

moved in a house were a kid died and the upper part of the house and the kids wasn't allowed up the but something keep drawing them up there so some how I got knocked out and the kids was nowhere to be found I'm yelling and the was saying that they was playing in the upper part with there new friend what does this dream mean

my name is peter 21 months ago

i was in a dream about to make love to a girl and i notice someone was watching us so we went home we saw a friend and he shot her and buried her right in my front what dose this means?

me 21 months ago

I have had a dream of my dead grandad coming back to life and I felt I had to protect my daughter from him I awoke in a big panic what can this mean

Carla 22 months ago

Hi, I've been having these same dreams for the past week, it always starts out with kids. Some dreams their mine, other dreams their someone else. But the dreams are I'm with them one minute then I lose them but by the end of each dream, I always find them in the end. I don't understand what's the meaning and when I awake up I won't go back to sleep cause the thought of losing my kids or anyone else's is scary. Now I find myself glued to my kids when we leave the house...can you please help!

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN profile image

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN 23 months ago from Barcelona, SPAIN (Europe)

Susana, Luise, Is she afraid to die?

The dead are buried underground

and the ground starts to crack and opens up to swallow her, and she tries to flee.

Terri 23 months ago

Hi I've had a dream about my child dad who known of us have seen in years. I had a dream that I gave birth and that I was in his house with his mum and older sister the baby was his but it wasn't my son I already have as both my kids was there is too I don't get why I'm dreaming about him as I know my self and my son are better off without him help!!!

Susana S profile image

Susana S 2 years ago Author

It sounds like your world has fallen apart (the image of the earth cracking).....but you are coping (you aren't falling down the crack). Grief changes us (being in a different place) and it can be very hard to come to terms with such intense emotions. Are you allowing yourself to grieve or are you bottling up your feelings?

louise 2 years ago

I have recently lost my father and my occuring dream, every night, is that wherever I walk the ground starts to crack and opens up and Im having to jump over it. When I land on the otherside I am in a totally different place and then it happens again. It wakes me up and then I cannot go back to sleep.

victoria 2 years ago

ive had a very strange dream. it was that a woman was telling me to wake up and do something i got up and did it and then when back to sleep. when i woke up next it was becuase she was telling me to clean my room. i didnt do it. i woke up on my own next, there was more of a mess in my room and my stomach hurt uncondiconally. i was scared to go back to sleep. i havent ever seen the woman ever untill today when i was shopping with my husbund, he new the woman and little did i know but he was having an affair with her.

santana jaramillo 2 years ago

what does it mean if I got chased by a bear'

Alex Bines 2 years ago

A guy came and pushed this girl and me off a rock. He fell to. I looked at the guy who was still on the ground and he looked at me. He got a smile on his face and came running towards me. I screamed as loud as i could and tried to get up and run away but I couldn't get up fast enough. He grabbed me and kicked me in the stomach. I prepared myself for another kick. He kicked me and i pretended that i died. He came over and felt my pulse then i woke up.

Michael 2 years ago

I had a dream removing a pus from knee

Kt 2 years ago

Super weird, but I've had 3 consecutive dreams about my boyfriend and I getting into arguments and they always end with me physically assaulting him. I would never and have never done that in real life but I'm wondering why it's happening in my dreams?

teri 2 years ago

HI i had a dream that I ran into someone that I really care about and I think that he is supposed to be in my life in some way soon. I had a dream that a group of us went to a play or film..not sure, and he was sitting there with his friends...and there was a seat there for me three seats down from him...he looked at me and was happy i was there, but then his friends asked him to get up and go get a snack...he got up and when he left his seat was taken..then his friends and him took off and sat on the top row. He then passed me and then came back only to kinda joke with me smile and put his bags on my lap...but didn't sit it all the way down ..smiled real big them continued on up with his friends...it was like he was saying that he wanted me to go up with them

aaron 2 years ago

i had a dream 2 hot models came up to me and asked me why is your hair like that and i said i dont know

Dk 2 years ago

I had a dream i was with two girls i know in real lifein their home which i was not familiar with....we heard a noise while walking down corridor from room around the right corner from corridor ....then to look and door opened a little as we walked away there was a spirit a young boy with a cap on i didnt reconize him at all standing behind us near bedroom door and standing at corridor.....my girlfriend with me said that was her brother that died......that he always fancied me but i never payed any notice to him .....the spirit started to come to me saying i always loved you and u never knew i excisted now i want you with me now....i felt shocked to see a spirit and very frightened to how forward and pushy he was i was walking fast to the door to kitchen and closed it fast and was locking the door as he was pushing it...

What does this mean

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raquelle148 2 years ago

Great hub! Very interesting to read. You tackle the important part of dream.

Santosh 2 years ago

All I remember about my dream is, that may be I was with my mother(it was a Movie Hall)and a tiger just crossed by. People were running here and there and a man with just his upper body was being carried around by some other people(he was probably eaten by the tiger). I wasn't terrified or even a little scared by the tiger, but seeing that injured man terrified me. I had this dream between 5:45 & 6:00 A.M

It has left me very disturbed! Please help..

Jade 2 years ago

I just wanted say about that the one your only suppose have 1, 2 times I have mostly ever night and I been having dreams of stuff I talk about and in dream it comes true also when I was younger I habe dreams and now they are coming back like where stop it try finish but never does and I wake up wanting to know what happen and stuff also I dream about animals but ill wake up but mostly snakes and spiders and this person I never met my life just show up but I could never understand her so what does this all mean ?

lidiya 2 years ago

I had a dream about angels and demons. This dream took place in the near future, where the government gathers a group of 20 to 30 16 year old's and places them in one of two adjacent mansions. These mansions are a few hundred yards away from one another. Their task is to gather all of the 'notes' and bring them to an old abandoned two story school, where somebody takes the survivors back to their homes. These notes are small rectangular shaped pieces of paper with illegible words written on them in black ink. The school is supposed to be in viewing range of the 2 mansions. The group has to run from demons and survive, seeing as they are only allowed the clothes on their backs it's advised to run. My group woke up in the mansion. The demons spotted us and we started running picking up notes on the way. The people who falled behind were devoured by the demons. Once we got to a creek we had lost the demons and the sun was up already (it was dawn when we woke up). We took a little break and seperated, but stayed close. I didn't move from my spot since I was very paranoid for some reason, but I did get water. A few of the group members were actually my classmates. No sooner than around a few hours later there is the roar of a demon. Adrenalin kicked in and I scrambled to my feet and started sprinting once again, grabbing notes on my way. When we finally made it to the safe school there were no more than 15 of us, maybe even a little less than that. All of us had scratches, were bruised, covered in sweat, and panting. We slowly walked to the front doors of the school and they creaked open. We went into a classroom on the second floor, and closed the doors behind us. On the teachers desk was a basket saying 'notes' where we put our notes, and then spread out across the desks that were shaped in the form of a square, all facing inwards. Of course we saw a few other groups in the school also waiting, I had wanted to ask how long they had been waiting but for some reason I didn't. Once it was night out we all went to sleep one by one. When i woke up I noticed a few things, there were adults in our rooms. They all had very large white angel wings that reached the floor. All of them had wrinkles on their faces, and their bodies wrapped in a rainbow of colored cloths. There were a few of them, but they weren't the only ones with wings. Some of us (the 16 year old's) had wings (about 4 or 5 of us). They were substantially smaller though, and didn't go below their backs. The strange thing was that mine did. My wings went to about my knees. The other thing I noticed was the significantly large full moon that was literally glowing. After that I had woken up, what does this dream mean? And also this dream happened right before Easter, I don't know if it matters or not.

Jensicles 2 years ago

I dreamt that my friend (who passed on) was holding my hand, and waving our clasped hands in the air so proudly.

Can someone tell me what this means?

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Susana S 2 years ago Author

That's your Mom letting you know she's still around (as are all the people you know, dead and alive).

ree 2 years ago

i dreamt i bought a new sofa for an apartment im moving into n was trying to find it from someone but in real life im moving and havent told the person o live with right now.the second part of the dream is i had a baby with my brothers xwifes son what does this mean yesterday i dreamt i had a four year old daughter and my bf was on the phone with another woman. in that dream i also seen some of thegirls i grew upwith some i was ok with some i wasnt but one of the girls i was okwith started shaking my car tell me i told her she didnt look good ina car or something would justlike to knowif they have meanings

theresa 2 years ago

I had a dream about my x boyfriend's mom like she was being murdered by a guy I having met in my life screaming. Actually it. Really happen I was not there when it happen. What does that means?

Christy 2 years ago

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that has been bothering me. My mother passed away in July 2013. Since then I have been under a lot of stress. (Hubby lost his job, his mom passed away, we fight all the time, we had to move in with my sister and her family, he's working for his father for free to help his father out, etc.)

Anyway, my dream is this:

In my dream, I am first in a cage with various people including one of my sisters. We are in some sort of building in this cage. We manage to free ourselves and walk out of the buildings huge front doors. Once outside, we see we are in an out of the way place with no roads, cars, and no other buildings. My sister and I are standing on the huge porch of the building looking out at the area and everyone we know is there, dead and alive. They are all sitting in chairs as if they are an audience. The day is bright and there are multiple trees surrounding the audience. In the audience, I see my mother. I start crying and ask my sister if she sees her. She says no. My mother stands up and walks towards me. She holds her hand out and says "Let's go". I woke up at that moment crying.

britz 2 years ago

Hello. I have a dream. My boyfriend kissed me on my forehead/cheeks/chin/nose and lips. When i wake up . I thought it was for real coz i feel the kiss. Its like im awake when he's kissing me. I opened my eyes to see if theres someone on the front of me and kissing be but i see no one. Just a pillow. Then i close my eyes anddream of it again . I feel the kiss

jahnnavi 2 years ago

in my dream i had seen myself scrubbing some white thing with a wet cloth. The interiors of the room were wooden then suddenly a man came in i don't know who the man was.First he mumbled something to me which i could not understand then more clearly he said 'The Lord's prayer' so i stood u and started saying the lord's prayer but his prayer was somewhat different. Then he said he would kiss me. I started removing the hair from my shoulder but he was going to kiss my cheek then he said that he would just as well kiss my neck. So he me and a sensation ran through my body. Then when he went to the door I began begging him for more he said no more that's the end. I mean it's like i knew where he would be kissing me and i never behaved in this disgusting way begging someone to kiss me and i have no boyfriend. pls help it is really disturbing me.

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Susana S 2 years ago Author

You feel empty? Something has ripped your insides out? You have no guts (courage)?

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Susana S 2 years ago Author

It means that you wish to have a baby with your boyfriend or at least create something special together.

justy 2 years ago

hi I have a bout 6 mad drams a nite but when I get up I remember tow. That am drive in a car with my woman and a friend has the road closed him and some woman. he go,s to tet me past and she give,s him a look so I trun round and go the long way. drame to am on a bike doing jumps then am in fix in it then my woman was on one and coud in stop it then 2 boys take my bike am running round look in 4 them and my woman flys round in a car handbrakes it and taks of I all ways have the mad drames every nite coud you til me what they mean sory a bout the spelling not the best at it lol thanx very much

Ruth 2 years ago

Please help - my 3 1/2 year old son was sound asleep and around 430am starting crying - I hugged him asking what was wrong and he said I'm left alone in the car. - I said who left you alone, he says daddy (we are married) I said daddy would never leave you alone honey - he says well I was stuck in the car and I flew out of the car and hurt my arms - I said im so sorry honey you must be having a bad dream - you're safe here with Mommy (daddy is working)....he said mommy you saved me. I said I did? He said yes I was stuck in the car and you pulled me out ....he started crying again and saying he wanted his daddy to come home now then as quickly as he said his dream to me he said I'm going back to sleep....rolled over and fell back asleep ....10 minutes later he's crying and moaning and I hug him and say it's ok - you're safe with Mommy - he says the horn is honking - I said it is? He then said ok I just want to go back to sleep - rolled over and is asleep again - PLEASE HELP!!!

lubna 2 years ago

I saw I dropped my son in a well,,i am so scared,,he wakes up there I was able to see him ,,,,,,omg may Allah save my kids

Hunter 2 years ago

I had a very visual and real feeling dream that i was strapped into a hospital bed with my insides gone but i was still moving around what does that mean

??? 2 years ago

I had a dream that me and my boyfriend had a baby and it was a boy and we were so happy and I was holding him when I woke up I was sad wished it we're real and I cried what does this dream mean?

hitesh 2 years ago

I Dreamed lsst two night same dream. Police wants to caugh me and no one in police uniform

esjhay 2 years ago

Hi. I am currently tachycardic right now as I just came rushing out from my bed.

First thing I did was search for my housemates, share my experience and search the internet for possible person who also experienced the same thing.

What made my dream different this time was there was a tactile stimulation.

I was half awake, still drowsy, when I started hearing a voice saying I am difficult to wake up. I tried to ignore it convincing myself that i am just dreaming but then another guy's voice popped in and asked why am I so difficult to wake up.

My mind is fighting off knowing that most dreams come during subconscious period of half-awake and half-asleep.

What really made get up was when "they" started pulling and shaking my blanket! As soon as I felt the tactile effects I panicked and immediately got up!

Auditory effects usually what make my dreams seem so real but this is my first time to experience tactile stimulation. What do you think about this?

sarah hawting profile image

sarah hawting 2 years ago

I had a dream not long ago, the moon was very large and close to the earth and it was dying, this frightened me because in the dream I knew it meant once it did the earth would die also, so I was one day in a car with friends, the sky is red continuously even at night, as were driving along storm clouds start forming and lightening starts stricking, thousands of bolts a minute, but there was no sounds, no thunder no claps as the lightening hits, just a strange noise that come once in awhile very similar to the sounds in war of the worlds, as we are fleaing knowing its the end the moon begins to explode and thats when I woke up.

sarah 2 years ago

Firstly I dont usually dream at all mabey once every couple of years, when I was 15 I dreamt about having a son and what his name was and that has come true. Anyway I have a nightmare not long ago, the moon was really big as if it had moved really close to the earth, it was dying which made me frightened because I knew that the moon dying meant our plant would end, the sky was a continuous red colour even at night, storm clouds started forming and lightening started thousands of strikes every minute but instead of thunder or loud claps as the lightening hit there was no noise except for a sound that came once in awhile, it was similar to the noises from war of the worlds, everyone was racing to escape and I woke just as the moon began to explode.

LifeisBeautiful 2 years ago

This has been happening in my dreams for a lot of time. In reality I love running and in my dreams its like im trying to catch someone but cant but in real life im faster than them.

Kelly 2 years ago

I had a dream a male freind took my almost 2 year old walking around the court we live in n she walked round corner n was gone n he come back n told me he's lost her. What does this dream mean please

nat 2 years ago

My husbands due to do a sky dive in a month for charity...in the dream a psychic woman tells me that he has only a month to live and that his parachute wont open. Im terrified so asked her what if he doesn't do it..n she replies it will be a pound for a pound. Very disturbing dream. We recently lost a friend..this is why hes doing it.we have also had relationship difficulties latley

Dreamer94 3 years ago

ok so a little bit about me.. I am 19 and recently moved in with my boyfriend. A high school friend(let's call him walter) recently passed away at his job site. He was dating my best friend and they lived together out in another state. After he passed away she came back home and was hoping she was pregnant with his child but after 5 tests said she just knows she's not.

Now to my dream:

A lawyer came up to me and said that they had to take blood from anyone who came in close contact with walter. So they tested me and sent it off. A couple days later walters mom(whom I've never actually met) called me and said the docters found soemthing in my blood test. Tshe told me they said I was prregnant and its a possibility it could be walters. As I tried to explain that i t wasn't possible(cuz there was no sexual contact) they didn't believe me abd threw me in the back of an ambulance.

What could this mean? Am I dreaming through my best friends eyes(wanting to have walters baby)? Or do I maybe wish to be pregnant? Or should I tell my best friend to get a blood test done to search for something? What do you think?

Idoya G 3 years ago

I have had a nightmare that has been terrifying, and I can not stop thinking about it during the day. It's so vivid and frightening! In a nut shell my husband, my 3 y.o. Daughter and my are in a house and can see through the window a massive fire coming towards us, in the attempt to run away, as the roads and all ways are collapsed by the panicked people, I can very vivid all of us dying burn alive and the first one to go is my daughter, and I can see myself telling her how much I love her as I am being burn alive...

