Funeral Program Layout

A beautiful example of a funeral program layout from The Funeral Program Site resource on the web.
A beautiful example of a funeral program layout from The Funeral Program Site resource on the web.

The Layout of a Funeral Program

Because most of us are not familiar with the planning of a funeral, it may be initially challenging to try and determine the layout of a funeral program. It is important to have a funeral program for a service because it contains much valuable information of the ending of one's life. Such information may include: an obituary, family and friends names, highlights and accomplishments of a loved one's life, special poetry or written works by the deceased and memorable photographs throughout the life that they lived.

There are some general outlines in which the funeral program layout can consist of. The funeral program layout pages hold a myriad of memories for the family of the deceased and most people keep the funeral program for many years as an end of life keepsake. It's important that the funeral program is special and one that will accurately honor and pay tribute to your loved one's life.

Depending on the type of funeral service you are planning and the church affiliation, the funeral program layout can be quite extensive. For example, the Catholic church and other religious sects have some very specific rituals for the funeral program. But regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the funeral service, the following outline is created to help you provide some important inclusions for the funeral program layout:

1. The decease's full name, birth, and date of death as well as a photo are placed on the front cover of a funeral program. Generally, the deceased full name is in a larger font than the rest of the text on the cover. Also adding a beautiful landscape design as a background to the front cover photo will add a finishing touch as well as aesthetic appeal to the cover.

2. The funeral program layout for the back of the program contains items such as a special poem, prayer, or obituary. You can also place a small photo with the obituary on the back. You can place interment information or a special after service gathering at the bottom of the back page.

3. The right side of the interior funeral program layout is the area for noting the funeral order of service and can take the full two panels of the inside pages if the funeral order of service is extensive. You can place photos, hymn lyrics or poems on one side of the inside page if you have a shorter order of service.

4. A special message from the family expressing gratitude and acknowledgement can be noted after the end of the funeral order of service. This is meant to convey thanksgiving for those who have been especially helpful or provided encouragement, prayers and support.

5. To include more photos within your funeral program, you can create a funeral program that is more like a booklet presentation. Creating more pages adds to printing costs so keep your budget in mind with the amount of pages in your program.

Keep printing cost and your budget in mind when creating more pages. These guidelines provide you with the basics on producing a nice funeral program layout and a special keepsake for family and attendees.

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