From Fat to Firm at Any Age by Alisa Bauman and Sari Harrar

From Fat to Firm at Any Age

Losing weight can be very difficult especially for people who have suffered with weight issues all their lives. It can be hard to break a habit as they say, old habits die hard. Therefore, once you set yourself up in a routine of poor eating habits and no exercise you will find it very difficult to really start losing that weight. However, this book by Alisa Bauman and Sari Harrar gives the reader practical advise on how to lose weight at any age. Whether you are 35 or 65, you can still learn to change your habits and lose weight and feel great.

In the book it states that the average woman diets three times a year however, she gets 26 percent fatter every 10 years. This would suggest that the diets they are embarking on are not working. They are difficult to stick to and therefore, they never really reach their weight loss goals. From Fat to Firm at any age is supposed to be a "one size fits all" book about how you can lose weight without struggling, without going on some kind of extreme weight loss program, and without doing punishing workout routines that are impossible to stick to.

Practical Tips

The book focuses on providing the every day person with practical tips on how to lose weight safely and quickly. It places emphasis on changing the way you think about food, and doing a little exercise every day. The idea behind the book is that, losing weight should be based around a lifestyle change. Not a "diet." They say that diets do not work, and the statistics do prove that they might work in the short term however, in the long time most people try an fail.

Bauman and Harrar talk about food substitution and how you can lose weight by taking something you really love that might be unhealthy and replacing it with something similar, but healthy. For example, if you love chocolate instead of eating a Snickers bar have a dark chocolate bar and a handful of almonds. You are still getting your chocolate fix, and that nutty taste but you are not loading up on the unhealthy calories. If you love sweets, eat a handful of very sweet raisins. If you like sugar in your tea, instead put a spoonful or organic honey or agave nectar into your tea. Skip the coffee and have a cup of green tea instead. There are so many practical tips that you could use to help you lose weight. This book is packed with practical tips and advice. I have used some of these tips myself to lose weight over the years, and in fact I am using some of those tips now and I have seen a difference in a couple of weeks.

When you purchase this book you have to bare in mind that this is a lifestyle change. It is not a fad diet. The book is not going to tell you to cut out your carbs, or cut out fats, or reduce your calories to some drastic level. It is just going to give you practical hints and tricks to help you to lose weight and keep it off.

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