Can you help

Anonymous 3 years ago

I've had a recurring dream for years, at least 10, and I can't quite figure it out. In my dream, the recurring theme is that our country is being attacked by an air strike. I am always outside and see it happening and am trying to get to my family. I run into obstacles the whole way such as foreign military or bombings. The differences in the dreams are that I'm always in a different area of the city, trying to get to someone different in my family like my husband, mother, child. I always feel the same way though. I feel confused, scared, sad, but determined to not give up. This last time I had the dream, while I was dreaming, I remember thinking that I always have this dream, and no matter what the obstacle, I always find a way out of it, so I just went with the flow. I always manage to find part of my family in the dream, but I never complete the dream, so I never complete the other tasks I've set for myself in the dream, whether it be finding someone or getting to a specific location.

michelle miller 3 years ago

my boyfriend dreamed i had a baby then he looked down it was a cat

lauren 3 years ago

I had a dream where this guy that I've liked for a long time and is a good friend was in a fire, I saved him and he got mad at me. I've been having doubts lately that our relayionship is going forward. Then I had this dream

Kerry Harrison 3 years ago

For quite some time now I have been dreaming about clear and calm water really beautiful but it is a part of a hotel with a lot of variety of the most delicious and unusual food. I always seem to be taking a sample of everything. What is the meaning of my dream?

dom05 3 years ago

I had a dream for some reason i was on a flat roof top with my daughter when turned to look she was sitting on the edge i told her hey dont do that ur going to fall she stepped away turn to look again she was sitting there again this time she fell backwards of i rushed down she was conscious i asked if she was okay she said im okay my uncle julius called to help i askef her again are you ok she said my leg is wet then i awoke what does this mean

hanun 3 years ago

I had a dream that every time I try to get to communicate to the man I love he got upset and I wondered why?! Then I saw my reflection in the mirror, it was a black girl with a very short and black hair and she was wearing white clothes, what does my dream means?

Ryan 3 years ago

I have the most terrible dreams ive had dreams of my death of a little kid in the house i live in i am 10 and i had to know. I tell my mom,"mom...there was a kid in this very house... He took my sisters and just disappeared". I broke to tears when i woke up i couldnt help it and then i have had dreams of the ocean and a huge wave called,"The Two Sisters" i have of course had a lot of death dreams i cant do anything i take control soon of my dreams i say things that hurt me and kill me inside. My brother says i sometimes sleep with my eyes open. As well i am only 10 and im not felling secure so... If you can please help me i cant stand it i die everytime i sleep. When a friend asks me what kind of dream i had i change the subject... Please help me

Alyce 3 years ago

I have been searching everywhere for what my dream means. Please shine some light on it.

Every time I have a dream that involves me being a mother, my baby (every dream) alternates between being a real human baby and a fake one, like a doll. What could this mean? Thank you.

Christina 3 years ago

I've been having these reccurring nightmares for the past four years I believe... The dream:

It's about a group of men coming after me to do something really bad. I don't remember what it is but it wasn't death.... It was something worse. But there was also a world full of zombies but smarter, they couldn't talk but they all had one target and that was me. I only remember a few scenes.... A dark house, my house. Power outages except a few street lights. And creatures hashing after me. People stayed in their homes as if it was a normal day and me and a few friends (don't know who they were but I knew they were friends) that noticed the zombies and men coming after me. They find me everywhere I go, I fight and fight them but they won't stop trying to find me. I don't know if I get caught or not but I woke pure ally early this morning to find a handsome man sitting on my bed... I tried towake up but I couldn't and he said something carressing my cheek and heard footsteps leave my bedroom. But I never heard my door open and he diss appeared. I fell back asleep thinking it was a dream but everything felt so real and I saw myself. In every dream and nightmare I'm never in my body, I always see my own body in my dreams. Another weird thing for me was that I should've been afraid, but I wasn't... And I always feel like drawing this symbol but don't know what it is... Anyways yeah so this could either be a nightmare or dream or something but I've been having these dreams or something for the past four years, some in different scenery but mostly including my house.what does this mean?

rick 3 years ago

I had a dream that a young gilr was my girlfriend I know her for a while she was 15 years old and I was 32 years old in the dream we love each other a lot in the dream wat does my dream mean?

douglas 3 years ago

I dreamed that my girlfriend and I had broken up , and then we kind of stayed friends, then after a few weeks she started going out with someone else, I couldn't help it, I felt like my heart broke into million pieces. I really want to know what this means.

jumbo 3 years ago

i dream my freind take me to sleep in his top room was in hotel what is that mean

thomas 3 years ago

I keep on having dreams which are of normal everday things like work or going out with friends or family or my fianceé but in all of them there is an aggressive old lady dressed in black called mrs plimkins what does that mean

charlotte 3 years ago

I had a dream that i had a traditional engagement and right before i got ready to show a friend my ring...when i looked at it the diamonds on it was black. i called him and asked why he gave me a black diamond ring ...he said didnt you see it... i sad no i was too excited then i woke up.

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN profile image

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN 3 years ago from Barcelona, SPAIN (Europe)

+ elsa, the true love can not be purchased.

elsa 3 years ago

i so in my dream beeing in a red car with the man i love and he told me i shold giv him money .... i moved from the car and i left him .... i was seeing the way.. a street... wird one and dark one ....i was really sad because he was shouting at me and asking me for money in a very bad way...i almost cry in my dream

laura 3 years ago

Hi I had a dream last nyt that I couldnt move as my mam was cutting my heart out of my chest to put into a young chinese girl her dad was watching over as it was happening I can remember waking up to the aound of my voice crying it was weird and has left me confused.

Lisa Ellen 3 years ago

In my dream im fending off a black bee its trying to sting me. Im outside in a place where I use to live about 15 years ago. I run inside trying to get away but it gets inside. Its glistening black its not small its body is about the size of a foot ball. Its trying to sting me. Im now fending it off I grip it with both my hands but its strong and I end up on my back holding it away from me. Its abdomen curls under trying to put its stinger into my neck. All of a sudden it letches forward and with its mouth latches onto my neck and sucks my blood out like a leach. I lose concieousness and find myself being chased by my daughter down the driveway she is taunting me and has a garden house wetting me with it Im screaming for her to stop she want. I run at her and grab it and shove the house in her mouth. Next thing I find myself projected on a hill with forest trees and im with my now calm and caring daughter and my son. Cut into the slope is a strange egg shape hollow made of ivory with an opening at the top. We all climb over the otherside of the opening and sit on the edge. I look down into the opening and then down the hill and we see a church at the foot of the hill. I say to my children look how beautiful it is from up here. The church is white with a rustic style steeple. I feel the urge to go towards and start to push myself off the ledge. When my daughter says stop mum your too high you wont survive the fall. I stop and we get up and back away from the ledge. We go to walk around it but I notice the ground is paper thin and there are dark holed in it and have a fear we might fall in so we carefully make our way around them heading back to the foot of the hill where the church is.

augustus 3 years ago

what is the meaning of me fetching honey in my dream by little by little while the honey was like a river before someone ask me to fetch it more wider

Anthony22 3 years ago

Ok, so My Ex Girlfriend is due to have my baby next week and lives hrs away the baby was conceived while my wife and i were seperated, weve decided to work things out and i am no longer involved with my ex but we are on good terms especially for the new arrival coming soon, So thats the situation, this is the dream, and my wife and i were sleeping together and once we got up we were supposed to start driving to see the baby at the hospiatal together, well when i woke up in my dream she was no where to be found, instead i called her phone to hear that she couldnt sleep so she went to her parents house to spend the night...... any idea what this mean??

Julie 3 years ago

My family and I got in a car crash and the truck flipped and kept rolling over the other cars in the parking lot. My parents or maybe just one of the screamed no or shit and I heard my friend Corey screaming no. everything seemed black outside the vehicle until it stopped rolling and I remember throwing myself over my sister to protect her. I saw my dad and called out to him, my sister, and my mother. I told him not to move that I was going to try and pull everyone from the truck. I pulled my mom out first and tried to give her my inhaler and then my sister. I somehow managed to shift the truck back further to get my dad out and then get their belongings out of the truck. I refused to let Corey or the paramedics help me until they helped my family. I pulled a huge piece of glass out of my side and wrapped my shirt around my torso and tried to move the tuck off the other cars so that the other people could leave the parking lot. I remember a hospital and the doctors refusing to let me see my family until my condition improved and I remember calling out Corey’s name instead of my boyfriend's name in my sleep even though they were both at my side while I was in the hospital. Can you explain the dream?

fiyarass 3 years ago

i had an akward experience one day where i was seeing two kids a boy and a girl following me.i saw them twice that day.a couple years later i got married and my wife got pregnant with twins but miscarried one.

2 years after,i had a dream about the same kids and the following day my wife tells me she's pregnant.

since she found out i had another dream,a really vivid one,and this time it was two twin boys looking just like me at a crawling age,playing with my oldest.please can you explain to me what does it mean?

i dont know if it has any importance but the first time i saw the boy and the girl wasnt in a dream.i was at work.what freaked me out that day was when i try to look back at them it gave me seconds to jump out the way of the forklift.the driver didnt even see me he was on his phone texting.

crow 3 years ago

i dream'd about a girl that her face changes fast with a white background and me standing beside her what does it mean can you tell me plz

SushiSushi 3 years ago

There's a guy i like and i thought he liked me until he asked my friend out and confronted me with his feelings that he only see me as a friend. I was ok about it then he told me about his dream. He dreamt about his dead dad telling him he chose the wrong girl to marry and he should call his wedding off. He was hesitating what the dream meant because end of the dream he called off the wedding following his dad request. Later on he went back to his country, he blocked me on social media knowing i tolerated his weird behavior flirting with my friends despite of my feelings. I'm curious what the dream means! does it mean his dad doesn't want me or doesn't want my friend? because he wanted to marry my friend even though he just met her. He is a creep! Can you explain please what the dream means?

SHANNON 3 years ago


Florence 3 years ago

I dreamt the a baby was possed and I placed my hand towards her to remove the evil spirit

Kenzie 3 years ago

Hey, I keep having dreams... scary dreams... Every dream i have is just weird like mostly all of my dreams but every dream has the same thing in it... I always keep seeing a guy, tall, not brown but just BLACK skin, no clothes, like a manikin, faceless, around his shape of body is all blurry. He is always standing a far distance from my dreams... But i had a dream one time that... Was haunting me... I was in a classroom... But that guy was peeking out of the door so i chased him in the hallway, i grabbed his wrist, he turned around, he hissed at me... I was painful to my ears, reviling his big mouth, no lips, no teeth, no tongue... and his eyes were blacker then his skin... I woke up, afraid of sleeping... Would you know what this means?...

nora 3 years ago

i had a dream that there was this bad storm which involved strong strong wind. and i was protecting a child and we rain to get shelter like a doorway outside and we held on for dear life. and next thing i know the mother told me that she put the child in her belly to protect it.then later said the child died because the tubes got wrapped around the childs neck.

mary 3 years ago

soometime last year i was dreaming that this little blond girl would come to me in my room and id say come on hon id have her lay beside me and id hold her and either fall asleep or she would just disappear i had this dream for awhile ,havent now for a long time.but for that to happen more then once thinking it was my youngest daughter and to come to find out wasnt,freaks me out,so what do you guys think.

Danae 3 years ago

Hello,for 3 years i often see a woman with long black hair.I have never seen her face,i see her in my dreams and nightmares but more often nightmares she always comes very close to me and i'm afraid so i'm trying to wake up.What does this mean?

Man 3 years ago


Mel Carriere profile image

Mel Carriere 3 years ago from San Diego California

I have recurring dreams about being in class and realizing that I have not done my homework for weeks. The subject is always Math, something that I am actually good at. I haven't been to school for over ten years. What do you think this might signify?

really worried 3 years ago

Hi! i am really worried about my dream i even feel phisiccally sick and i need to know what it means and if i need some professional help.

i am 33 and have 2 gorgeous children.

I have never had a dream like this and i don't want to have it again to me it was more of a nightmare than a dream.

I dreammed that i was having sexual relationships with my 3 yearl old daughter :(, in the drem i was supose to have something (penis) to introduce on her :( :( :( and she was telling me "no more, no more" but i didn't stop

I am straight and never have fancy a girl and this dream is really making me sick, i feel like if i had actually done something terrible wrong to my girl this moring i couldn't even give her a proper cuddle beacue i thought she would reject me :(, i love her to bits but DEFINETELY NO IN THIS WAY, i am actually crying for having such a stupid dream please help!!!! what one earth could it mean PLEASE!!!!!

jesca 3 years ago

I had a dream that one of my friends died and me and my other friend was kept hostige at a school by teachers who wanted to drug us

it felt to real and creapy cause a lot of people died in my dream

Erika s 3 years ago

I always have a dream that I am dating someone else, no having sex but I'm seen happy with someone else, it is someone I do not know. and it is not the same person it is always someone new. I am marry and happy but this dream is always there almost four time or even more a month.

SweetJ 3 years ago

A Male friend of mine had a dream that i was kidnapped by some two men who claim they will deal with me because i took something from them. He said i run into a big hall and he came there to save me from the hands of the men and we drove away. please is there any meaning with him saving me

Susana S profile image

Susana S 3 years ago Author

bambam - the answer is in your description. You are very protective of your brothers and are anxious about them coming to harm. It's nothing sinister - the dream is just letting you know how responsible you feel for them.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 3 years ago Author

Yeah why not? Some part of you wants to call him so do it.

janelle 3 years ago

I had a dream two nights ago involving a man leaving me a message to call back a number. He asked me to return the phone call three times reciting the number. I know the number and saw it as well when he left it on the message machine. It is a friend of mine who has not responded to my texts I left a month ago. The last I heard from him was April 2. I know he is ok. I have friends that would tell me.

There was no falling out and we are close.

It was vivid and real. Should I call him? uuugh


Bambam33 3 years ago

Last nights dream; it was me and and one of my younger brothers, I'm the oldest and I am very protective of all my brothers it's why this was realy bothering me, we were in our kitchen and we started to play with some knives they were angled as if the were meant for what was about to happen we started to cut our forarms just but on my second turn I just completely took half his forarm off its when I woke up and I just had to go check on him, it's just cant even bear to mention something like this to my parents or my brother. What does this mean?

mystica 3 years ago

I always dream about the same guy in fantasy,action and many more but i cant see his face its like there is a fog covering his face...Everytime i have nightmares he was always there...saving me...everytime i have fantasy dreams he was always there watching /guarding me in one place he has big metally sourounding him i dont understand but i cant see his face..what does it mean?

joey padula 3 years ago

yeah uhm i had a dream i was in this tower with a girl that ive never seen before and there was this older lady who was a vampire and bit her and she turned into a vampire but after that my dream skipped to a point where she was my girlfriend even when she was a vampire i loved her dearly one day we were hugging i said for her to bite me because i wanted to be able to stay with her forever and then she did it took a second but then the world started spinning and i started to feel light headed but a few minutes later i was fine my eyes turned from blue to yellow and then i wokeup feeling light headed the same way i felt when i got bit and it felt so real it was the most realistic dream ive ever had what does it mean?

Melissa 3 years ago

I had a dream last night that my ex husband was trying to get my best friend to kill me it was really weird why would i dream this. Its the second dream that ive had of him trying to kill me

Dominique Harrison 3 years ago

What does it mean to dream of a Psychic woman looking at me with yellow fire eyes? She was smiling and I didn't feel uncomfortable. Her eyes lite up like a star/ or sun? And the rest of the dream was good." And I was walking outside and suddenly I stopped and saw my eye with an Eagles Head in my eye my eye then it I say an eagles eye in my eye right after. What does that also means?

