Getting Your First Pap Smear

A funny story

First let me tell you a story my Aunt told me to help me get through my first pap smear. She said she had been married a year when she began to think she was pregnant. So she went to her doctor who wanted to do a pap to make sure everything was alright.

The nurse gave her a sheet to place over her and told her to undress completely. So she undressed quickly, grabbed the sheet covered herself up and waited. The longer she waited the more scared she became. Finally the doctor knocked on the door and him and his nurse walked in. He explained he needed her to lie back and put her legs in the stir-ups. So she did. Then he told her to scoot down. Again she did what she was told. Finally her nerves got the better of her and she threw the sheet over head out of embarrassment. Unfortunately, when she did, she was staring the doctor straight in the face. She said she had never been so red-faced as she was that day.

And that has helped me every time I went to get one done.

The Real Deal

So for some reason you are going to have to have a pap smear done. It could be done for many reasons. You've been have trouble with your period. You have become sexually active (and if you do, then a pap is recommended to help keep you healthy) you have become pregnant. So many reason come to mind when it comes to why a young woman would need one. It doesn't always mean something bad. But I will give as much detail as I can.

Now like you read in the funny little story above, that's how a pap goes. You undress, cover up, wait for the doctor, and then he or she comes in and tell you to lie back and put your feet up. Then you scoot down so the Dr. can have a clear view. Once your here, he/she takes a speculum to open the cervix. This device just slides in and he/she turns a knob that opens it up. It doesn't hurt. After that they take a soft brush and gather cells from the cervix to test under a microscope. This brush in no way hurts either. And the reason they use something soft is because they don't want to do anything that could hurt the cervix. So rest assure that it won't be painful.

A pap smear usually takes just a couple of minutes. They are very quick and before you realize it, it's over. But I will give you a heads up, if you are on your period you may have to redo the pap a couple of weeks later. So don't be alarmed if you get a letter back stating they need to redo it.

But as always when you go for your first pap, try to remember the little story my Aunt told me. It will help keep your mind occupied and hopefully keep you from doing the same thing.


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