Laughter ,The best medicine

Giggle and stay healthy forever

Giggle giggle all the way!!

Laughter @ no cost, @ no effort,it's simple and fabulous fun, it's key to happier,healthier and better living

Laughter cost not a penny but heals plenty

If you are diabetic ,then take it your chances of heart attack or other diseases related to heart is at higher risk than other patient,but it won't be wrong if I say that you can laugh away some of your danger.
Researchers prescribe a daily dose of laughter (humor) at least 30 minutes.You may make
your self laugh in any way ,either you watch a humorous video ,TV show or you make be an active member of a laughter club.It was found out that patient who only took medicines to curb diabetes could not control the sugar level much but the patients those who along with their medicines took the 30 mins dose of laughtershowed drastic control of sugar level.Blood test taken after and before the shot of laughter showed that patients who has their bones tickled ,lower the heart risk substantially.they discovered 26%of rise in HDL (GOOD CHOLESTEROL )compared to 3 %among the the patient in the controlled group .Moreover level of C-Reactive protein ,a marker of heart harming inflammation ,dropped by 66%compared to 26%decrease in other patient who did not take the dose of laughter.
It is said truly that suffering from stress, can be deadly in Hindi it is truly said ( chinta chita kay saman hai)worry is next to dead bed)


A dose of Laughter can mend your pain, check your stress level ,help you to sleep like an infant ,provides you relaxation ,make your environment light, boost your immune system, foster creativity so you can think more properly and instantly than when you are full of tension ,thus multiplying one's productivity, It extend your life span , expand your point of view and make you a broad minded person. It builds your bond with others,increase your ability to attract people to your charm and charisma, foremost thing is that it make you feel happier and help you to live every moment in life.It won't be wrong to say to increases your blood count you must laugh,you may join giggle comedy club and enjoy the cream of giggling .

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docadvocate 7 years ago

It is said truly that suffering from stress, can be deadly in Hindi it is truly said ( chinta chita kay saman hai)that is worrying is next to dead bed) well put mam.

the video u hv put is awesome.

lotuslove19 profile image

lotuslove19 7 years ago Author

HI,docadvocate,thanks for your comment .Isn't it the reality that worry leads to death bed. You worry and then suffer from hypertension which leads to heart attack, so cool down and relax with laughter

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docadvocate 7 years ago

awesome ,its only a experienced person like u can tell d real worth of life,i mean u r like preacher 2 me .r u there at orkut,facebook,twitter or for that matter at any of the social networks?u r face seems so calm as if u achieved salvation.

lotuslove19 profile image

lotuslove19 7 years ago Author

thanks for your comment ,I am a satisfied person who has achieved all that one wants in life ,at present I do a lot of social work and writing hubs is part of it. I want people to know what is right and wrong in life ,how you can help oneself in a very simple way .

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