Mary 3 years ago

Hi Susana, I keep having the same or similar dream. I dream that I'm suddenly single and I can't remember who my last boyfriend was or why we aren't together anymore and I want to be. But I do remember it was good. I remember all my other past boyfriends, but not the last one. Who happens to be, who I'm currently with in real life. We live together and have been together for 2 years and 7 months, so why can't I remember him

in the dream? In real life I do fear we might break up sometimes, but in the dream, I'm not afraid in fact I feel calm, but I just can't remember him or why we broke up and I miss him. It's very frustrating when I wake up. I'm not sure if this dream means we will be breaking up, or that we should? Or sometimes I think...my mother has altzhimers, so does this have to do with that? I'm very worried that I keep dreaming this. Can you please help me to figure out why? Thank you.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 3 years ago Author

As I highlighted in the article, what your dreams means is going to depend greatly on how you felt about it. Excited? Disgusted? Amused? Amazed? Shocked?

Miss Sharon 3 years ago

I had a dream that every where i went men were flashing me their privates. Whats does this mean?

Emma 3 years ago

I just woke up about 5 minutes ago, and I had this dream while I was sleeping: I start off with my nieces playing around me, everybody's happy. Then my sister's husband comes in and takes the youngest one. I start screaming at him and crying, while nobody's doing anything. Everything goes white for a split second and I appear in a classroom I've never seen in my school. It has really high chairs that you have to climb up to sit in. The bell rings and I see a stuffed animal, it was a worn out blue elephant. Everybody leaves the room and I pick up the elephant, going outside to go home. Outside looks normal until I see a lady that I wave at, singing. I've never seen her in real life so I don't know what that means. The stuffed animal still in hand I start walking to my house. Everything goes white again and I'm in my aunt's house sitting in front of a huge cat cage. When I look at my hands, they have scratches on them that look fresh. My cousin is the only one around me and just stares at the cage. His family already has a cat sooo? He also has cat ears :D When I look inside the cage, there's a guy neko around 14. (Human Years) The guy in the cage is shaking slightly and when I tell him that he scratched me, he stops and looks at me. His face..made me want to cry. His expression was mixed with regret, pain, sadness, and pity. The guy came out of the cage and kissed my forehead and I woke up, my forehead warm. My blanket was on my waist down and I had I tank top and short on so it wasn't what I was wearing. Please tell me what this means!

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN profile image

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN 3 years ago from Barcelona, SPAIN (Europe)


Does being locked in a closet is a good thing?

Your friend is in danger

Someone unknown can stalking her

Do you can help her?

Unknown 3 years ago

My husband has a recurring dream of a mutual friend being trapped in a closet. It came true the first time, the second time she got in a accident and the third time she seen the man that locked her in the closet what does this mean?

john r 3 years ago

what does it mean, Dreamt that I saw my girlfriend in a large black hat getting out of a large black car it was my funeral I saw the casket brown then changed to blue

confused 3 years ago

I dreamed an exboyfriend who I'm still good friends with, shot my mother in her chest. Don't understand this dream, especially when they liked on another. Whatever it mean, I'm at a loss to understand.

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN profile image

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN 4 years ago from Barcelona, SPAIN (Europe)

To unkown

Dreams do not cause physical pain, it is common that pain or physical discomfort modify temporarily the duration of sleep or the dream story.

I guess you sleep in a comfortable bed...... then I think you should seek medical advice.

Something is very wrong.

Bye from Spain.

paul 4 years ago


have a dream and its the only one i am setting in a cabin with a man and a woman like outlaws some one bust through the and shoots me with a double barol shot gun we are setting at a table its the only dream i can remember is a past life or what

unkown 4 years ago

okay don't think me weird but im really young but i keep having these dreams where its like i am back in past and everything seems so odd. like the world has a light green tint to it and everything that happens i litterally fell not just mind but body. like if i get punched in the face i wake up and my face will be really sore. please help its driving me crazy

nicholas 4 years ago

my dream was me playing at a mound an i found this cave i got to the end and their were these freemason people looking at me saying you dont belong here and i explianed how i got there.


I like dreams.

The Skayla s dream seems a selection of staff for something.

You afraid to be fired from her job?

Looks like angelika seeks solace or happiness lost.

Aria, It seems she wants to defend the weak and seeking the strength of a man.

Lona seems to have seen the future.

Can you keep dreaming ?

I'm bored.


Lona 4 years ago

what does it mean when you see someone for the first time but you saw him in a dream once

Aria 4 years ago

Last night I had a strange dream. I was walking through the woods alone and suddenly all of these animals appear around me and they bow to me saying that I 'bear the mark of Serrephia.' Suddenly, I turn into a sky blue dragon and the animals disappear. A black dragon stands in front of me and he has what looks like acidic saliva because it drips from his mouth and burns holes in the ground. He attacks me and kills me. Suddenly i'm human again and I'm walking in the woods with friends. We come across a black snake with bright green stripes and it kills my friends. I get angry and kill it and suddenly a white phoenix appears and says to me that I 'bear the mark of Serephia.' I suddenly turn into the sky blue dragon again and this time i'm in a huge city and there's a crowd of people around me shouting insults at me. The black dragon appears again and the people all bow to him and say "All hail King Shade!" Then suddenly all of the animals before appear behind me and say "All hail King Embarr!" I fight the black dragon again and this time I defeat it. Everything goes black and a mark appears that looks like a golden silhouette of a female dragon. I wake up and fin later in the morning that I have that same mark on my leg. The other strange thing is that I'm a girl but the dragon I turned into was male, not female. What does this mean?

angelica 4 years ago

Well, first it started out with me going this prom at the school, in the middle of the dream I was mad at someone than I was okay afterwards.Then I went inside to the school,and I then i was dancing(ballroom dancing) with my teacher and he had a smile on his face but i didn't and then i was dancing with someone that i really like-plus i been having lots of dreams with him in it-like i really like him a lot and in the dream we were both dancing and we were both smiling at each other while we were dancing and then my ended.

skyla 4 years ago

hello. i had a dream that i was a vampire and i was with a group of vampires standing on a gold platform. there was a fat grey haired man with glasses standing at a podium with a thin women with brown hair in a bun wearing glasses and holding a clip-board. The man started to name each of our names one at a time. and each time a vampire would either just fall over and die, walk away, or just stand there with a blank face. when he called my name i just stood there with a blank face. then i woke up. could you tell me what this means?

Meghna Raj 4 years ago

hi........ in my dream i saw that two girl and i we all three are naked and dancing. i didn't remember anything else. only i remember that dancing all three naked i don't know those two girl. what does it mean why it came like this.

Jackie 4 years ago

I had a dream I was on a quest , but halfway through my quest I saw my older sister and she took my bike away from me and told me that if I go on the quest she would die, but I didn't listen to her so I started walking a little bit and I saw my grandpa and he gave me a ride but while I was in the car I wanted to get out because I didn't know exactly were I had to go so I tapped this spoon that i had 3 times and I was back to the place where I first saw my grandpa , but this time he was crying for me so I went back to hug him. That's when I woke up. Most of my dream took place in the dark.

alexis 4 years ago

i had a dream that iwas supposed to get picked up and i was on my way to the buses and my dad was standing there hugging a guys dauther at least i thouht it was my dad it looked they were twins

shahina 4 years ago

i saw a dream that i am robbering a money from my cousin table drawer. its about 4000 or less. i took that and kept in my almari what does it mean?

tracy 4 years ago

I had a dream about 5:33 am about catching a ball and I was stumbling to catch it bit I did but then a few minutes later I got a call that my brother was killed in a car accident. What does this mean?

Lisa 4 years ago

Hello. I tend to always have some "weird" dream. Well, last night I had a dream that I was in a house, possibly a living room, and the lights were out, but there were lights coming in the house through windows. The house looked abandoned and a little beaten up inside. There were 3-4 bumblebees flying really close to me and I was yelling and ducking. I didn't swing at any of them I was just scared to be stung. Then they went by a screened window with a torn hole in it . I saw my youngest cat kind of swatting them out the window one by one and my oldest cat looked at me and said "Outside". When I woke up I just thought to myself...how weird was that. Can you tell me anything about this dream?

dgaus2005 4 years ago

I had a dream last night of an old colleague of the opposite sex. We were not close and have no idea why I would dream of them. He was in a car with his wife and he had three sons. He drove them in to the river. He was calling for help by using his phone. For some reason I felt like I needed to find them so I could save them. I don't know if he did it purposely or not but I needed to save the kids. I didn't know where to find them so I looked on face book and there was a picture of them all inside of the car drowned and dead and under water. I was too late... When he was calling for help his phone had taken a picture and it was posted for all to see. It was horrible. I still see their faces. I don't even know what his children look like or if he has three sons. What could this possibly mean?

Ravijoy 4 years ago

Im a lady having dreams-similar ones, on a lady with a cat face and white hair trying to hurt,kill me and pull my guts out.

joe 4 years ago

what does it mean when you have a dream about two love interests and there fighting and you wake up screaming both of there names

Linda 4 years ago

I had a dream last night that I was talking and losing my voice in and out. What can you tell me this dream means

Eddie 4 years ago

Hi my name is eddie I had a dream that the clock said 3.15 what does that mean

Michelle 4 years ago

I used to have what I call dream visions. I would dream about something and it would happen in the near future. This went on for about a year. The most interesting one I had was when I dreamed that my father was laying very still in a casket, but was wide awake. He couldn't move at all. About 2 days later he had a bad fall and broke his leg. He was layed up in the bed for 6 months. I'm guessing the dream was somewhat of a warning of what was to come. Not sure though.

justpassingthrew 4 years ago

excuse me,what could it mean if i have a dream of someone a girl i know and

in that dream i see the person crying about something.in that first dream

i see myself trying to walk over and talk to them but don't get to until

the next dream the next night.in that next dream there crying and telling me about something,that same night i awake feeling sad missing them.

what could this mean.

Jonny 4 years ago

My fiancé has just given birth too our daughter she is now 15 days old and I have been having ruccuring dreams of me laying on my baby and squashing her and a separate dream of my fiancé cheating on me it is nearly every night since she has been born both these dreams are haunting me!! Please reply I'm desperate!!

slasg06 4 years ago

hello joseph from spain!

actually i don't remember all,

i only remember the sand pouring out of my ears, and that time i am with my guitarist and i told him to look at me and to the floor there's a sand coming out of my ears,, and i don't remember what happened next,

i remember also there's a girl chasing at me going up the stairs, and i couldn't move fast its very hard for me to go up the stairs so im using my hands by holding the "stair handle" (is my english correct) going up,,


Hello fro Spain

To slasgo6

+You need to explain something else.

+ Was this good or bad for you? the sand used for several things: you can enjoy the beach, you can build a castle in the sand, you can walk into quicksand. Sand can be a barrier to your movements and if you leave the ear may mean that some problem in your ears or any trouble understanding the words of others can be resolved.

More details please, to resolve any dream.

To Susana S / Heather´s dream

The "explosive" situation has been resolved?

What about the girl, no longer need to hide to make love?


slasg06 4 years ago

i dreamed of sand pouring out from my ears:)

any answers please??

Shehzad 4 years ago

I just had a dream that i was in a barbers and this girl i liked cut my hair and i wanted it short but she cut half my hair and finished and then i went up to her and she said im leaving and i said no stay i really like you but she couldn't and then she went and i tried to follow but she left so then i visited this house which was next to this big house 4 floors i stood out of the other house and blew a horn and a noise came from the big 4 floors house and i just knew she was there and inside were people with weapons to stop me from rescuing her so i started fighting them because somehow i just fell in love with this girl such a strong love feeling and then i woke up i knew this girls not real but damn this is a really strong love feelling o just want to dream again to rescue her. P.s. I don't know if this is connected to my ex or friend as i coudlnt live without her but sadly im over her but my mind and soul need her i think p.s. i had a similar dream and woke up in love with someone i don't know and want to cry as i know their not real please help me im beggin you awnswet this pleasse ???!!!!

I Love Disney :) 4 years ago

Last night I had a dream where my family's house was burning up (I'm a teenage girl with two sisters, a mom, and a dad). Only my room was burning (in this dream our house looked different and my room was on the far left). I selfishly only saved my own belongings (my clothes, my bracelets, etc.). I think maybe because my room was the only one burning, but I felt selfish and guilty in the dream. In the end we went inside and found that only the far wall of my room was charred and a couple of my belongings were in ashes, but that was it. During this whole dream I was very scared, almost terrified. I'm just wondering what this means.

Mary C. 4 years ago

What does my dream mean?

I dreamed I was making breakfast for my husband, I opened an egg and there was a baby chick inside, it looked dead! The dozen eggs had been in the fridge for sometime, it then slowly became alive and when I put it in my hand one of it feet fell of and I gave it to a woman in my dream that I did not know to take care off the little chick

I haven't been happy since we move to my Husband's hometown almost 9 years ago, I have no friends and I don’t associate with any of his family (language barrier) I have tried to learn their language, but can’t! I miss my kids and friends in another place; my Husband is in his glory where we are now, he keeps himself busy all the time, he is hardly ever home, and when he is home he either falls asleep with his condition “Narcolepsy” or he goes on the computer to stay awake.(We are not close in our relationship, we don’t sleep together and he never tells me that he loves me), most of the time he comes and goes as he did when he was single. I daydream everyday of not being here, and be happy somewhere else. He is a good man, but I don’t think he really realizes that he is selfish.

Stephanie 4 years ago

Hi I always have dreams and I went to see a psychic and I was told to write my dreams down, I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I can't seem to get out of my head , I don't no where I was but there was some kind of riot all these cars and men with guns blocking our way out cut a long story short I was shot by one of the men and fell to the ground (I still remember what he looks like) and just before I woke up there was a voice in my head saying to me your going to die soon after work but it wasn't coming from anyone it was just a voice does anyone have any idea what that could mean

Dou 4 years ago

I had a dream, that i was in a big house full of bad/nasty girls and i was with my boyfriend inside and there is another guy with us he owns the house. i wanted to go out of the house, but there was no where else to go..

molargee 4 years ago

in my dream, someone chopped a hand and handed the hand to me. on my way i eat a piece of it and said it tasted good.. does anyone knows what that means pleassssssssssssssssssssssss

holly 4 years ago

i had a dream that i was on the highway and i was just sitting their and this guy just came of no where and then i said that i know wat u want u just want to kill me and rape me and then I started hitting him and i started running as fast as i can go and then after that i went on the dirtroad and I was running to my aunt house and don't ask me how he knew that i was their bc right after i left my aunt house he started chasing me again i don't know i think he had a gps in his pickup and then after that i started running and then i went to the house and my mom asked me wat happen and im like u don't want to know bc i had a blackeyed and my lips was bleeding and then my bf and my brother and my dad was asking who that is and my brother got his tag number and then my bf says i'm going to go see if holly okay and then after that he comes in their he asked my mom where im at and then she said she is in her room and he comes in their and he sees me and my dad walks in their and my mom ask who is that outside and he said he want to talk to holly and then my mom says u might want to see holly so he goes in their and after that my dad and my bf knew what he wanted so my dad goes in their and he calls him everything except a white boy and i don't know y i had that but i guess i better not go on the highway and sit thheir or else something will happen to me

chile 4 years ago

i dream about a boy that i know he was some kind of beug huated n when i came to tell him to be strong n say some bible verses he hand out my left had and write something on it and it says 3x care, and he can't live without his life. then i say what's he means than he told me that i have to becareful 3x and he wrote on my left hand palm saying." i love you, i miss you so much". what does that mean?

Emily 4 years ago

I dreamed that someone was flying and i had to hold onto that person tightly so that i don't fall. We were flying high and fast to get to somewhere. So we got there and we were about to land so we were close to the ground but the place that we were going to had a fence and we were trying to land at the right place but we hit the fence and ground but not to hard i was just scratched on my arms and knee. Can i please know what my dream means? thanks!


Heather's Dream

-Why are you worried about a dream of change?

-Maybe because it's something you know is wrong and something must be done in a hidden place, away from prying eyes and criticism.

-Do you want to be really a bad girl?

Logan 4 years ago

i had a dream my ex was shot right in front of me when he was going to meet his new girlfriend at the restaurant. andhe didn't make it and i was an emotional wreck. what doors that mean?

Thai 4 years ago

I had a dream that my 13 month old son fell out of our window and I did not try to catch him. People were walking to their car and I was yell for someone to help him but no one responded to my cries. He was still down there and I turned around and my daugther and my son ( who I seen fall out of the window) was behind me but he was also on the ground. I woke up and started praying over my children. The next morning I was telling my daughter about this dream and I start crying as if it was real....I am still emotional about this...why?

