Gettin' Old Aint For Sissies II


The Changing Modes of Transportation

Ageing comes with some subtle and not so subtle changes. As we age our eyesight gets worse, reflexes become slower and memory seems to fade. However, in some cases our aim is true....we can hit anything at less than 10 yards............

With age comes declines in stability, strength and stamina requiring new modes of transportation. Although the modes of transportation change, the issues associated with getting from place to place remain.

From Automobile to Walker

Our Identity and Walkers

Our cars share a lot about our personality with the world around us and so do our walkers. While all walkers provide the same general function, we choose the one that best fits our personality........

Here are some examples:

The Pink Cadillac


Little GTO


The Classic Beattle


The Sting Ray


What Do We Do Now ?

Careful Don't Get Nabbed By The Walker Police !!


Racing is Still Fun, At A Snails Pace


Parking Can Be A Problem !

Even With Valet Parking, space is limited
Even With Valet Parking, space is limited

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Meadow Kelly profile image

Meadow Kelly 5 years ago from Deep South, USA

I got such a kick out of this hub. I remember driving the GTO and a few years later, I had a Beetle. Those were the days! Thanks for the laugh.

mjboomer profile image

mjboomer 5 years ago from Oregon Author

Medow Kelly thanks for your comment...

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