Funeral Prayer Card Verses

Verse to use on Funeral Prayer Cards

A prayer card template courtesy of The Funeral Program Site can be used to place your verses on nicely.
A prayer card template courtesy of The Funeral Program Site can be used to place your verses on nicely.

Memorial Cards

Selecting memorial prayer card passages for the funeral service program is very simple and easy to accomplish. If you are planning to create your own memorial card simply by way of a template, here are a few ideas to get you started on precisely what sort of prayer or passages to place on the back of them. Funeral prayers, poems, and scripture can easily be found on most web resources. Traditionally, the supplier that offers prayer card templates may also supply you with a variety of great funeral prayers or passages right on their website.

Frequently, in a faith style funeral program or other religious ceremonies, simple prayers and verses out of the Bible are generally mentioned and place on one side of the card. Prayers such as the Apostles' Creed, Hail Mary together with verses such as Psalm 23 and Romans 8:28-31 can also be referenced. Various family members can likewise insert poetry relevant to the situation or topic in place of funeral service prayers or verses. This is especialy true if the family does not want any type of religious connotation on the card itself.

Funeral service poems are also a good choice for prayer cards. You can obtain desirable passages from a selection in the Old along with New Testaments of the Bible. Verses for cards could consists of a great motivating word received from the scriptures, an assurance of wealth or perhaps hope in situations of trouble, and an ever existing spiritual aid in moments or times of trials.

Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep is a relatively preferred prayer card verse or poem that you may regularly discover being noted. You can quickly locate the words to this famous poem on the web. There are a number of translations, therefore choose the one that you like the best.

Prayer cards do not necessarily have to contain a prayer of some sort but rather can note anything you'd like as a short or simple tribute. This token serves as a sort of keepsake for your loved one. Often a family member will write a short paragraph and place it on the back of the cards instead of a prayer or poem.

Resource for Prayer Card Verses and Funeral Resources


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