Jasmine 4 years ago

I had the oddest dream, I was dreaming about my best friend and a boy I really like. We were both hanging out having fun, very happy, when my mother asked me and my friends to go to our garage and check it out before she turned it into a haunted house on halloween. We agreed and walked in and everything was all a blur. We couldn't see much, and suspensful music started playing. We walked in and I turned around to hear someone scream behind me and my best friend was gone. I grew very scared and held tight to the boy I liked, I grabbed his arm tightly. We continued going through nervously when I woke up. Can somebody explain this? I have been having many dreams lately.

daniel 4 years ago

Hi there could u plz tell me what this dream mean i had i dream about a girl that i inpe but i have not spoken,seen or have any feelings for her but she was my best friends girlfriend and he pass away bout 5 year ago at the age of 16 please can u help me

Julie O. 4 years ago

I had a weird dream about the boy that I like. It was in a graduation and they teachers were going to take us a picture of the whole class and the boy that I like was holding me from the back and it was kinda weird because he would never do that in reality so when everyone left for some reason he kissed my ear......and in my dream I was confuse I really didn't know what was going on.....then I woke up.....I had a weird feeling....I was wondering why he didn't kiss my cheek instead of my ear?? It was weird why would he kiss my ?ear??

Jasmine 4 years ago

I had the strangest dream. I was hanging with my two best friends. One a boy (Cal) and one a girl (Della). When mother asked me and my friends to check the coop in my yard to make sure it was safe before she used it as a haunted house for halloween. We agree and go in and everything is all wave-y and egyption theme. Suspensful music is playing, We continue walking when we hear growls, I turn to see Della just disappeared. It's only me and Cal, I grew very frightened and grabbed tightly to Cal's arm. He tells me it'll be alright, and we finally make it back to the house to find Della tied up. As we were untying her I woke up from my dream.

Paige 4 years ago

Hi there

Lastnight i had a dream about my ex bf from 6th grade his name is seth and im going into 8th grade and he moved to another school the summer after 6th grade and i haven't tlked to him in a while or seen him and i haven't thought about him at all anyway my dream started out like he came up to me and gave me a hug and was saying stuff like im so glad to see you and i cant belive your here but he waz also saying stuff tht we have never tlked about at all and i was like what?? And a bunch of the guys in my grade play baseball and they were all there and they were all laughing at me and were saying stuff like wow he cant get over you and i cant belive he is here and i was so confused cuz they were all talking at once and it was so loud and he was talking

I don't understand this dream at all does it mean he likes me ?? Or what i haven't seen hom at all since 6 th grade and we haven't talked and idk what?? Plzz help??

Elizabeth 4 years ago

What does it mean when you dream of found a lots of rings?

Matty 4 years ago

Hello, I had this dream, or more of a nightmare, and there were 3 hooded figures, stood in my room, then suddenlu I sat up and started itching my toe until it bled... I then woke up and my toe was bleeding and my penknife was open by my side, then I hear huge bangs as if someone was on my drum kit, but no one was there and then I woke up again, crying.. and everything was how it was when I went to sleep.

I'm genuinely quite scared and I really would like to know what is going on..

Thanks :)

gez123 4 years ago

i had a very weird dream this morning about a demon and an alien what does that mean and is wok me up at sixish

taetae 4 years ago

Ive been having a couple of dreams lately about me and my boyfriend........ the first dream i had: we were at the hopital my mom works at.... then we were riding in his truck to go to his mom house and we had to hide the fact that we were an item and the time we spent there was peaceful..... the second dream we were with his baby momma in the truck going to thi shopping strip and i felt we were at compitition..... he went into some country store with her but when they came back she would not let him come into citi trends with me..... then i was picking out a gown to wear for him......... i was wondering what these meant......

hazel 4 years ago

I had a dream last nite that my late fiancé.s parents were sat on my couch telling me to get in touch with his sister. I.ve not been in touch with them since he died 11 years ago. I was wondering what the dream meant

Isabel 4 years ago

sorry i meant maybe he needed to talk to me so in that couple exchange of messages he told me he was gonna be a father since then i haven't talked to him at all last night i had a dream he tried calling me again but i couldn't answer i read your page but still don't know what it means and i don't know what he will tell me next if i do talk to him please help :)

isabel 4 years ago

hi.:) so it has been about a month that i haven't talked to someone who was/kinda is really special in my life i feel i loved very much not in a friends way i stopped talking to him a couple months ago when he started to push me away a week later i had a dream he tried calling me and i wanted to answer but i couldn't and when i tried calling back i couldn't get a hold of him thy day i decided to reply . to his messages i. thought the dream might. mean that he needed to talk home

Kim 4 years ago

Dream off my husband wife come back alive all the time the same dream .and they always sleeping with each other

Paula 4 years ago

I have dreams one night it would be my ex coming to my house trying to break in and causing trouble. Other i have is ghosts trying to wake me up and seems like they want to attack me. Please help would like to know what they mean

jessika 4 years ago

Hi, i usually don't write on blogs but this was very disturbing to me so i need to know what is going on. Just 2days ago i lost one of my dogs which i have been taking very hard as he meant the world to me. We decided to burry him to keep him home and at peace where he had beautiful memories. And just this morning i dreamt that me and my husband came home in the evening and as we pulled intp the driveway, there was a tall mound of dirt in the front yrad and him running around the yard but what really got me was after i seen him i instantly woke up but i felt as though my whole body was shaking, like if my bed was shaking but nothing aat all was moving. It felt so real and actually scared me. Im sure a huge part of it is me being emotional about his passing and im having a very hard time over coming his passing. Anyway thought id ask your opinion, you have an awesome blog. It can be very helpful and beneficial for anyone who needs clarity. Thank you

Tinicia 4 years ago

I had a dream about me my grandmom, granddad, and my kids. we was sitting in a church and an angel came one by one taking us to this peaceful place. My grandmom already gone. Can you help me with this dream?

paul 4 years ago

dream of finding money on the road and people are after it

Angela213 4 years ago

Hi, lately I've been having the same dream over and over again about someone breaking into my house. Im usually in my bedroom sleep, and someone is trying to break in. The dreams are different each time. In some dreams, I might be in my bedroom sleep, and some man is trying to come through my window. Or sometimes I might be in my room trying to sleep, and I hear someone breaking in downstairs. And one time, I even had a dream that some man was trying to break in through my bedroom door. But regardless, of the exact situation, the dream is always about someone breaking in, (usually a man), and I always wake up terrified. What can this dream mean? Please help. Thanks.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 4 years ago Author

Heather's Dream

Hello I had a dream lastnite which led me to ur post. I dreamt that I worked in a mall and we stored our porduct down stairs in the basement which had a gas leak.I knew that I was goin to die from the gas but had to go thru the dream anyways.

So I slowly died each time id go into the basement and I finally got blurry vision and went running out side for fresh air and died in front of every 1 shopping.including the security guy which I had a sorrt of relationship to.

Non the less.I turned into a ghost and was all of a sudden stading in a corner park and lights zooming by along w like time? Then again I was back in the mall and the guy I had relations with had kind of gone bananas and staying In the basement to talk to me.he didn't know I was by his side the entire time. So it wet on for weeks him visiting my basment and he started gettin sick from the gas..and mentioned something to the maintence man about he thought there was a gas leak.well this guy I had. A thing with b4 I died had talked to me constantly bout his life and how important I was in it..but everyday..the guy I had been with was a different person on the outside..its weird.lol{i normally have extremely vivid dreams and such.but this one being so random. I've never died nor become a ghost in any of them.} So finally when they found the gas leak they had a memorial for me...I never got to see it.but I knew it happened and as it did I woke up.. I'm not sure why but I feel this dream might be something very important. Please respond to my email bout ur opinion of my dream.

eve 4 years ago

hi their i had a dream that i had traveled a long way to see a man who likes me( because in real life he has been pressuring me to visit him this summer) but when i got their he was hiding me from people eg in trailers and dark places when it come to sleep his cat ran towards me and bite me and stayed on my leg for a long time and he did nothing about it instead he was scared i would beat his cat what dose this mean?

Rosie 4 years ago

In the middle of the morning my b.f woke me up and upset and crying telling me that he dreamed about me that I fell in the bus and hit my head and i have full of blood that my eyes was trying to open .He said he reach his hand to save me but I fell, he was outside the bus.......I want to know what is the meaning of it so I don't think and worry.........

Laurz 4 years ago

Hi there,

I didn't have a weird dream but my friend did. she had a dream that i cheated on my boyfriend with a complete stranger. What does that mean??

rickiist 4 years ago

I had this dream a lot of times its aobut girl and her father working togeather on cars and more and I'm there to looking at what doing and talk to them where happy and smiling togeather and have fun they when try to see her face I wake up I know what her father face look like but when comes to hers I this wake up but I want to see her faces it won't let me see her my dreams won't but I don't know what this means at all I well what to know what going on in my dream this ben happied for long time now

Angelic771 4 years ago

Hello; I recently had this dream where I am in a boat on a calm clear lake there was 2 men in the boat with me one was elderly and contolled the boat the other was somewhat younger but held his conversation to the operator as I had my hand in the water feeling the fish swim around my fingers I was totally relaxed and watched the treelined shore line go by then as we rounded a bend I could see the weeds and bottom and climbed out of the boat and headed to the shore where I heard singing plus a huge slide as I climbed to the top of the slide and approached the singing it was 2 small child 1 a boy the other a girl and they were singing a Jefferson Starship song Nothing is gonna stop us now. I asked the little boy how he knew that song and it was like he looked right threw me but pointed to the top of the slide and as I started climbing I could hear someone say " there is no way she can climb that in bare feet due to all the mud" as I went higher I realized I was climbing a muddy rock wall as the children continued singing the same chorus of the song as I reached the top and looked down it was the slide again, it was huge but I crouched down and went down the slide only to wake before I hit the bottom. I really wish I knew what it meant

Jon 4 years ago

Can anyone tell me why I've been having a nightmare for years about a big red bolder chasing me around inside a black and white checked room with no door?? It took me years to realise that the ball couldn't get me if I stood in the corner, but I ran round that room for years!

depak 4 years ago

hi there! i had a dream last night about bus accident. there were only three people in the bus one was women and two guys i'am the one of them. we were driving the bus in hilly roads.bus lost the control and went down the hill. but no one was hurts!! me abd other guy try to stop falling but not succeed. i was trying to save myself rather then stop the bus but other guy telling me save women from hurt so i did. at final no one hurt. can you please tell me what does my dream means? thanks!

Chuliz 4 years ago

Hello I just want to know what my dream means..lately these days I been dreaming about me going for a run at a park or sometimes in the streets an all a sudden I look down and I find random things like phones I mean a lot of phones ..also other days I find jewlery all over the floor .can u please tell me what my dreams mean?

isabella 4 years ago

hello i hade a dream last night of my ex boyfriend i have not seen are hard from him in 30 years and i was not thanking of him ether his name is jesse paul and in my dream he ask't me to come back to him but another man was also in my dream i have never meet in my life he had a new born baby and he told me that his wife died and he needs a woman to help him take care of the baby, what dose it mean

Elif 4 years ago

There are also, 2 more dreams not I still can not explain today and would appreciate if someone can help me.

The second one was of myself in the middle of a room praying sitting on the floor. With 7 other people who looked like saints praying in another language with me. I had no idea what I was saying. The whole room was green and the floor was made of carpet.

The third was of a man with dark hair, light skin, around his 40's handing me bible of some sort. As is asking me to take the book.

Elif 4 years ago

There's a lot of dreams I have that I do not understand. And have searched it online but can't figure it out.

One of them was I was writing on an old desk with a liquid type of pen and was taking notes from someone named Daniel.

And that's all I remember but as soon as I woke up I was terrified and crying. I searched online what I could have saw supposedly it was Daniel a person who hanged himself because of being possessed who was giving me message. Later on I searched on more and it said to be the prophet daniel. So I'm not sure what my dream actually means.

fessy 4 years ago

I saw my mother in a my dream gone crazy,what dose that mean??

shannon 4 years ago

i had a dream about my two gardens whitch are my nana and grandad. I can't quit remember how all this started but my nana was dead but not dead so that made her sort of alive,i could speak to her,hear her etc...i was in her room with my grandad and me and my grandad was crying and we could hear my nana speaking to us,then suddenly i appeared down stairs and so was my nana...i could see her perfectly and all she was speaking about was her frunarel that was taking part tomorrow. The next day she was getting ready to be placed in her coffin,i didn't see this but it was something that was obviouse to guess,at this point she was dead(i think)next minute i had woken and tears had tears had been running down my face..now i have told my younger sister about this and straight away she went why are you being so complicated saying she was dead but not dead?...why don't you just say nana was a spirit?...so now im questioning myself is that was she was in my dream. a few important notes are she's alive,she isn't ill as far as i know, shes age 53 and shes healthy. this would be much appichiated if you reply

Susana S profile image

Susana S 4 years ago Author

I think this is about your unexpressed grief of not having conceived - quite possibly the anger part of grief that many of us struggle with. You want to protect the baby from something harmful - maybe your anger? Also, there are a lot of violent themes in your dreams which again point to rage and anger. Is it killing you inside but you put a brave face on to other people in your life? Hence the themes of killing and lack of blood on the walls (lack of blood = no visible evidence of the event). Or have you killed off your feelings about this? Have you gone through a conscious process of grief about not having been able to conceive or have you just put it out of your mind? Grieving for loss is important - if we put it off then our subconscious will remind us that these feelings need dealing with through dreams. Do you talk to your husband about how you really feel about this or do you expect him just to know? (In your dream you expect him to do something but he doesn't read your mind.) Are you worried that your husband might not be able to handle it if you were feeling really angry? Do you talk to anyone about it? (All the dead friends seem to show that you don't, as well as the wrapped up mummies.) A mummy is tightly wrapped up - are you keeping your feelings wrapped up?

Lots of questions there but I hope by me asking them they will help you get to the root of what's going on for you.

Best wishes,


Susana S profile image

Susana S 4 years ago Author

The chaser is your unconscious mind - it's chasing you because it has something important to tell you, but the thing it wants to tell you, you find threatening (hence the fear and anxiety). Close your eyes and go back into the dream. Ask the dream character what it is it wants you to know. Or use a pen and paper - ask yourself if the chaser had a message for me what would it be? Write down the first thoughts that come to mind. Usually we are running from some aspect of ourselves we would rather not accept.

Nishi 4 years ago

I usually dream that , i m searching my father. i really love my father very much, and i get dreams like this once in 4-5 months. i don't know what does it mean but i generally see that my dad has enemies and they have taken him and i m searching for him. please tell me what does it means ? Thanks !

