Gender Selection by the Chinese Gender Chart

How to choose the gender of baby FREE and SAFE

Wedding ring pendulum, drain cleaner color, shape of belly …... you have all sources of free gender prediction methods, but none of them are more popular than the Chinese Birth Chart (aka Chinese Gender Chart) nowadays.

The beauty about the Chinese Birth Chart is that it can tell the sex of a fetus before his/her mother is pregnant, with a very high accuracy.

To predict baby gender with the Chinese Birth Chart, you will need to find out the pregnant woman's age at the moment the baby conceived. You will also need to know the month when the baby is conceived. So it could probably be a baby boy if a 25 years old woman gets pregnant in June, it could also be a baby boy if she gets pregnant in October at the same age. But she should carry a baby girl if she gets pregnant in May when she is one year older.

It is ridiculous from a scientific point of view as only female is involved in the Chinese Birth Chart. In other words, this chart implies that male is a non-factor in determining the sex of his offspring(s) in any ways. This is contradiction to what we usually read from biology books, which tell us that gender of babies, are based on X-sperm and Y-sperm from males' semen.

Well it may not be the case! Latest science studies have discovered that female's egg membrane is able to choose to fertilize with Y or X sperm. So perhaps we can say that it is the mother who chooses the sex of the baby and the father only determines the sex of the baby after conception.

How accurate is the Chinese Birth Chart? Some chart users will tell you that the accuracy is about 50/50, which is about the rate of tossing a coin. But, if the accuracy of the chart is that low, why it is become more and more popular in the world? In fact, the chart could be an excellent tool to predict baby gender if you follow several guidelines;

1. Lunar date and Lunar month must be used when predicting gender from the Chinese Birth Chart, as the chart was invented by the Chinese.

2. Don’t get pregnant at the first and final few days of any lunar months.

3. Don't get pregnant in lunar leap months.

No matter you believe on the Chinese Birth Chart or not, just treat it as a fun game for gender prediction.

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Donna Bledsoe  8 years ago

Very interesting topic!

lokyae 5 years ago

Is this birth chart the same as the one at

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