Fruits and vegetables that helps to increase hemoglobin naturally


What are the Causes for low Hemoglobin count

Hemoglobin is protein based component.It is located in red blood cells which gives blood red appearance.Normal hemoglobin vales are: (roughly not exactly)



Pregnancy :11-12g/dl

Children :11-16g/dl

What are the problems(symptoms) with low hemoglobin ?

Hemoglobin transports oxygen from lungs to cells throughout the body.Low hemoglobin means low oxygen in blood.In order to compensate lowered oxygen in blood,the body try to enhance the output of the heart.This results to many adverse conditions.

The main symptom is fatigue(tiredness).Shortness of breath,head ache,Coldness in hands,feet,and chest pain,lack of concentration,sore tongue and some other problems.

How to increase Hemoglobin level naturally ?

It is always advisable to increase hemoglobin naturally.There are many fruits and vegetables available for us to increase hemoglobin naturally.


A part from being healthy Pomegranate is delicious too.The fruit contains three times of antioxidants of green tea.It contains vitamins A,C,E,folic acid Iron.

By taking this fruit in any form supplies iron to blood and thus,reduce the symptoms caused due to lower hemoglobin.Diabetic patients can also take this fruit.


Dates or dried dates are considered as nutritious.Along with iron they contain Potassium,Calcium,Magnesium and vitamins A and B.Dates can boost your energy level.


This fruit provides Iron along with high levels of Proteins, Carbohydrates,Potassium,Vitamin C and vitamin B.As the Iron content in watermelon is high it boosts the level of stamina and energy.


All berries(Blackberries,Blueberries,Cranberries,Strawberries) contains Iron.These fruits along with Iron contains lots of Antioxidants,Vitamin A and E.

Iron rich vegetables


All types of Legumes are best plant based food enriched with Iron.

(Legumes include-Soya nuts,Red kidney beans,Lima beans,Lentils,Fava beans,Edamame,Chickpeas,Black-eyed peas,Black beans,Anasazi beans,Adzuki beans)

Green leafy vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals.Green leafy vegetables contains vitamin A,C,K,Calcium and Iron.One cup of Spinach have nearly 6mg of Iron.

Pumpkin Seeds.

There are many reasons to eat Pumpkin seeds.They are good sources of Iron,Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds contain 8.6mg.The better way to eat them is as they are.One more simple way is to add them to a salad and eat.

Comparatively Vegetarian sources of Iron is less readily absorbed.So,vegetarians at specially pre-menopausal females should take slightly higher iron intake.It isĀ advisable to take these foods along with foods which contain vitamin C it will be more helpful for curing Iron deficiency.

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harrison8bal profile image

harrison8bal 6 years ago from Shanghai

You have some great hubs there, I liked the information on this page, would you be able to add a program sort of thing? xD

M AZHAR HASHMI 5 years ago

Thanks very helpful for me

Basheer Ahmad,Kasaragod 4 years ago

Thanks for the useful,helpful informations provided and wish successs

4 years ago

thanx very helpful 4 my grandmother

4 years ago

thanx very helpful 4 my grandmother

ashish 4 years ago

my mother hb is 6, whih is very low, what can i do to increase hb, which type of food,vegetables can take,pls give me reply...

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rajgupta1959 4 years ago

my wife 47 years old is having low hbg 10 what medication and care i should take pl advise

Gajanan 4 years ago

Thanx its very helpful 4 me.

rk sharma 4 years ago

How you increse you HB if you are debitc also

Manzira 4 years ago

I am diabetic .suggest foods that control my sugar levels and improve my Hb levels

vinu 4 years ago

Thank you..

vipul 4 years ago

thanks aqlot...but i have been eating but my count is 11.9 is it too


my count is 9.8 please give some more ideas 4 years ago

Thank you

ranjeet singh 3 years ago

this is realy helpfully & great

thanks a lot

79 3 years ago


vidya 3 years ago

i am 7 months pregenent my hemoglobin is only 9.3 how to increse my hemoglobin 3 years ago

thank u

saleem chaudhry 3 years ago

my wife is 65 yrs.She is diabetic and has low hb 8.5.Kindly suggest some diet .She is suffering from shortness of breath and gets tired easily

I shall be grateful for yr help.We are located in Pakistan.



poo 3 years ago

how to increse hemoglobon in fruits

ramesh 3 years ago

My wife is 26 yrs old having lavel of hemoglobin is 8 how increase

pothala.ramya 3 years ago

i drunk beetroot juice their any use to increase blood by beet root juice please reply me.otherwise reply to mail my mail id:- "" plz help me

ajay 3 years ago

Hi my son is 7 month old having 9 hemoglovin how to increase or adivice about medicine or natural treatment & i would like to know acceptable range for children . Pl repl me

Mir Azhar Ali 3 years ago

Thanks for your information, for fast increase of hemoglobin in fruits is Pomegranate.

kundAN SINGH 3 years ago

SIR MY BABY IS ABT 2 YRS .she has 6.6 gm/dl .plz write how to improve it. yb home made diet or naturally diet

puja 3 years ago

i am runnning in 48 years & last 1 year from my manopause time ,i am gatting low hemoglobin & celcium

karthi.T 3 years ago

Thanks for providing usefull tips

govi 3 years ago

My wife 8 months pregnant hemoglobin is 8.1 how to increase

profile image

lancervenkat 3 years ago

my wife 5months pregnant hemoglobin is 9.2 how to increase also

she has sugar ( after food it is 150 )

sharad deore 3 years ago

Thanx and realy good 4 me and my family also we sugest pl give in more details .