Maureen 4 years ago

I had a dream last night that my ex daughter in law came to my home and was crying and wanting to go back with my son...he was so cold face and would like budge....they has since moved on into different relationships so I really don't see wither one of them wanting to go back........but at the end in my dream they were hugging.......it was so real....

nicole 4 years ago

For the past few nights in a row and I had a few scattered thru out the week (but not right in a row like these past few) I keep having a dream about a baby boy maybe a few months to a year old that I'm taking care of and taking him everywhere with me I take care of this baby as if he is mine but its not explained in the dream weather or not this child is mine... he's happy and content he doesn't cry he just holds on to me while I carry him around wherever I go... in two of the dreams I'm saving this baby from someone or something harmfull to him... one of the dreams we were in this building the rooms were all white and I had a vison that people have been killed in those rooms but if that was the case I thought in the dream that the walls should be covered in blood and (my husband was in the dream) and I said these rooms are really white then like in the movies when they show you something that the characters don't see (in the dream I didn't know this myself although it was shown to me like in the movies) there were a bunch of people dressed in cloth wraped up much like a mummy standing all around the room up against the walls... the next day my husband and I went to church and came back and all of our friends were dead and there was a little baby boy in a car seat on one of the table platforms my husband looked sad and worried about me looking at the baby when I went over to the car seat it started to fall off the platform and I remember thinking is he dead why is my husband not trying to catch him so he don't fall and I caght him but I woke up before I found out if he was dead... my husband thinks that its a sign that we are going to get pregnant (we have been trying for to years) its not that I'm thinking about having a child anymore becuz I stopped thinking about it (if that was the case I would have been having these dreams long before now) what do you think this means... I have posted on a few sits but no one ever answers back if someone could plez reply and tell me what this means that would be great! Thank u in advance! And thank u to everyone who takes the time to read this

Angeldust 4 years ago

I keep on having this dream, and in it there is always a person I know such as my sister or a good friend who's Ex boyfriend from the past (years ago) that is chasing me, trying to catch me , & hurt me (it's always a different person though), so I run & all a sudden start floating through the air so he is unable to catch me but every once in a while I can not float as well & drop down where he can almost reach me. In my dream I'm scared & very anxious! In one of the dreams they had a knife & was trying to stab me with it!Please help me figure out what this dream means, it started about a week ago & I have had it every night since, & I think it symbolizes something very big in my life & would like to know for sure what,! Thank u1

Irene 4 years ago

I dreamt that the guy i have been longing for finally chose me. What does that mean

Wendy 4 years ago

Last night I dreamt I pulled my 4 year old daughter from a car crash. She had blood on her legs below the knees but she was still smiling at me and crying but I felt very scared. This dream disturbed me alot

anonomous 4 years ago

i have had nightmares for the past week!

they all deal with me falling in a black whole or me getting pushed in a casket and a man setting me on fire i get out of the casket or the black whole and then i see someone red and he just keeps laughing at me and it starts all over again

i had one last night that scared me really bad, i was kidnapped by this woman with no face but she had a mouth and she said if i say anything shes going to cut my ears off and then we pulled up in the van to a storage building and there was a man and he drug me by my hair and pulled me up by my hair and shoved me in this big blue container and closed the lid all of a sudden it started getting hot in my dream and he was laughing really loudly i started screaming because i couldn't breath and the woman cussed me out and took the lid off of the container and had a big knife and started cutting my ears i woke up after the ear part and my pillow was soaking wet and it felt like someone was holding me down i couldn't move it scares me so bad everytime i have a nightmare whenever i wake up it feels like someone is holding me down and i cant breath good please tell me what this is because i really hate going to sleep now

liitle red 4 years ago

i had a dream that i was standing on a hill covered in blood with a knife in my hand andi looked around and saw ALL of my friends and family dead but i didn't do it

nicci nelson 4 years ago

i had a dream that 2 of my teachers were trying to kill me and my family

rob 4 years ago

in my dream we r trapped wiith really bad people and trying to look from my 4 lil boys and cant find them all....what does my dream mean

April 4 years ago

Well ok me and my boyfriend wen to bed last night i ended up waking up from a dream where me and him was laying in bed after we had just had sex and there was a pool of blood under my bottom when i raised up there was like a large chunk flesh and meat there. well this morning when he finally woke up I old him about the dream. The odd thing is he dreamed the same thing that we had sex, was laying in the bed and hen there i was laying in a pool of blood from the sex. So you tell me what are the odds of that both of us dreaming the same thing in the same night. literally we did

sonja 4 years ago

i just want o know what my dream meant i was going to the shop when a man drove past and got out of a car and pulled a gun on me and then chased me

Joannes 4 years ago

Hi, Just wanna know what my dream really means and i'm hoping to find out here.

So as I was dreaming.. I was with a lady name sheila and she lives in the same town as me, and a some kind star like a celebrity but i don't who that might be .. We were in this lil shelter like a board was over us and i don't exactly what was going on but as i turned my head to the right i saw my fiancée walking towards this very sexy looking woman to go flirt and try to pick her up .. by that time i heard someone shouting 'HEY! look there's Jesus!!!' and i saw him coming out of the clouds with his arms wide open with bright light from behind him, and these 5 angels came out on each side of him than they started throwing rocks towards us and everywhere .. than i pretty much woke up after that .. so that's it, the only part i was so confused and astonished by is when the angels started throwing rocks everywhere i didn't really care about my fiancée picking up another woman lol

anyway hope anyone can interpretive

Angi 4 years ago

I dreamed that I was inside this house that had pool outside and I was getting ready for something I told my mom to take care of baby and my lil brother so she put them in a stroller for they won't go in the pool I was watching them from a room when my mom pushed the stroller in the pool with them in it and I ran outside and trough my self in the pool to save them I keep telling my mom to help me but she didn't listen instead she went in the water like if she wanted to die too I try to save my baby and brother but every time I got close they moved away they smiled at me I was crying in my dream they keep moving away from me

Weird Dream 4 years ago

Last night, i had a dream about a strange looking white man walking around in my house, and when i tried to move i just stuck on the bed with my daughter in a deep sleep beside me. I seen the man following my younger daughter walk into their room, and then he came out and stared my oldest daughter right in the face and just stood there, i tried to wake her up because she was right beside me, but i couldn't speak, i tried so so hard to say something to try waker her up but she couldn't hear me, and when the man stepped away, my daughter just sat up and stared at me with her eyes closed and no expression on her face. I was finally able to talk and prayed to god that the man would go, i kept saying gods name and the man kept looking like he was in pain and then when the last words finally came out, he disappeared and i woke up. What does this dream mean?

Bridget 4 years ago

Hi i have a reoccurring dream that my 4 year old son drowns, then i pay a visit to my mum in law and she tells me she has had the similar dream with my son drowning, i am totally freaked out by this and would love to know the significance of this dream, any feedback would be apprecited,

Jane 4 years ago

I dreamt about someonei really care about killing 3 people infront of me and i was crying , and that person was really angry when murdering, what does it mean?

yasmine 4 years ago

I forgot to add in real life neither my partner or i want anymore kids i have 2 (a boy n girl) and he has 3( all boys).

Yasmine 4 years ago

What does it mean when i dream of smelling breast milk then couple days later i dreamt i visited a madical centre( i don't know why i was there) i saw persons being held against there will and sexual acts being performed, i got scared and asked to leave the guy i asked was going to say no but then he looked up and said you may go. When i got outside it was different it was mountains of sand and then another guy came out to me and said, he needed me as he wants a baby a baby girl it must be a girl. What does this all mean?

silvana 4 years ago

I am really scared about my dream last night, I was driving my kids to school and as we were getting to the end of the road to turn left I saw a white arm coming from underneath my seat and it pushed the acelerator before I could turn the corner, I lost control of the car and hit the building in front of me, I felt an emptiness and i knew i was dead so i looked down at the arm and this time i could see an old lady's face she had short white hair and her eyes were diabolical, i felt really mad because of what she had done to us so i grabed her face and started hitting her but her expression would not change she just kept looking at me with those horrible eyes. I just don't know what it could mean, can someone please help me.....

iris 4 years ago

i dreamt

tara 4 years ago

i woke during the night wondering why the guy im dating wasn't in bed beside me and actually walked around looking for him until i was in the kitchen and realised that he doesn't even live with me or anywhere near me, went back up to bed then, can someone explain why this happened, lol

lisa 4 years ago

could anyone help me realise what my dream means? i dreamt i had a miscarriage and i was holding the feotus in my hane and then i woke up. I am not pregnant or trying but it plays on my mind all the time aas it was so vived. please help me understand this.

james j 4 years ago

Hi I had been having bad dreams recently but I want to no what this one means,

i had a dream that my best friend that I see and talk to every day dies and I start screaming and shouting while shakeing her, I'

m shouting noooo

o don't die I love u don't leave me. In real life about a year ago she told me that she loved me and would be with me but I said that I didn't love her and that I could never love anyone as iv been hurt in the past so show no emotion to anyone anymore, we do everything together and we are always there for each other. Please tell me what this means thanks

scott 4 years ago

I've been dreaming I met this girl but right before we have sex I wake up what's that mean

marquis 4 years ago

My girlfriend had a dream that she cheated on me with me. Wtf?

ellah 4 years ago

i have a dream,im with my boyfrend then i saw my ex boyfrend hes looking at us,hes looking in my eyes,what does it mean??

Beverley 4 years ago

Hello, I keep dreaming of a car I'm sitting in and it will just be going fast down the road and I can't stop it, lastnight I dreamt of my cousin which has not driven a car before, she was driving and could not stop, so I ran after the car to help her stop. I jumped through the window and managed to stop it. Also dreamt that her mother was crying so I asked what happened and she said she has been to a fortune teller and the fortune teller had told her that my cousin is going to die in an accident, could this mean anything?

mark11 4 years ago

having a dream about my recently ex wife that she come running back me and she sorry and all that but she been living with a guy over 2 months and he dose be in the dream but she never been in contact me since and don't bad mouth me? what dose this mean????? had it few times now since

Susana S profile image

Susana S 4 years ago Author

No, you're not weird - it's normal and common to dream of people we fancy. I'm sorry it's upsetting you though :(

Help 4 years ago

I keep on having dreams of a girl I fancy, then i wake up crying knowing that she doesn't like me and it will never happen

Is this normal or am i just weird?

Susana S profile image

Susana S 4 years ago Author

There's a phrase that's very common in the UK that springs to mind, "What's needling you?" I wonder if it has the same meaning where you are? It means that something is annoying or irritating. Removing the needle is symbollically removing the cause of the irritation or annoyance.

Brina 4 years ago

In December last year I dreamt that I was pulling a long, needle-like work from my thumb. Last night I dreamt that I pulled two very long needles from the same spot on the same thumb. This has me very curious.

Katie 4 years ago

Hello, last night i had a dream that when my boyfriend came back from holiday, he has shaved hair and a lot of piercings! Help!

coleen arsenault 4 years ago

what does it mean if u close your eyes and see a flame of fire

Mariam 4 years ago

I was curious to know what these dreams mean. My maternal Grandmother passed away about 11 years ago. A few years ago I had a dream, that we (my family) went to go visit her (which we normally did on weekends when she was alive) and the first thing I used to do was give her a big hug, but in my dream I noticed she wasn't hugging me back and was motionless, instead she looked sad and was holding a small wooden box like she wanted me to open it but she wasn't saying anything and I did not end up opening it in my dream. Does this dream mean anything? Then the second dream I had was last night, but I can't seem to remember however I woke up thinking of my Grandmother and looked at the calender and realized that today is her death anniversary... Does this dream mean anything as well?

easycome 4 years ago

my pregnant sister was dreaming that she let her 6 years old daughter ride on a boat.....what is the meaning or interpretation of this dream?

Heather 4 years ago

My boyfriend died in a car accident just over 2 months ago. I have been having a recurring dream in which he asks me when and where do we meet? We fix up a plan as well but I end up getting late and then the dream breaks…..What does this mean? Does it mean he is wanting me to go and be with him?

Bunny 4 years ago

I would like to ask what does my dream means, I dreamed of my deceased mother lying in her casket and then she wakes up from her death and walks. can you help me what does my dream means?

shanny 4 years ago

I need help. I had a dream of an evil human but I got that he was really like a demon or something because he stabbed each of my hands with a pencil kinda like jesus on the cross I can't get what this possibly means help?

Ari 4 years ago

So I had this dream I caught a bus and as we were driving I saw my ex running trying to catch it so I asked the bus driver to stop and wait for him.when he got on he sat next to me and it was like I had been waiting for him and knew he was going to sit by me but I had a backpack in his seat that I moved before he could sit down. What does this mean? I was having dreams about trains before not that I was on them just they were in my dream and now I am on a bus.

Meka 4 years ago

I had a dream I saved a drowning baby

L M F Graphix 5 years ago

Just lastnight I had a dream where I was walking outside and in the daytime I looked towards the sky where I saw colorful auroras appearing. I didn't pay it much attention when I woke up this morning because Ive seen them on television. So I walked into work this morning and my brother goes you hear about the activity of the sun? The lady on the news lastnites last words was that the sun put off a solar flare that was heading to earth. I wasn't aware of any of this so we looked at the broadcast on the internet this morning and they are saying that the solar flares may cause auroras in the sky within the next few days. I live in NC and thats just something I haven't seen which leads me to believe im a little weird for having that dream lastnite.

Thomas 5 years ago

i need help. i have had this dream last night and i don't know what it means. over a year ago i had a dream about this girl and she died. i was at the furnal and then when i looked at her for the last time she was wearing a wedding dress. and then i woke up. then last night i dreamed that she died and i ran to her grave and kept screaming her name over and over. she hasn't talked to me since high school ended last year. what should i do and what does the dream mean??

Smilesallround 5 years ago

I have been with my boyfrend 3 and a half years and ive recently started having dreams about his mother that passed away when he was little. In my dream i was at his house, in his room and he said to me that he wants me 2 meet sum1. I was like who and he replied his mum. I said to him 2 stop being silly bcoz shes dead nd he sed i know but shes here and she wants 2 meet u. I hid myself underneath his blanket bcoz he was starting to scare me. Then two people sat on the end of his bed. He kept saying come out please meet my mum nd i was to scared i cudnt cum from underneath the blanket. I finally managed 2 and there she was sitting with him both of them smiling at me. The weirdest thing was i have never seen her before however when i woke up the next morning my boyfrend went out and i went dwnstairs to look at pictures, and i found a picture of his mum. Please can someone tell me what this means? And do you think i shud tell my boyfrend? Also this is not da only dream of her afta the first 1 i had 2 more.

swati 5 years ago

i had a dream that i was enjoying the marriage party of my boyfriend's brother marriage & also going to get married with my loved one after som year as i know that his faily will never get ready for our marriage 7 he has already told me that i can get marry with some one else.Please help me out as i regularly seeing this kind of dream

Exio 5 years ago

I had a dream, I was in a forest heard screaming, girl ran by me, I chased her to the top of the hill, I looked up, her was zoned out, long wet black hair, redness over her eyes..white clothing...like coming out of a hospital, then she screamed so loudly...for some reason I jumped off the cliff to kil myself. Please help!!!

Dibdob79 5 years ago

Hi I have a reoccurring dream that I wake up crying with, my brother is always around 10 (24 now) and were out it becomes night and we are at a lido the sides slope down and into murky black water, he slips, I can't catch him and he goes under, the water becomes still and I can see the moon in the water and my brother is gone, I scream and that is when I wake up crying!!!! I have had this dream possibly 1 a year!

I also have had the same dream but with 3 different partners involved. I am near a certain place an old battery factory outside the main gates and I am with my partner, a car pulls and someone gets out holds up a gun and goes to shoot my partner. On two occasion I jump in front of my partner and wake up checking on the last one I never stood in front and just froze and the bullet hit him and he fell and I ran to him and cryed then woke up!

shajunu 5 years ago

i had a dream in the morning around 5 am that one of my friend he was a business man now hiding away gold ornaments and some pots fearing somebody will catch him. I am watching with him and promise my help he turned away.

xx 5 years ago

Hi, i saw a dream last night, i was being shouted at for going out too much from one of my neighbours little son whilst i was picking my siblings up from school. and his mum was watching us on the sly, like she told him to tell me. i cant quite remember how it ended but it would be helpful if i get some help on this cause i really want to know what this means... thank you

Hannah Runney 5 years ago

is there a meaning to my dream? : i dreamed that i was seeing a movie but i only get to see the beginning and the end.

ray ray 5 years ago

i had a dream that me and my family was probly going to get killed by a goast

mrswalton 5 years ago

i have the same dream repeatedly about my father, he comes back home or any random place i am and just seems like he doesn't know what i'm talking about when i tell him he is dead. He wants to talk but in my dream i never shut up long enough and i try so hard to be quiet but i never do! then i find out my mother is having this dream and my niece has it also but about her boyfriend who died. Both of these deaths are drug influenced and uncertain if they were intentional. they have to mean something. they are the same dreams!

5 years ago

What does it mean when u dream of some dead an they come back 2 life an u don't know how it happen

glo 5 years ago

i keep dreaming that i get lost.. both times in like public places.. shopping malls.. what does that mean?

Linda Abram 5 years ago

what dose my dreams mean?? When Imdream about some one I was with for 10 years. some time I wake up at night and he is on my mean,And day I think of him all day long. We talk some time on the phone. Is he thing of me like I think of him that? I love him and he love me and I think he love me.

nicoleamr 5 years ago

hello, im not sure if your still responding to these emails... but i have been having these horible nightmares for the past few years the same ones... in the nightmare my car falls off a bridge into water and my kids are in the back seat... im trying to save them but the car is filling up with water and basically befor we die i wake up... i have takin so many medications because of the nightmares i have and because i can never sleep... but also when i wake up i feel like some one is watching me.. its crazy i know.. if you have any answers can you please comment to my post thank you.

