Go Forth and Be Great

Go Forth and Be Great

Follow what God and destiny have in store for you; you will eventually fulfill your purpose on this earth.

Destiny is what leads us through life. We all have a plan, but it’s up to us to push it to the best it can be.

Life is happy and easy-living, and is driven by random circumstances.

Margaret relies a little too much on the miracle of nature, rather than the hard, scientific evidence placed in front of her.

Her life was like a song that never got finished, working through the incredible Italian Revolution, only to have a tragic ever after.

My life is like an apple growing on a tree, it’s almost ripe enough to pick, but it needs a little more time to mature.

She was very intelligent, and could keep a conversation with any of the “greats” of the time period.

She is more adventurous than I am. She stood beside the Revolutionaries of another country.

We are both strong independent women, like seeds striving up towards the light, not stopping until we reach our full potential.

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