Get Rid of Moles on Your Skin Naturally

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Facial Mole
Facial Mole

Get Rid of Moles on your Skin Naturally

Did you know that skin moles are simple harmless brown and black colored spots?

Based on where these moles are situated on the body, an individual might choose to have them removed or abandon them just like that. For some people these kinds of brown or black spots may improve the looks in the form of a beauty spot. Nonetheless, furry and unsightly spots may dent a person’s appearance very easily. This is the reason some people get the ugly looking facial moles removed.

Cluster of skin cells with different pigmentation cause the formation of a mole. The shape, color and size of these spots may differ from individual to individual as well as from location to location. The colors are usually pink, red, black, brown as well as other variations of these shades.

In case you see a medical doctor she /he may get rid of the mole by cutting it or shaving it or burning it with laser or freezing it. These methods are not only expensive they sometimes cause scarring of skin. Facial scars can easily further spoil the looks. Please remember that specialist scar removing can also be really costly.

Fortunately there are some uncomplicated herbal treatments that can help you get rid of skin moles naturally and easily in the comfort of your home. The ingredients required costs just a few dollars. In reality many individuals may already have many of these herbs at home. These types of herbal treatments were really the only techniques which were used in the good past when traditional prescription drugs and surgery never existed.

Basically to ensure these moles are not cancerous, it is always much better to get them examined by a physician before you begin a home cure.

One home remedy that actually works exceeding well for many is vinegar. Depending on how sensitive your skin layer is, you might have to dilute apple cider vinegar with normal water. Cleanse the top of the mole properly to remove any dust and oil. Dry up the mole before you employ apple cider vinegar. Dip a cotton ball in vinegar and apply it on the moles. You should utilize a band aid type tape to hold the swab against the skin. Leave the cotton swab overnight. Repeat this treatment for a week.

Apple cider vinegar might hurt your skin a little and as you employ it on a regular basis a scab will get produced. Do not try to peel off the scab. Instead allow it to dry on its own and drop away. This will likely prevent scar formation.

The other home cure to get rid of skin moles is using chopped garlic pieces or a paste. Make use of a cotton cloth to keep garlic against the affected spot. Utilize a medical skin tape to support it correctly. Employ garlic two times per day for Forty five minutes to one hour. Continual use for about a week will provide you with superb results. If there is a scab formation then don’t disturb it by trying to remove it using your hands. Allow it to dry and fall down without attention.

One disadvantage with natural home remedies is not all cures work for every single person. So you might have to experiment with a number of alternatives before you get the perfect solution for your skin moles. Next you'll have to be patient while using natural home remedies. These medications are highly efficient but can take time to provide good results.

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Patti Ann profile image

Patti Ann 7 years ago from Florida

Good info - I'll give this a try. I try to use natural remedies when I can.

facialmoleremoval profile image

facialmoleremoval 6 years ago

I personally found Castor oil to work great on me. Most of my moles dropped off naturally after 10 days of using Castor oil. No pain, no scar.

Judy of

Laura 6 years ago

red wine vinegar is what works great for me. i diluted it to half strength before applying and my mole fell off in 4 days!

profile image

itworkspaste 4 years ago

The above photo of the pretty woman with a mole on her face is from the website The author of this article stole the photo from itworkspaste mole remover.

helpme 3 years ago

so i have three small round moles on my face. i want to remove it but i don't know how? ihave sensitive skin and hve some pimples.. what's the best way to remove them without leaving any scars? thanks hope you're helping!!.

Tily 3 years ago

There is a natural way to remove the mole 100% success.

Check it here:

taylor 3 years ago

Hey friends, to remove moles, warts & skin tags, you should use a naturally treatment guide. It's very safe and effect without pain or surgery. Many people success to remove their moles, warts & skin tags by follow it. Find out more here:

Hope it helps

PHANI 3 years ago


Ten lha 3 years ago

My mouth side and forehead side has round few moles.. So I want to remove it.. While I looking on my face day by day.. It can appear more and more... So how can I stop it? Cut I don't like it

Thank you

jackie 2 years ago

so does this vinegar stuff really work??

Tony 2 years ago

Test this solution, it'll helps, it worked for me. More at:

Mahnoor 2 years ago

Does garlic really work out on mole ..n not scars?? Or damage my skin ?

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