Maza 5 years ago

is there anyone telling me what could be to see in dream "wearing a new dress and making a new hair style"

let me know soon plz.

thank u

Rutene Tautuhi 5 years ago

Have had a dream about a city on fire,observing it from out at sea in the mid 90s.Told my ex wife about it then moved to sydney 2000,of course 9/11 happened.Returned to auckland NZ 2004,MY EX mentioned my dream about 9/11 of whitch i did not connect with 9/11.The only 9/11 scene in my dream was when the towers collasped and the dust that rushed towards the sea was in my dream as well as buildings burning.I TRULY BELIEVE MY DREAM WAS OF AUCKLAND CITY BURNING ABOUT WHERE THE SKY TOWER SITS.the volcanic activity was under this tower burning.At this time earthquakes are a daily occurance registring 5.6 and higher,people in christchurch are under exstream pressure and helplessness.dreams and reality are entwined.

Danny 5 years ago

I don't have dreams andymore. I fall asleep then get up. I sleep and see dark black everywere.

Alan 5 years ago

Hi I am Alan I am a male I had a dream that a friend of mine had asked me out a female and when I said yes she wanted to have sex right after but I was happy when she asked me out and so was she can you help me with the meaning of my dream

LS 5 years ago

I had a dream just last night that my baby daddy was at my house on the computer on facebook but before that he was on facebook using my mothers phone....???.And i just keep having DREAMS about him but we haven't talked in 10months.... somebody please tell me what this means...

chloe 5 years ago

hi i am 14yrs old. umm i had this nightmare and it was about school and they were using like an electric thing that shocked you if you were late to get in the school building and some of my present school teachers were there . i woke up and i was crying so i went into the bathroom and i looked as though i had been crying for hours , now that i think about it i may have been

what does this nightmare mean ?

karen 5 years ago

will we have my brothers children back in our lives

123abc 5 years ago

i had a dream that i was with my ex and current boyfriend. I went with my ex and was holding hands and walking with him. I couldn't take it much longer because i really love my current boyfriend. What does this mean?

... 5 years ago

The thing I want to know us what if in your dream your turning into a monster/ demon because I'm have a reoccurring dream like that... -_-:(

Jennifer 5 years ago

I Always Dream Of My Ex A lot ..

I Don't Know What Dose That Mean But Help Please :(

spc Herboth 5 years ago

I had a dream the other night that me, my cousin, and a bunch of strangers were playing basketball. The whole dream didn't make sense to me but the one thing that stuck out was at one point I had to be protective over my cousin. I haven't spoke with he in about 6 months so to have this dream about protecting her seemed off. But most dreams i wake up and its over, but the moment I had to protect her in my dream keeps playing over in my head. We have never been real close so it was strange for this to happen. I cant help but to think that it is a sign. II feel that meybe next time we are together i may have to protect her from something or someone like in the dream, or maybe it is just meaning to protect a different family member. Im just confused and wonder if someone can help me. It has happened many times before that i dream something that will come true, but i don't remember it until it happens, but this one is replaying in my head all the time like its really important. Please let me know if you have any ideas....thank you

angie 5 years ago

i saw a guy ,a stranger, proposing me for d marriage,at dat time i felt secured because i hd d feeling dat he'l stand for me...at d same time ws bit nervous

Pleas tel me wht does dis dream means.? Thnx

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN profile image

JOSEPH FROM SPAIN 5 years ago from Barcelona, SPAIN (Europe)

To Jerri:

--In my humble opinion the dream means the following:

--You want to see your father alive but you know he is dead (The dead have not facial expression, speak or express emotions).

+You try to change the traumatic history when you change the decoration or the house.

+You want to give good news (grandmother) but you have not yet accepted his disappearance....and then in this contradictory, emotional and irresolvable situation you wake up.

Merry Christmas from Europe.

JOHN 5 years ago


Jerri 5 years ago

Me and my sister keep having the same dreams like once a month or every other month, our father was missing for 14 days in 2005 and was found....we both have dreams about him and mine is that he knocks on the door and i get so happy and hug him and hes just normal with no expression and im trying to tell him how we thought he was dead and asking where hes been and saying that we hafta call grandma and let her know hes okay, and we hafta call my sister and tell her and he just sits there not saying anything with no emotion and im overly excited and then i wake up....my sisters dream is almost identical...its always the same dream but ive moved 4x since he passed away 6 yrs ago so the house is always different sometimes its somewhere ive never lived or seen....what does it mean and why do we have the same dream???

Brock Greenawalt 5 years ago

I had a dream in which my dead mother was walking towards me he then turned into a clown and say down on the floor. It was very emotional and I woke from the dream

Jamaica 5 years ago

Hey Susan, my name is Jamaica and I had a dream about my ex boyfriend last night that he finally made up with me. I was surprised in my dream because he was talking to me and he was trying to hold

My hand but in my reaction I was thinking "wtf". In reality My ex boyfriend really hates me like literally.

Mary 5 years ago

I myself had a very strange dream I dreamed I was being raped by a man I knew and about 20 feet away was my family and friends I tried to scream for help but I couldn't as if my voice had gone out what does this mean?

Phoebe 5 years ago

I've had this nightmare for several nights since December 4th, 2011. My dream begins on a normal day at my high school. At lunch in the courtyard, someone pulls out a gun and shoots into the sky. People scream and run while the shooter keeps shooting at random people and into the sky. Cops try to stop him but they eventually get shot. Then, the shooter points at me. I beg him to not shoot at me and spare my life, but he shoots directly at my face and that's when I wake up. It's been happening for at least 3 nights where someone with a gun is involved. On another night in my dream, I was riding the bus home. A red light caused my bus to stop. Then, another bus pulls up to the right-side of my window. In the other bus beside me, the same person from the night before in my dream has the same gun. I can't see his face since it’s covered by a hoodie, but he points the gun directly at my face and shoots. And again, I wake up. Yesterday, the same dream happened. I was walking to my class in the crowded hallway when the unidentified shooter was nearby. He pulled out his gun and pointed it to me again, but a boy jumps in front of me and takes the bullet himself in the right-side of his chest. The boy falls to the ground, but everyone else walks by not even noticing that he's injured. I kneel down to the floor seeing his injury. A mask was covering his face. I removed the mask to see who the boy who saved my life was. As I pulled the mask of his face, I realized it was a boy I used to like until I gave up in this October. He whispered faintly to me, "Phoebe, I...I love...", and then he took his last breath and died in my arms. The tardy bell rang and I stood there in the hallway with him, crying and lonely. That's all I have so far in my dream. Could someone break my dream down detail by detail and please tell me what this means?

meandmartin 5 years ago

Hi! I had a weird dream last night which totally unusual. I need your help in interpreting it. It was very precise, i was kissing a guy, a complete stranger, someone I've never seen before and after kissing, we cuddled... We cuddled and it felt so good, like i feel so secured, i felt love... I need to know its meaning... For the longest time, i haven't been able to remember any of my dreams. This is the 1st time after i got pregnant last October 2010, that i remember my dream.

Here's my brief story, I'm hoping this can help in interpreting my dream.

I'm a single mother to a 6 month old baby boy. His father, well, we've been having a long of problems from the time i got pregnant until now. He has another girlfriend who got pregnant and gave birth just 8 months ahead of me. From what he told me, he loves me and he'll marry me, blah blah blah. But none of it became true. Now, he's leaving with that other girl. He keeps on telling me that he'll fix everything (since we both have issues w/ each other's side of the family, and that his parents and his whole clan are in favor of that other girl). Now, he wouldn't speak with me, he hasn't even seen our son, never gave any support and all. I've been going through a tough time lately and that dream just gave me a bit of happiness I've never felt since he abandoned me and our son.

Please, i need some one to enlighten me. I don't know what that dream's all about.

Thank you.

Jenny 5 years ago

My boyfriend had a dream that someone ran me over and I died. He thought it was real until he saw me sleeping next to him. He was shaking and crying.

My youth leader had a dream that I was in jail.

Both these dreams happened the same night.

Vannie 5 years ago

Hi, I am happily married with 3 kids. A few nights ago, i had a dream about my husband, but the image was a complete stranger, and didn't resemble my husband at all. If you asked me now to describe the husband in my dream, i wouldn't be able to tell you.

3 days later, i had a dream that my husband was attracted to a girl. A softspoken, feminine, long hair beauty, the type i knew my husband would be attacted to. We were in some sort of group, when i walked back to our room, he wasn't there. He was sleeping, laying in a corner of a bed in a dif room full of people with her in it. We got back to our room, i asked if he's attracted to her, he answered yes. Next thing i knew my dream jumped to the part where i was loading my things and my kids are already loaded in the car. Before i left, i asked him if he knows i'm never coming back? He answered yes.

It felt as if i left because he had an attraction to someone. But from my feelings of the dream it was deep. He met a girl, he fell in love with the girl, and he didn't care about anything else but to get to know the girl and be with the girl.

I asked my husband what he thought about my dream. He said that I wanted a new husband, an image of someone else in my previous dream. And this dream of him falling in love with someone else so that i could leave guilt free.

What does my dream mean in your opinion?

Cathy 5 years ago

My mother passed away 2 years ago she was 72 i have been dreaming about her probally every 3 months she is young in my dream around late 40's she is standing in a room of a house i grew up in and she is smiling she does not say anything just smiles i am crying in my dream because i miss her so much and i want her to come with me but she won't when i woke up i had tears running down my face.what does this mean?? i think about my mother every day and am so sad and lost without her i cry like every other day.

jess 5 years ago

i had a dream of my deceased grandpa that i was really close to and i was dreaming that i was riding his motorcycle and crased right by a the railroad tracks, my grandpa died from a train wreck. After i wrecked his bike he put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eye and told me that i need to find my twin sister. My mom told me that i was supposed to have a twin sister but she died when my mom was 4 months pregnant.

please comment i wish i knew what my dream means

gh0st9irl 5 years ago

Hi..I have been having dreams of my children when they were babies...they are grown up to be teens and young adults now!And also in these dreams my ex husband the father of the children is also in these dreams! Sometimes we are in the place we use to live and sometimes we are not! In real life i do not get to see my children that much cause they live with the father in ohio while i live here in tennessee. But me and the ex are close in these dreams and the feeling i get when im with my kids is nice and then im sad cause i know i would be leaving them! It kinda disturbs me and i wake up!

Eternity 5 years ago

I loved reading this but there is just one thing I would like to share. When you talked about psychic dreams being rare and people have one maybe two in there life. Well I have them all the time sometimes two or three times a week. Really to be honest the females in my family do. I had dreams about my grandfather two weeks before he passed. in them I felt sad and the need to talk to him and say I love you and the day he died I was floating above him as he died in his sleep then I watched my family find out and cry . I drempt it as it was happening. then many weeks passed and I dreamed of him again in a library, he wanted me to tell my family things from him when they were ready and he would let me know when. That is just one of many I have had. Now as i get older and I day dream they are Prophetic as well. Thanks so much I enjoyed reading this.

nicholas gonzalez 5 years ago

i had a dream that keeps coming back when i close my eyes and its about this little girl always finding me i don't know who this little girl is and the thing is ill wake up and go back to sleep and it'll happen again she will be there waiting.and when the little girl touches my hand its like im having flash backs of my past what does this dream mean?

broken mother 5 years ago

i had a dream last night that i shot my 5 yr old daughter. why would i dream something like this? she is the most preciouse thing in my life. its tearing me apart.

Luna 5 years ago

Ok so im a bit lost on my dream. i don't remember how it started or ended but i saw my old friend whom i haven't spoken to in a year driving his blue truck he had a baby inside the truck as well i don't remember if there was a woman with him but he drove off and i saw him and he saw me but he seemed angry and i felt sad or longing twards him

see what had happened between us back in the past is we ended up meeting and he liked me a lot and i liked him but i had a boyfriend and what not. well i got his number and hung out with him and we ended up making out at the end but 2 weeks later i called him when i was upset and he told me not to call again. hence why i have never saw him again for a year.

LeAnna Tomlinson 5 years ago

My 6yr old father was murdered this past summer and my he has only seen her one time. I took her to the memorial service to pay our respects. I am going through hard times in my current relationship now. I had a nightmare last night that my parents, children, and I went to my daughters funeral(mind you he didn't have a funeral) he started twitching moving hands and legs slowling then like a robot in slow motion he got up out of the casket and started chasing my 6yr old daughter and i saying "im coming to get you!" He said it repeatedly as i was running i woke up saying im scared leave me alone. Can someone please tell me what this is suppose to mean? I haven't slept since then and i need answers.

TW 5 years ago

I'd love some insight into this dream -- A co-worker (a young woman, much younger than I, I'm actually her boss as well) told me about a dream she had involving me. One of her teeth fell out, and I was the dentist she came to for help. I kept trying to reinsert the tooth -- becoming increasingly forceful in my efforts, "hammering" and "pounding" to get it back in. And then, suddenly, I succeeded, the tooth was restored, healthy, back in place, and all was well. She also mentioned that her mother was there, watching, thru all of this.

Tanna 5 years ago

The other night my fiancée and I fell asleep, and in my dream we were just going to bed, it was daylight out and the dream happened in the house we just moved into now, but looking out the window it was a different scenery. We have a basement, but in the dream there was a couple living in it..but we had no connection to it. In the dream we heard them fighting and some things being thrown around. My fiancée and I then heard there door slam shut so we looked outside to see what was going on, there we seen the girl running across the field, which isn't there in real life. and hide behind the tall grass, after that we seen the man come walking out in an aggravated state with a pair of those scissors you cut bushes with. I think they're called sheers... He was looking for her, and Michael and I were talking about if we should call someone or go out there, I don't remember correctly. But it was like they heard us, no windows open or anything, maybe they heard our thoughts. Anyways.. the girl all of a sudden stood up and the man turned around than they were looking at us both. They started to walk towards our house, so I then ran downstairs to make sure the door was locked, it was. But by the time I got back upstairs, Michael was sleeping... I could then hear things in the walls, like crawling but like very small animals or something, In my dream it was very weird I could see threw walls, watch myself sleep. I was trying to wake my fiancée up but he wasn't awakening. I could hear these crawling noises get closer and closer to the bedroom when all of a sudden I was looking threw the wall and looking at the studs, it was very weird. Than I seen this beatle/termite bug in the walls but it ran away. All of a sudden I woke up and I seen a figure in my door of a man so i blinked and he was gone.. I was trying to wake Michael up but he's a lazy sleeper and doesn't wake easily. I was afraid of falling back asleep but after thinking that it was then like i fell asleep instantly again, it was like where I woke up from the dream it had started again from where I fell asleep. This women in the dream had transformed into a grey cat, almost a full grown. I remember rolling over and whispering into Michael ear that this cat that was coming up the stairs into our bedroom was coming for us, and he was being loud saying what i cant hear you, I was telling him to be quiet, this cat finally came into the bedroom and I grabbed it by its neck where mother cats do, and it had the most god awful look on its face, that face now haunts me, it was creepy and it was like I could read what its face was saying, I cant really make out the words anymore like I said this happened the other night, but it had to along the lines of it was going to hurt me and my fiancée, when I was looking into its eyes, its hind leg was moving in the slowest motion ever, it was very strange and very creepy. I than took the cat and threw it out the door, I than again awoke and I couldn't fall back asleep after that, I know have weird feelings like someones following me or watching me, and I get the scared feeling up running up the stairs and I keep looking behind me. I now have troubles sleeping at night. If you have any information about this, please let me know and get back to me asap

wina 5 years ago

What does it mean when you dream of a man moving back in with you?

mandee126 5 years ago

I am in a happy relationship! And have been for almost 3 years now. And I have have this dream for like a year now about my ex boyfriend. It happens every couple weeks or months! And its not always the same story line but its always about him. And it bothers me.

