Ginger Yeast Infection Treatment

Among the methods of treating yeast infections, ginger yeast infection treatment is the most highly acclaimed. The fungus Candida causes vaginitis, which is commonly known as yeast infection. Around 50 % of all healthy women carry yeast in their vagina. Vaginal yeast infections come about due to the introduction of new yeast in the vagina in relation to the quantity of bacteria already present in the vaginal area. This causes irritation in the lining of the vagina and thus what is called vaginitis or vaginal candiditis. It is not a sexually transmitted disease though women who get a bout of the infection often worry about having caught it through sexually intercourse. Therefore, you are not treating an STD but rather a fungal infection.

Common symptoms are itching, irritation of the vagina. Others are painful urination and painful intercourse. These symptoms are accompanied by a whitish-grey discharge that can be either thick or just watery. Before starting out on any treatment for what is supposedly, a yeast infection it is advisable to seek a professional diagnosis from a doctor. Treating yeast infection can be done by various means, one being the ginger yeast infection treatment. It is not necessary to visit the doctor for a yeast infection, if that is what you are sure is the matter. There are simple homemade solutions to the common infection. Ginger as a beverage will aid in soothing the inflammation caused by the Candida fungus along the gastrointestinal lining. Because yeast infections occur during pregnancy, studies indicate that using ginger yeast infection, as a treatment is also effective during this period.

Hedychium spictum is the name given to spiked ginger. It is used in treating a variety of ailments such as liver complaints, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea but most importantly, it is used in treating all sorts of inflammations.

Ginger yeast infection treatment is a viable treatment method because ginger contains antifungal properties that do not prevent the growth of healthy lactobacilli. Remember that the yeast infection is caused by a fungus that is causing the irritating inflammation therefore it is recommend that one uses a mild but natural antifungal treatment such as ginger. In ensuring that healthy bacteria are not inhibited in the vaginal area, ginger is a safe product. A yeast infection of the vaginal area produces a bad odor. Ginger comes in handy in eliminating this nauseating and indeed embarrassing smell. During this treatment, Ginger tea is just applied with caution on the affected area.

There are no side effects in using the ginger yeast infection treatment. Many women are wary of interfering with the vaginal area understandably, but with this treatment that can be undertaken in the privacy of the home, there is no need to be wary. Whatever the treatment involved in containing the yeast infection it is worthwhile to keep the body clean at all times and to keep the infected area, that is the vagina dry and free from harmful bacteria. To keep the vaginal area dry one can apply talcum that is not acidic and thus will not aggravate the inflammation and the itchy feeling.

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kayla 6 years ago

yea ginger is very good for treating yeast infection. my mom used to grind fresh ginger and spread it around my vagina when i was little. i didn't understand it then, but now as an adult i know and i understand why she did that. the best way is to grind fresh ginger and insert it in the vagina during bedtime. it burns like hell but it will cure the infection right away. make sure to remove it in the morning and wash down there with a warm water..

JayLee 6 years ago

Hopping around like a wild thing I would have tried anything I was in that much discomfort. I had just done a cider and water douche and had no relief. So I googled ginger and found this link. Thank you Kayla, it burned like hell but it's as though there was no infection. A M A Z I N G

cleo 6 years ago

its the 5th time to get this attack and it isn't pretty at all. will try this ginger remedy.

Vicky 6 years ago

Ginger is one best remedy for yeast infection. It does burn but perform a wonderful job on women.

ib 6 years ago

I used ginger and carrot on my vagina.I had just juiced the carrot and ginger together and then strained it. So I was left with the pulp and did not want to get rid of it. Hopeefully it would work for me. Thanks Kayla!

Anna 5 years ago

For how many days should I insert ginger?

booboo 4 years ago

when I grind the ginger how do I insert into my vagina and for how many days Kayla

Sasha 4 years ago

How do you insert the ginger?

Sasha 4 years ago

How do you insert the ginger?

mr 4 years ago

thank you

mercy 12 months ago

hw i my going to use d ginger

Isabelle 9 months ago

I had my first candida outbreak very young and my doc assumed I would have had intercourse. I was very asshamed back than and my mother told my whole family, what was going on. I guess because of the stress, the candida returned after my period, but I never told my mother to go with me again to the doc. Instead I googled how to treat it yourself and although I get Candida sometimes after changing the bodywash or going for a swim in the pool (chlorine), I got rid of it most of the time and can treat it quiet well. My tips: tampon with natural yoghurt even if everything is fine. You can also use tabletts for the milkbacteria, but it yoghurt works for me. If something is wrong, I use ginger and that helps A LOT.

And for all parents and parents-to-be here: Please, don't do that to your teenager what my mother did. I felt so dirty and ashamed. I didn't go to my doctor until I was twenty-three, I tried to avoid sex for long. And my relationship with my mother is nearly broken. It felt like she had molested me, really...

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