GOP: Right about death panels....

Jan Brewer
Jan Brewer

only they were wrong in telling Americans it was Obama that was going to create them.

The GOP called them Death Panels. Since the control has switched. Jan Brewer of Arizona and others have worked to change medical coverage policies on the local/state levels to circumvent those "Obama Care" policies. All at the expense of the American people that can least afford them.

Jan Brewer, Republican Governor of Arizona, has shown Americans just what the party stands for. She and her fellow GOP cut medical funding to the poor and lower income, making it impossible for them to get the medical aid they need or the transplants that will save their lives.

This Republican has taken it upon herself to play God with the lives of Americans and use her position to circumvent the Health Care policies that have been put into place, those pushed as "Obama Care" by the GOP. How sad that American's bought her rhetoric and now they are paying for it with their lives.

A great example; a father of four who contracted hepatitis C was left hoping to live without a transplant that was just a couple of days away because he didn't have $200,000 to pay for his new liver and the surgery to replace it; especially since Jan Brewer cut medical funding for the lower income Americans.

Jan Brewer has become judge and juror on her very own death panel. How will her decisions affect you and your family?

Arizona is just the beginning, as other GOP have also been looking to push similar laws through their states.

Has "Obama Care" been bad for you?

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GNelson profile image

GNelson 6 years ago from Florida

I guess now we have government death panels, like Palin said, as well as health insurance company death panels, which we have had for a while. Hard too believe she was right, she just had the wrong party.

profile image

HSchneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

From what I've read, Gov. Brewer was a moderate Republican and a somewhat inconsequential political figure until she was elevated to Governor of Arizona after Janet Napolitano became Director of Homeland Security. Then Sarah Palin endorsed her and voila, she began to drink the far right Kool-Aid. Suddenly she was a hard line supporter of their draconian new immigration law and now these hideous and inhumane healthcare cuts. Yes, the American people slurped up this crap but not to a huge extent. Many of the losses in the House were by small margins. Hopefully the American people wake up to what is happening and reverse this in 2012. If the economy improves, which I believe it is and will albeit slowly, then they will vote with the Dems in 2012. Great Hub.

Santiago 6 years ago

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's Death Panels!

Abecedarian profile image

Abecedarian 5 years ago from These United States, Texas Author

HSchneider, from your mouth to gods ears on 2012.

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