Abraham 5 years ago

Hello Susan I Had A Really Scary Dream. That I Was Looking At This Person An I Thought They Were Dead. I Got Close 2 Check On Them!! Then That Person Bit My Face In The Dream An I Try Biting Back Really Hard And they Bit Me Harder! An I Woke Up!! An I Said What The Hell An My Sister Was Right There When I Woke Up An She Was Like What? I Told Her An She Said We All Get Crazy Dreams Like That!! I Haven't Had A Dream For A Very! Long! Time! First! Time! In A Long Time! Scary Right? So What Does This mean?

jab0122 5 years ago

what does iyt mean to dream out sex and loving that person that left you and its really your husband that left and now I'm dreaming about sex and feeling the love an dwaking up tossing and turning mean anyone???????????????????

danielle 5 years ago

My dreams are usually right on the money! dreams are a tool to find out your deepest emotions, phobias and sometimes they are quite revealing/prophetic. I personally have listened to my dreams for 30 plus years ...Pay attention there are meaningful!

Alvida 5 years ago

I had a dream and some friends called me and told me my ex was died. It really didn't matter to me in the dream until a certain time. I told my mom and dad about it in my dream. My bestfriend called me and told me we were going to sympathize with his mom, when i was getting dress in my dream i receive a text message from him, that said "hey! whatup?" and i reply "i thought you were died all are you tryna get my attention?" it took a moment in my dream and he didn't reply so i called his # when he picked up there was spooky noices i really cant remember the rest of the dream. and i woke up. Me and my ex having been getting along in reality because i thought he was cheating please tell me what this dream means

Alvida 5 years ago

I had a dream and some friends called me and told me my ex was died. It really didn't matter to me in the dream until a certain time. I told my mom and dad about it in my dream. My bestfriend called me and told me we were going to sympathize with his mom, when i was getting dress in my dream i receive a text message from him, that said "hey! whatup?" and i reply "i thought you were died all are you tryna get my attention?" it took a moment in my dream and he didn't reply so i called his # when he picked up there was spooky noices i really cant remember the rest of the dream. and i woke up. Me and my ex having been getting along in reality because i thought he was cheating please tell me what this dream means

Jake 5 years ago

I Had A Dream About A Girl I Really Like, She doesn't Like Me Anymore & Says Shes Over Me But, In The Dream We Were Hanging At My House & She Leaves For A While & I Look For Her. I Walk Down The Hallway & She Comes Out Of The Bathroom & Jumps In My Arms & Says She's Pregnant?? But, We Didn't Have Sex In The Dream. . . ?

rob 5 years ago

hello i had a dream about a girl i know which i think is attractive but im not crazy about her she and i were in a car she was driving then we started talking about knives (i love knives) she mentioned a specific knife that she owned then i decided to kiss her we made out things got alittle "touchy" the weird part is that i don't like her and she is not the sexiest girl i know and neither have i been thinkin about her what does this mean

Tina 5 years ago

a few years back my father (Q), his brother(M), and his brother-in-law(V) (his sister's husband) all passed in the same year. I keep having recurring dreams of being told of the death M (as if he was alive and just died) and become upset over it. My father is there, he seems to be alive, but Q does not speak in my dreams. The dreams are different scenarios but always this story. Any ideas?

Ana:) 5 years ago

I had a dream about this guy that I don't like and in the dream I liked him and we were dating. it was very annoying I dreamed it about 3 times already what does it mean

shailudhakad profile image

shailudhakad 5 years ago from GWALIOR,M.P.,INDIA

Its an ultimate piece of information about dreams. I loved it. Dreams that involves ESP was the most striking thing. It had happened to me.

tracy e 5 years ago

Hello Susan, I have had a scary dream bout my new boyfriend frank , in the dream there is this huge traffic accident and frank goes to help and in turn is fataled injured I'm screaming and cring watching him die. What does this mean

Emily 5 years ago

Wow im amazed very well done.. thanks..

I woke up from seeing ghost but they looked like real people its juat they were ghosts and this guy that i have no clue about was chasing me in my dream.. i mean i even felt hom hold me up to take me away.. past hour ive been searching for what it can mean and i tried understanding thru my emotions too but i cant figure out why i would see such dream..

forgiven70x7 5 years ago

Sorry i overposted my dream by mistake.

JanellaMarie 5 years ago

So. I or rather should I say... My boyfriend and I have been having dreams that occur every night and of the same thing. We have been together for 3 years and we are very young… He lives with me and we love each other very much, but these dreams have been somewhat frightening for us. We dream of having a baby boy, named Brandyn (this is what we plan to name our first born boy). The baby, Brandyn, shares most of my boyfriend’s features except the hair. I have red hair and my boyfriend has brown, therefore red is dominating gene. The other features of Brandyn are identical to my boyfriend. The child’s actions resemble his and my ways. We want a baby but my brined wants to want ‘till we are older and more mature, which is smart. Also, I have been having a few pregnancy symptoms, but I doubt I am. Please help me! What does this mean?

Forgiven70x7 5 years ago

I had a dream, i was next to an expressway and i saw a city on fire with smoke over it. I asked a man who was standing next to me what had happened, he told me "planes , they hit the city". This happened a couple of months before the terrorist attack on 9/11 in New York. Im kind of speechless about it.

Forgiven70x7 5 years ago

I had a dream, i was next to an expressway and i saw a city on fire with smoke over it. I asked a man who was standing next to me what had happened, he told me "planes , they hit the city". This happened a couple of months before the terrorist attack on 9/11 in New York. Im kind of speechless about it.

Ih8π 5 years ago

what does it mean to dream of my mother bringing home a baby that she did not have?

ashley 5 years ago

i have had lots of dreams and most have came true but some haven't came true my nightmares wake me up at night and scare me i never knew what all this meant thank you for this it has helped me alot :)

Lola 5 years ago

So I had a dream about my brother's friend and I don't really know him too well but he is cute but I don't really have feelings for him (at least I don't think I do). My friend dated him and they used to sit in the couch at our school and kiss that could mean something in my dream but I don't know.

Anyways I had a dream that I was sitting on a couch and my brother and him just like was in the room all of a sudden and then he sat down with me and kissed me and then I think they started playing video games or something, I don't really know I was too busy thinking about the kiss. Then we just ended up in the mall and I was looking for him because I wanted him to kiss me again but everytime I found him he didn't kiss me and somehow he just disappeared when I turned around and then I kept finding him and he kept disappearing. I also had another dream about him a while ago and we were dating.

Please help me I wanna know what my dream means. The kiss felt so real too.I have never had a kiss or a boyfriend I would like one but I think I make guys think I don't like them because I am too scared to be told that he doesn't like me back. I think maybe this dream is telling me to stop running because the guy I like may like me back but i don't really know and I need some help translating it.

leo 5 years ago

I had a dream once. I had this dream in about august of 2001. I was standing next to or on a highway and i saw this city on fire from where i was standing. I asked this man who was dressed in white standing next to me what had happened. He told me "Planes, they hit the city." And about a month later the attacks on the twin towers happened. I was shocked.

mmf 5 years ago

What does it mean if I had a dream that my girlfriend left me for another girl? And I keep beating up that girl because of it?

ScaredLady 5 years ago

Hello Susana...i'm a young lady of 19! my life is pretty restricted, like no freedom at all, i'm always at home after school, no going out with friends, no boyfriend, just nothing! i've noticed that each time something wrong is going to happen, i happen to have fearful nightmares and i've notice a trend somewhat! most of my nightmares have the element of water. i'm either swimming (i don't know how to swim though)in the calm clear sea on a sunny day, with sharks on my trail, my friends(i don't remember their faces)trying to save me by hitting at the sharks but they hit and kill me in the end...or i'm walking near a rough river with an accidented car on the nearby road with a dead body cut in half, and nearby there is the previous home of my uncle! i get scared pretty quick and its ruining me! these nightmares are tormenting me and i've lost my peace of mind! please help me...

melinda 5 years ago

hi susan, i had a dream that two hillbilly guys were following me around in their truck trying to catch me. Then another guy in a really nice car joined them and started following me also. This is a reoccurring dream. I've dreamed it a couple times now. What does it mean?

- Thank you!

Hayley 5 years ago


I have been having distressing dreams.

My first one was a few nights ago, i went to a cave and a girl wearing a tatty night robe was sitting down with her head buried in her arms, she had long black hair covering her face. Suddenly she stabbed me with this long wooden needle.

The next night i dreamed i was in a room with lots of books, in the middle of the room was a table. On the table was a rack with lots of needles on it, i pulled one out and it had inscriptions on it, a man started telling me it was the needle of death.

Last night i had a dream that someone was chasing me.

I have no idea what these dreams mean, please help me, they are really scaring me. I'm scared to sleep at night, feel free to ask me questions. I want to get to the bottom of this. By the way im 15 so i cant see a medium or anyone.


In Love 5 years ago

So I've been dreaming about this kid a few times for a few months now, I like him and he liked me(i don't know if he still does) and last night, i dreamt about us both cuddling and smiling and touching each other, what does this mean? it happened in other dreams sometimes, and when i woke up, i felt really happy, is it true that when your dreaming about someone, they are dreaming about you too?

Katryn 5 years ago

Hope you are well?

I had a dream where my dad came visiting me, he was driving a new car and said that my mom was not coming back, then I dreamt that he gave a coach to a new girlfriend stating that it was my moms, then I dreamt of a lady being pregnant with someone I loved child and he still wanted to marry me... Please help im confused and stressed

Paul 5 years ago

For two consecutive nights I have dreamed that aliens (cybermen) have arrived and they capture people and are able to drain their minds of rational thought and turn them into fellow Cybermen. They hunt you down if you run to escape, and I have recognised there is no escape after a while. Any friends I have while I am dreaming are usually strangers (or ambiguous people at the very best). The only other thing of note which has been consistent, is that I always wind up running down the same pathway to hide. The path splits into two, and I always pick the path which splits to the right (the path which runs higher than the other) as it seems safer. At this point I usually wake up.

A.A. 5 years ago

If you are a woman and dream that you are in the arms of a man, then it suggests that you are accepting and welcoming your stronger assertive personality. It may also highlight your desires to be in a relationship and your image of the ideal man.

Double A. 5 years ago

I have these dreams were this guys in it but I don't know if I know him I never see a face. he reapers in my dreams all the time I only know how tall he is what he wears and that he has light brown hair. what could this mean.

lawrence 5 years ago

I drempt that i was getting married and then my wife walked in the water and drowned, then i was preaching for a big crowd

Connie 5 years ago

Hi susan I had a dream that I caught a power spirit..but it was like in a haunted house so akward..

Elizabeth 5 years ago

I had a dream i threw a puppy down this cliff. Then i started to take care of the puppy. But it was really badly injured. I felt so bad in my dream.Then the puppy died. I think. Its hard to remember.

There was one other puppy in my dream and a hamster. I do have a hamster and i want a puppy.

star 5 years ago

i recently had a dream about another guy (other than my bf)he was quite handsome and i felt happy and loved i kept kissing this guy i felt save with him almost if i was in love with him even if it was a dream and didnt know the guy. i don't know what this means and it bugs me a lot because ive had a dream similar to this but different guy im very confused does this say something about my current relationship?

angelia 5 years ago

Ihad this dream that. This. Little boy was naked and my little sister was out side my house screaming therre was this little boy bloody he looked up at me and took off running

----- 5 years ago

i'm still so confused about my dream. i don't know...maybe i'm just not good at these sorta things....It would b helpful if someone could interpret my dream for me

randy 5 years ago

and i don't even have a kid. im only 17

randy 5 years ago

i had a dream last night that i had my baby sitting in a chair and some man comes by and takes him. he takes off in a car and goes to a boat dock on the ocean and leaves with my baby. i try to catch him but couldn't so i go home and tell my mom and she just says well stuff happens. i find a really cool knife and it has a big clump of dirt and i drive to the ocean and see his boat floating. i get out of the car and jump to the middle of the ocean where his boat is and find him. next thing you know i see him on the floor with his eyes wide open and his tongue hanging sideways with a strip of blood running down his face. i go home and tell my mom and she just sits calm and watches tv. what's that dream mean.

nkb1218 5 years ago

for the past couple of weeks I have been having dreams of kissing people other than my boyfriend. usually people i know well or have met a few times, but sometimes I don't know them at all. For example: I have this friend Adam. We dated for a few weeks, but it was best to stay good friends as before. I had a dream that I was at this carnival at my old high school, it was very plain not colorful like other carnivals. It was not very crowded either. My boyfriend was not with me and Adam and his girlfriend were there. I went and said hey to him and gave him a hug. He hugged me back nice and tight. His girlfriend went to one of the tents and I grabbed his hand and had him follow me through some of the shopping tents. I was dancing as I walked (skipping around a bit and spinning a lot) and I was laughing and happy and having fun even though we were just walking through tents. I was pointing at everything and smiling. Adam was smiling at me, like he was happy that I was happy. We went around back and I remembered that I had seen something I wanted to buy. So we run around the back to find it, when I finally found it, we were on the far backside of the carnival towards the forested area. I found my item and I looked up at him really happy that I was with him. He then looked at me really happy and nervous, and gently grabbed my arms. I dropped my item and stared at him dizzy from excitement. Then he hesitated I told him that I wanted him to kiss me. And he did.

The kiss is the same in every dream. Hesitation then i say I want him to then he does. and we're both happy about it.

I can't figure these dream out. They make me feel like I'm unhappy in my relationship and that I still want to go and date other people before being with my boyfriend. (We're both 20, talked about futures together, etc)

kitty 5 years ago

I have a reoccurring dream where a boy I don't know pulls up in front of my house on a motorcycle. I'll run over to him and get on. He takes me to the park nearby my house. When we get there, we find out we need a parents' signature to enter the park. Whenever I go home, my parents are gone. When I finally get a signature, we go back to find that the park has closed. What does this mean?

Cub 5 years ago

Lastnight i had a few dreams and they are really bothering me.... The first was that i woke up in the middle of the night at my house and my brother in law had blood all over him i asked him where my sisiter and their 3 kids were and he just stood there and didn't say anything.... I ran to their house a few blocks from mine and i saw my sister dead in her living room. The kids were sleeping i called 911 , vomited in he bathroom and got the kids out of the house and took them to mine (and that was the end of my first dream i woke up balling my pillow was soaked and i was still crying if felt so real).

The second dream happened after i went back to bed lastnight. It started off that i had all three of my children dropping my oldest off at school then all of a sudden my other 2 kids weren't with me and i found myself walking to my sisters house to see her and the kids. when i got there i opened the door and my brother in law shot my sister, my oldest neice and my young nephew he was just going to shoot the middle child when i begged him not to so he let her come to me and shot himself (the look in his face was full of guilt and he was crying.) It suddenly flashed ahead and i had custody of my neice and she wouldn't talk in my dream after that. What does this dream mean? I know nothing like this would happen of course but when i woke up both times the feelings were still there like it did happen. also in both dreams when the people in it died they were blurry i couldn't help them or see where they were hurt.

Gerard 5 years ago

i once dreamt that i was flying over my old housing estate and i could c myself as a young boy sitting on the side of the road playing so i flew down and sat beside myself and watched myself playing with a toy car it was really freaky....

okami 5 years ago

Hey so I've been having a reacurring nightmare of a ghost girl with black hair and piercing yellow eyes she haunts me in almost every one of my dreams im terrified to sleep because I know she will be there and she will try hurting me what dose this mean

1234force 5 years ago

My sisters iPod got lost and I dream that we had found it

Elyse 5 years ago

so i have this question, for the past few weeks ...i know its odd, but i have been having dreams about this guy i was with for 4 years. now we've been seperated for about a year now, and haven't talked for over 3 months. but almost each dream was different, but alike at the same time. we would be talking, each place we'd be at was different. but lastnight was different, in my dream i was with my current boyfriends mom ...and out of nowhere she asked who i was gonna choose, her son, or my ex ..and then i woke up? i don't know if any of that means anything, but its been bugging me, and making me think i made a wrong decision ..

MissBetty77 5 years ago

I had a dream that i killed my sister and cut her up...I was upset with this dream because i love her and she passed away 3years ago....why would i have this kind of dream?