Shubha 3 years ago

Hi my dad s diabetic patient n his hb s 7.2. Pls suggest me how to increase hb level.

My mail id

Shiva Prakash 3 years ago

Hi i have low hemoglobin level i requesting you to please give me suggestion to increase the hemoglobin because sometime i will get a head ache problem so.


shraddha s sane 3 years ago

my mother 80yrs old hb 6.10 cant eat food medicines given by doctor effecting adversely not suitable for health only liquids can be consumed wbc count is 22000 pl advice

shraddha s sane 3 years ago

my mother 80yrs old hb 6.10 cant eat food medicines given by doctor effecting adversely not suitable for health only liquids can be consumed wbc count is 22000 pl advice email

Maanvitha 3 years ago

I am 5 months hemoglobin is only 6.6, how to increase my hemoglobin

Maanvitha 3 years ago

I am 5 months pregenent my hemoglobin is only 6.6, how to increase my hemoglobin plz advice email

Shamshad Ali 3 years ago

Nic sit for all 3 years ago

Very good information so far read on how to increase hemoglobin level from veg and fruits. Thank you doctor. rdrajan, Goa, India.

riya 2 years ago

My hemoglobin is 8.2. How I increase my hb? Plz reply me.

Jessica 2 years ago

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janvi 2 years ago

Add Your Comment..

My wife 6months pregnant hemoglobin is 8.5 so how tickets increase hb

bapi 2 years ago

Hi my son is 4+ years old having 9 hemoglobin how to increase or advice about medicine or natural treatment & i would like to know acceptable range for children . Pl repl me

ammu 2 years ago

my sisters hemoglobin is 6.5 . she lived in combined family. how to she incresed her hmg. please advise for diet

supriya 2 years ago


kalpana.g 2 years ago

sir i am 3mon pragnant my humoclobin is very low...... how to increase my humoclobin.........

kalpana.g 2 years ago

sir i am 3mon pragnant my humoclobin is very low...... how to increase my humoclobin......pls reply me....

manisha 2 years ago

Hi sir I have O negative blood group and I am 25 years old girl every report is normal every month my period is getting late my haemoglobin is 11.2 plz suggest some tips for me

siddharth 2 years ago

Hi, my mother is 65 years old and having low hemoglobin as 7,please suggest that what to eat as she is dibitec also.

lisa 2 years ago

this is a very good website

rashi rastogi 2 years ago

Hi, I m 28 yrs old and my weight is 52, having low hemoglobin as 7.20, please suggest me that how can I increase my hemoglobin.

Pinky Sareen 2 years ago

Hi.. i m pinky my hemoglobin is 6.1 please suggest me any fruit or dray fruit to increase.

lekshmi 2 years ago

Hai,am a pregnant hb is 9.6 please suggest me that how can i increase my hb.

dhanashri 2 years ago

Sir my husband is 28 old he is diabetic .how can wr increase hb level.his hb is 9.please guide to me

Ruchi 2 years ago

Hi I m 8month pargency n my hemoglobin 7 point how to increase my hemoglobin

rramandeep 2 years ago

Hi, son is running low hemoglobin is that only 7g and he is very irritate mostly he bite me. Regularly he eat stones, soap and other things like that. So plz help me what I can do for him. Thanks a lot....awaiting for u.

vinod kakade 2 years ago

My daughter is 3 year old. She's hb is 5.2. Please give me suggestions how to improve.

megha Rahul Thorat 2 years ago

My son is 4 years old .His hb is 9. Plz give me suggestions how to increase hb level.

Annu 2 years ago

Thank you its really a great help, i added dates in my husband's diet which helped him to increase his hb from 12 to 15.

Amita Das 2 years ago

i have completed 4 nos.of chemo for uterus and ovary cancer [already amputated], my hemoglobin level always goes down under 6 after immediate taking chemo. please give advice.


mini 2 years ago

My baby is 16months.his HB is 7 plz gimme wot can I do for increase his HB

malli 2 years ago

Iam pregnant in 8months hb level to improve hb level.i eat which type of food .pls give me suggession to improve hb level.pls send reply 24 months ago

my wife is 25 year old 1 month pregnant hemoglobin level is 7.5 gm

how to in cruse blood circulation

parveen 23 months ago

Hi I am 16 my Hb level is 6please help how I can increase it without taking medicines my id,

kulveer singh 22 months ago

my child is 3 yrs. old. his HB is 7.9 how to increase it

Duranta Boruah 21 months ago

Thanks 4 above baby is 2 yrs. n her heamo. Level is 10. How kn it increase. She is suffering from fever very frequently

Kalpana 18 months ago

My son is 2.7 months old. Often he is not well due to cold and fever. Dr. told may be due to lack of immunity or haemoglobin. H to rectify and wh are all the foods to be given to him. My id

Nitin 17 months ago

My father age is 59. He's mutual drunker... Last 2-3 week before, he's facing problem of swelling in right leg.. Dr. Write some test.. Which have haemoglobin test also.. He's hb level is 3.9 gram... What should I do ? Help me.. My email id is "".

kaustoov 15 months ago

Hi I m kaustoov my wife hb is very low and she feels very cool in this days even a normal person plz give me suggestions

SL AGGARWAL 11 months ago

Thanx for providing such a vital information which will help a friend to gain his good health

Devadanam 11 months ago

Pl help me that my daughter is having 9.9.HB how to increase

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