Fruit Diet

Fruit is essential to any healthy and successful diets. They a chock full of vitamins, minerals, and other things essential to a long, healthy, and energetic life. There a thousands of fruits out there able to be eaten and so you'll always have something to eat if your lifestyle demands unique foods. Through things like a power juicer, you can get even more variety and even drink your fruits while on the go. Compared to supplements, fruits are also much better for you because you body acquires and processes those nutrients through the fruit than a pill.

For a healthy life, you should at least eat 5 pieces of fruit a day (or more)! If you want to lose weight, besides some daily exercise, fruits are the ultimate key. The sugars, hydration, fiber, and nutrients all gained from fruits help you eat less, feel more full, and ease bowel movements to move toxic wastes from your body quicker. If you consume at least a third of your current diet with fruits, you will discover that the pounds will shed off your body effortlessly. (Don't believe me? Try it).

Fruit Diet Meal Plan

The diet you are reading here is not like the "fruit diets" you have heard and learned about before.  This is a diet I'm personally undergoing and have seen some amazing results.  With a combination of moderate exercise, healthy eating, and a few supplements, I've seen great body results.  My muscles are toning, my fat is melting away, and I more energy throughout the day.  For diets, I've learned that everything should be taken with moderation.  All those "fad diets" out there are not natural and ARE NOT healthy to maintain.  A natural diet (which I'm advocating) is a mixture of everything: fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains.

The key, I've discovered behind my increased healthy and weight loss is the fruits and vegetables I've been eating.  With my breakfast in the morning, I have a glass of juice (Mango-Peach) but any fruit or vegetable will be great so choose the one that matches your taste.  The rest of things you eat with your fruit juice doesn't really matter but you'll want to stray away from processed, sugary, factory food.  For example, instead of a bowl of Trix cereal, have some Raisin Bran instead.  Or, if you're not a cereal person, have yogurt or a toasted bagel.

With your lunch, have a broad selection of foods.  A peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, with a tossed salad, a delicious sugary cookie, and milk would be a great lunch.  Vary your lunch each day to help maximize the nutrients you take in.  Lunch meat sandwhiches with mayo and pickles may be good sandwhich one day, banana slices instead of salad may be great for another day.  For the amount of food you should eat at lunch, eat enough that you're not hungry anymore, but not engorged and bloated.

Dinner should be just like lunch.  You should a large assortment of foods, fruits, and vegetables to eat and choose from.  An all-encompassing meal with everything is the best.  Make sure you have at least 2 pieces of fruits to eat as well as plenty of vegetables.  A fruit juice (from a juicer is preferable) for dinner is great too if you don't want to have milk or water.

Snacks and throughout the day should consist of light, healthy vegetables, fruits, and water.  Soda should be a no no (although I'm guilty of drinking it almost daily).  Before any other drink you have during the day however, water should be your number one choice.  If you're not drinking AT LEAST 8 glasses a day, you're not living healthy.  Water cleanses your body of all the toxins and waste that accumulate in your body.  You'll discover, with drinking lots of water, that you'll have more energy, and your fat will just roll off.  You'll know you're drinking enough water when your urine is pale/clear and not dark yellow.  For snacks, eat nothing but vegetables like baby carrots, or fruits like apples and bananas.  You want fruits and vegetables with lots of fiber and that are packed with nutrients.  Snacking on these types of foods will decrease your hunger and will cut hundreds upon hundreds of calories.


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