Sharron 5 years ago

i had this dream of my guy i REALLY like, who i havnt seen in a godd month and a half where i was at school, and he was suddenly behind me, sayng, "Did you miss me?" he then kissed my forehead... it was very clear and when i woke up, the place behind my ear where he had said it was throbbing... what could it mean?

Tereza 5 years ago

Hello there. I keep having a dream about cats. The cats we ever had. I am going out of the house and there are all the cats around watching me with an evil face. This dream means someone I know will die in 1-7 days, this has NEVER failed. Proven 13. From an aunt to a neighbour. If my to,cat in the dream appears, the one I really loved, it means the person might be saved. In this cases those are crashes or heart attacks. 4 times. But, I never know whose time is coming and I am feeling like death angel, especially when i see my tomcat and don't know whose life I could save. Sometimes just having a feeling who it might be. Can someone tell me please why do I have those dreams/I can get rid of it?

sammy 5 years ago

one night in the week i had a dream that we were being invaded by japanese, and was locked in a store room and they were trying to get in to me .the following night i had a dream there was a tszunmne and i was running to get away from it,can you put any light on what these dreams mean.

bouncy5 5 years ago

..Hello, I dreamed I was in a church service and the music was playing and I got happy and started shouting,which means I was dancing in the spirit of God up and down the isle and when I finally settled down and say down and open my eyes,I saw my dead father in the pulpit and he was looking at the person who was up talking with his hands resting on his face looking thee other way at the person speaking.I also saw my sister who is alive in the choior stand.Then I saw myself in the ladies bathroom talking to my aunt and asking her about her daighter and I asked her when was her daughter graduating from rn school and she said the 2nd or 3rd of December.

MissBetty77 5 years ago

I had a dream that i killed my sister and cut her up and i was very upset with this dream because i love her so much and she passed away 3yrs ago.

Only anangelaway 5 years ago

Why do I keep dreaming of the person I'm in love with as an animal? The first dream was a black bull and the second dream was a black dog. What do the animals represent?

Betty H 5 years ago

Last night i had a dream that i killed my sister... She passed away 3yrs ago.... i miss her so

Onlyanangelaway 5 years ago

I have had two dreams of someone I am in love with and in both dreams he appears as an animal. The first one was a black bull and the second one was a black dog. What could the animals represent and why do they appear as an animal?

Aisha 5 years ago

I dreamt that my cousin came to wake me up and fry eggs for her please help me know the meaning of this dream.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 5 years ago Author

That's an unusual dream Jessica. Maybe your subconscious/unconscious mind has something to tell you or simply wants to connect with your conscious self. Try taking a bit of quiet time, get a pen and paper and ask yourself "what do I need to know?" Write down whatever comes to mind without editing yourself.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 5 years ago Author

Linda, without more background info it's impossible to say. What else was happening in the dream? What's your relationship like with your son? What were your emotions in the dream?

Susana S profile image

Susana S 5 years ago Author

Kim, I have to say I don't know. I would need to ask you a lot of questions to get to the bottom of this one. There is something in there about the balance of male/female characteristics in you. When a woman dreams of a man she doesn't know it often means an internal disconnect from her masculine characteristics. In this case I think there is something about the killer instinct. But without asking you questions I can't get any further than this...sorry.

Jessica 5 years ago

I had was dreaming last night, and about 6 times, I heard someone calling my name. They always said it different, Jess, Jessica, Jessie, and it was always a different voice, some male, some female. It woke me up each time, and the last one this morning, I called out to answer, saying what? What could this mean?

Linda 5 years ago

In my dream, my son gets kidnapped. What does this mean?

Kim 5 years ago

In my dream I was in a forest. I was with another person but I do not know who. It was a male. We were scouting or hunting. I saw an eagle eating it's prey. It did not seem to notice us. My companion raised his bow to kill the eagle for food. I put my hand on his arrow and lowered it. I stated that it was a scavenger and we would not eat it. Any thoughts?

Susana S profile image

Susana S 5 years ago Author

What emotions did you experience? How did you feel in the gold dress? Who are the men - people you know or strangers? Was the water scary or not?

ellena 5 years ago

i dream i was dressed in a gold dress with gold ornaments, then i was in the company with 2 men, they help me over a few hurdles in a road, then further down there was deep water on both side of the road the road was barely visable but my companion led the way through for me to follow them.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 5 years ago Author

Anon, these kinds of dreams can be tricky to work out. The first part could simply mean that you have a very deep affection for him as a friend. It could also mean that your platonic love for him has developed into something more. Another interpretation is that you're in need of affection in general.

The rejection in the second part of the dream is about fear. What if I ask for affection (from him or someone else) and I am rejected? Are you able to ask for affection when you need it or does your fear of rejection prevent you?

Susana S profile image

Susana S 5 years ago Author

Mistie, I'd say that it's a nudge from your subconscious, letting you know that deep inside you'd really like a relationship with your mother. Doesn't mean that that is the right thing to do, but just that some part of of you misses her.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 5 years ago Author

Ryan, it sounds a lot like dreams I used to have before I met the father of my first child. I dreamed about him loads of times before I met him. Then again, the less "psychic" answer is that the man represents your masculine side, who can help you if you truly integrate his characteristics into yourself.

Anon :P 5 years ago

I have a book about reading dreams, and I tried it myself, about this one dream I had which was really weird. I kind of got some of it, but the rest I don't understand, can anyone help me delve deeper? :S

I was with a friend, he's a few years older than me and also my brother's friend and I have absolutely no feelings for him except friendship, I can assure you xD but lots of girls I know really like him. It was weird because we were cuddling, like partners would, and we were in love in my dream. Then the second part in my dream was that I was trying to cuddle him again and he kept wriggling away, but I didn't give up. It made the dream me feel really sad and lonely. I was a participant of the dream... any help? :S :S :S

mistie 5 years ago

I haven't spoke to my mother in a few years an last night i dreamed that her an i went snow boreding.. its so random what does that mean???

Ryan302 5 years ago

I keep having a dream where I'm with this guy, but I font know him at all and I have never seen him in my life? Yet in all mydreams he is always leading me out of some sort of danger I find myself in....I feel like he is someone I know because he cares so much in my dreams but, like I said before, I've never seen this guy in my life. Any suggestion as to what is going?

tammi b 5 years ago

my oldest girl has sleep paralysis,why would she be having these dreams? she has had them for her whole life she is 20. in her s p she is seeing a dark figure and it pervents her form moving or yelling out for help. i just learned she can stop them by rebuking it in the name of jesus. i am her mom and wonder why she would have these devilish dreams? this horifies me as im sure it does her. if there is a reason for this im am hoping to learn.


jhef pinas 5 years ago

i enjoyed it :)

can i ask, what if i dreamed sex with some one ?

alice 5 years ago

geesh i keep dreaming im a witch and flying on a brroom stick.not an evil witch but a normal girl witch

catydid52 profile image

catydid52 5 years ago from Windsor

This is a really great interesting and informative hub! Thanks for educating us about dreams! Great job!!

Susana S profile image

Susana S 5 years ago Author

Hi Sleepless, it depends on all the other elements of the dream. What else was happening? What was the snake doing? How did you feel towards the snake? There is rarely a hard and fast rule as to what a dream symbol means - it needs to be taken in context with the rest of the dream.

Sleepless 5 years ago

What do snakes mean in dreams?

Ana 5 years ago

i dreamed that i was dead,but could still see all the people. I belive i was there just spiritually , because nobody could hear me. Is there something wrong with me?

Kate 5 years ago

For the last week i have been having nightmares but not really scary ones just ones that would be out of the ordinary and Frightening. i haven't talked to a group of friends in a long time but they were in my dream we were all in a valley but it was a beach aswel i was with my boyfriend and the 3 girls were there we were all getting along fine till out of nowhere we where at a pool and my boyfriend was gone we all jumped in and the three of them tried to drown me jus before i ran out of oxegen i woke up. in another dream i remember lying in bed with people around me asking me what had happened to my ear i rubbed my ear n felt a scab, i didn't no what had happened but when i woke the next morning the scar was stil there? in another dream i only remember being raped by 2 men one being someone i know very well i woke up just as he had got off me. in the last dream i had i was in my house and ireland was crushing in, like the walls and all i tried to get people to run but nobody would so i ran and jumped on a boat and went to england but england was only touching distance away i watched as ireland crumbled to pieces then it start happening to everything in england i remember holding my hands over my ears waiting to be crushed between the walls and jus as i felt the walls touch each arms i was in the middle of the sea with my two younger cousins one 10 and one 8 years old we were holding on to a plank of wood as we couldn't swim anymore there was loads of boats around us with people on them but they all seemed to ignore us and we couldn't get on to these boats as they were high up and there was nothing to grab on to i dont remember much else as i woke up after that but these dreams have been happening for the past week or two most of them i wake up and remember but as the day goes on i cant seem to remember anything that happened in them. what does this mean?

jang23 5 years ago

Hey so I have been having a dream and im not sure what to make of it. I have a girlfriend but I've been dreaming of someone else repeatedly. It is someone I could not have but in the dreams we are emotionally connected. I don't know what to make of these dreams but I feel like there is something to them. I feel at peace and maybe even nervous because of the emotional feeling. If anyone can help me in any way I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 5 years ago Author

It could mean many things. It will depend a great deal on who is was, what kind of kiss it was and how you felt about it.

It could simply mean that you feel like you need affection, but there are many possibilities.

madison 5 years ago

What does it mean when you have a dream that someone kisses you?

rachelle 6 years ago


Darren 6 years ago

hi everyone, I got a dream for you guys. I was in jail just under a week (in the dream) and I had to choose between two women. One was a deputy and would not help me the way I would like to be helped. The other got me out of jail and she has a boyfriend and also likes me a lot. When I found out she had a boyfriend I wanted back in jail so I could see the deputy again.

The emotions in the dream consentration, confused, scared.

Maybe it means the obvious in my life I dont' know and would like to find out what it means.

I hardly have dreams but when I do it usaually comes true. Expecially no vision just audible dreams, some vision dreams with no audibles in it come true as well.

I give thanx to all the people who help in this site. I believe that all dreams just highlight the future and also gives you the knowladge to change a situation that may have gone bad if you didn't listen to dreams.


Samantha 6 years ago

I had a dream that my best friend, Angel, came into my room and was going through all of my headbands! Then, she saw one she liked and just took it and said, "There's my favorite!" And then she just left and I woke up!

kosh3e profile image

kosh3e 6 years ago from Lithuania

Heya, I've had like 3 or 4 prophetic dreams. They were usually connected to the events meant to happen on that day or the day after. It felt really strange when I had a dream with my ex and after 5 since I woke up she calls me as I haven't heard a word from her for more than a year. I could tell more but I don't think that would be interesting. Anyway, I'm not looking seriously at dreams though I accept their advice they're giving to me, haha! Oh, and I love lucid dreaming! Anyways, I should be off to sleep, and again - great hub!

lambservant profile image

lambservant 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

Awesome hub. You mentioned bees. I have been having bee dreams lately. Intersting insights on what our dreams mean. Some of the others I have had too. My counselor once told me that the nightmares I was having were good because it was my mind processing the events that were going on in my life and creating me so much stress. I have found that to be very true. Thanks for a great topic and you seem to have good resources and knowledge.

jai lee 6 years ago

I have the same dream all the time about watching my self being chased by the same thing all the time but watching my self run and run and run i think its behind me then im out of my body watching it i run into a room somewhere and i shut the door behind me thinking i locked it out but my outer body is screaming because its always behind me when i turn round and i cant get me to listen i often wake up crying but cant find the meaning of this dream any helpers email me please? xx

Dragonfly 6 years ago

I read this trying to understand my dream but i still don't understand....What does it mean when u see ur dead cat under a car...u run up to the cat and pick it up and hug it...And u can Feel the fur of the cat and hear him purr i could also smell his fur the cat licks your face and i actually felt its tongue....But when i woke up my door was shut so nthing was near

anonymous 6 years ago

i have had dreams of friends from my old town for the past week i miss them a lot but none of them seem to realy make any sense and nonehte of them have ever heppened in the slightest way

:please reply

anonymous 6 years ago

what does it mean when you dream yourself as a girl

EnergyAdvisor profile image

EnergyAdvisor 6 years ago from The nearest planet to Venus

Great article, you've covered a lot of interesting elements. I love it when people pay such close attention to dreaming. I've read that you had quite a few prophetic and physic dreams. Were they also lucid dreams? or did you remember them when you woke up? I'm a lucid dreamer but I had never had a dream like that. Would think that's because I'm a lucid dreamer?

I've also written a Hub about dreaming. It's about the shamans view of dreaming. Might be of interest to you.


I really enjoyed reading this so vote up:)

Daniel J. Neumann profile image

Daniel J. Neumann 6 years ago from Harrisburg, Pa

Dreaming is so cool. I wish I could remember more of them.

Shelby. 6 years ago

I was 13. I had picked up smoking and I had to be quick about it so that one day he wouldn't happen to come early and find out. I hid my ciggerettes in my dresser in the to drawer. I had a dream one night that my dad walked into my room and Opened the drawer, Found the ciggerettes, and confronted that he knew for awhile. Well, the next day I was smoking behind our shed and he caught me and said that he had knew for awhile. It creeped me out that I had a dream about him catching me and the next day he did..

Mike johnson 6 years ago

Hello,my name is mike johnson.I have a dream, I saw alots of earthworm. what does this mean? answer my question to motiveplus@yahoo.com please

Susana S profile image

Susana S 6 years ago Author

Hi debbie, the dream you describe of being unfaithful is also extremely common. The meaning will be personal to you and will depend on the details: Are you being unfaithful with someone you know? Is it someone from your past? A complete stranger? Someone of the same gender?

Here are some common meanings of dreams of having sex with someone else:

You dream of sex with someone you (consciously or unconsciously) have an attraction to.

You are sexually frustrated and need release.

You are experimenting with sexual practices you feel you cannot act out in waking life.

You are anxious about your sexual abilities.

You are anxious about a sexual difficulty such as impotence.

Two parts of yourself are uniting or integrating.

You are integrating into yourself a quality that you admire in another.

Expression of unacknowledged sexual preferences.

Expression of deep love for someone (whether you are attracted to them or not).

If you need anymore help with it your dream please feel free to post it in full and I'll help you interpret it.

debbie 6 years ago

hi there love all this stuff on dream intrerperation just one thing u said about when u dream if a partner is being un faithful but i haqve been the other way round i have had a couple of dreams where i am being unfaithful to my partner what does this mean????

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

And just when I thought I knew everything about dreams, I read this! Really, this is so amazing! Great research! I am amazed there is soooooo much to dream interpretation! Animals? Naked? I did have a dream a former partner I had would leave me. I told him about it. He was so nice and good to me. 2 weeks later he skived off for some other girl. Oh....to dream!

Sholley profile image

Sholley 7 years ago

I really enjoy reading what you write. I'm new to hubpages and am still learning my way around. You have a fan in my. By the way, thank you for answering a question that I posted earlier. It helped me alot.

Jennitasia profile image

Jennitasia 7 years ago from Arkansas

You have just made a new fan. That was breath taking!

Tamarii2 profile image

Tamarii2 7 years ago from NEW YORK

Enjoyed reading your hub.Thanks for being a fan.>peace 2 U.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 7 years ago Author

Hi Pete :)I agree some dreams are as you describe - just stuff that's mashed together. What we disagree on is what's actually happening! Maybe these kinds of dreams are our minds doing some sort of re-organisation?

Not all dreams are worth interpreting, but in my view a lot are. Especially nightmares & recurring dreams. From my own experience when you get to the bottom of one of these kinds of dreams it's a really powerful experience!

Let's agree to differ and thanks, as always, for your thoughtful comment :)

Pete Maida profile image

Pete Maida 7 years ago

I do not see dreams having any special power or meaning. I have traced many of my dreams back to random facts that I have obtained or random momentary experiences. Some things are classic like the freedom of flying and being naked. Some dreams are disturbing and frightening but I believe all dreams our the work of your imagination mashing together random thoughts an information and no more.

Susana S profile image

Susana S 7 years ago Author

Thanks Julie-Ann - glad you enjoyed it :)

Julie-Ann Amos profile image

Julie-Ann Amos 7 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

GREAT hub thanks! Wow

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