Getting The Lead Out Of This Season’s Holiday Home

What To Do

If You Think There Has Been Lead Exposure...

Talk to your doctor immediately since...

Symptoms in the young are very vague. They include irritability, weight loss, vomiting constipation and pallor, and later learning disabilities.

Symptoms in adults include headache, numbness and tingling in fingers and toes, stomach pain, and weakness, and later memory loss.

These symptoms can be caused by a number of illnesses. If you're not sure what ails you... find help and ask.

Recalls on imported goods are causing worries about lead being present in gifts.

How can you be sure your gifts and home are safe?

First of all, all recalls should be taken seriously.

Second, the leading source in lead poisonings is more of a problem in older homes, or apartments where lead paint was once used, yet....

Lead can also be found in contaminated food, dust, and soil, so hidden lead is out there beyond the feared imports and paint chips.

However, the good news is that because of earlier interventions and education the incidence of lead poisoning is at an all time low in the USA regardless of the hype.

Fact...children are at a greater risk for poisoning because lead is absorbed easier in growing little bodies, even small amounts can cause them harm.

Now here's the rest of the story... poisoning only occurs after long term exposure lead.

A single encounter with a toy is not likely to cause any harmful effects, but... it would be wise to remove known and unknown sources of lead from your home using the rules of clean.

Hidden Lead

In 1978 the product safety commission banned lead paint for use in homes, toys, and furniture but... lead can still be found in:

  • The Moldings, Woodwork, and Walls of Older Homes

  • Glazes of Ceramics, China Dishes, and Porcelain

  • Household Dust

  • Water From Pipes Soldered with Lead

  • Soil Where Lead Gasoline, or Other Lead Sources Have Been Dumped and Absorbed

  • Some Imported Canned Products

  • Some Traditional Remedies like Litargirio a foot powder, and Cosmetics like Kohl an eyeliner

It would be impossible to remove all lead sources. Talk care to follow the Rules of Clean to minimize your exposure to many of today's hidden hazards.

The Rules Of Clean:

Clean Hands: Clean House: Clean Living: Clean Pipes

1) Clean Hands

Washing your child's hands after play and before meals will greatly reduce their exposure to hidden lead particles that have become part of household dust, backyard soil, or contaminated toys.

2) Clean House

Since dust can be a lead carrier avoid clutter. Keep the knickknacks dusted, and clean dusty surfaces including, floors, window sills and moldings.

Warehouse dust also builds on the inside of the box. When you make a purchase, whether its a toy or dishes, if it's washable simply wipe it clean or wash it before use.

Get rid of box for the same reason. If for some reason unknown lead dust is in or on the box, why add it to your dust collection?

Last, if you have an older home, and the paint is intact, it's okay to repaint without removal. Another option is encapsulation, which uses a thick paint product.

3) Clean Living

Lead loves to bond with friends. And guess what? Lead's BFFs... iron and calcium can be your child's heroes.

Giving your child a balanced diet with iron rich foods, and calcium will help them grow healthy, and prevent lead from being absorbed into the blood stream.

Avoid A Home Improvment Nightmare

Finally, some imported canned products still use lead to solder the cans. If in doubt it doesn't hurt to ask the company or do a search on the product.

4) Clean Pipes

Older pipes soldered with lead are another source of hazard, especially when heated, which causes to lead to be released along with the water supply.

Just in case you're not 100% sure about your pipes, don't try to use hot tap water for instant soups, warming baby bottles, or getting that pot of pasta rolling faster.

It's also a good idea to let cool water run a few seconds before using it.

By incorporating the rules of clean into our daily lives ,we could minimize our family's exposure to a number of toxins that go way beyond lead.

That's a good thing.

Before You Renovate

Think about what you may be releasing into the air.

Lead, Asbestos, Arsenic and countless other detained toxins could be waiting for release.

Take precautions, do your research, and get help if you need it.

Better safe than sorry.

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