God where did i forgot my vehicle

absentmindedness no excuse

Who locked the gate yesterday night , why don’t you people put back things at the same place where they should be, I heard them blaming each other, I locked the gate yesterday night I said, where did you keep it, she shouted, at the same place near TV set, I said, no I didn’t find it, she shouted in despair, why are you in hurry I shouted at her, servant came she is knocking the door for the past 10 minutes go and open the lock, she shouted from inside, why did she came so early today, I asked her, early my foot, get up and look at the watch she shouted. I got up from the bed and looked at the watch; the time was 6.30 am, but as I got up from the bed, feeling of dizziness pervaded me, it continued even after few minutes, felt like the room and things were spinning around me.

With dizziness still dancing on my head, I felt as if the room and the objects spinning around me, but somehow I managed to find the keys, with the dizzy feeling I was walking with great reluctance, with head spinning, each step I was putting was getting more and more heavy. The moment I stepped out of the main door the atmosphere was lighted up with soft sunrays kissing the marble floor, the scenery was quite fresh and pleasant. I was enjoying the moment pleasantly gazing the surroundings, but at once felt a great bomb exploded at the feet, I was shocked to notice that the parking area was half empty, shell shocked I noticed the place again and again out of dizziness. O my god where is my vehicle, the whole dizziness got vanished in a flash of time.

In a flash of moment I felt like the sky has turned upside down, I was cursing myself for the forgetfulness act. I did still not believe that my vehicle was missing. Where the hell is my vehicle. The panic ridden face was all speaking for itself, I looked if the vehicle was parked on the other side of the house, it was not there, my god what should I do now. Where should I go and search for it. Did I park the vehicle outside of my house, I searched in vein, but I could not find it.

I felt helpless, miserable at my position. All I can do is blame, blame and blame my self because at the movement I could not do more than that. By that time my family members grew suspicious, they asked me “you seem to be panic stricken” is every thing cool. I said yes everything is cool, I faked to look composed, but my gestures had a different story. Anyone who spotted me can easily make out that something was wrong with me. I could not control the panic that was mounting on me.

At once I thought i should give serious thought about the yesterday’s activities. I mean the places I visited last night. I started taking detailed account of each and every place I visited and took note of each and every activity. Since there was less fuel in the vehicle I did not dare to venture out to far off places, so I thought to myself did I visited any shop nearby yes, I remember that the last time I took out the vehicle was to a nearest grocery shop, to purchase some grocery items. I remembered that I purchased a whole lot of grocery items from the shop, but even though there is a possibility of forgetting vehicle near the grocery shop, but its not possible me to carry the huge weight on hands, so it was not possible to forget the vehicle at that point of time. So the next question that triggered my mind was if that was not possible did I forget the vehicle at sisters house, no even that is not possible because as already stated there was not enough fuel in the vehicle to travel to at least nearby distances forget about long distances.

As I was walking on the road, was not at all observant about what was coming or going. My whole concentration was on where the hell did I forgot my vehicle. As I was nearing the grocery shop my heart rate went on increasing, the only question that was lingering in my mind was” will it be there or not------“. God please do something, see that my vehicle is safe where ever it is, and as I went up to the shop, I saw there the shop owner was sporting a sarcastic smile on her face. I was surprised to see that my vehicle was standing somewhere hidden and lost among bunch of vehicles.

Thank you god, thank you very much, you saved me my day. I was feeling happy within but outside I was not able to express it, as the shop owner started a conversation with me. Last night as you were returning from the shop, I noticed that you forgot to pick your vehicle, by the time I was suppose to raise a voice you are already at a distance. I asked my boy to alert you, he raised his voice but all in vein. I thought that you will come back, but that didn’t happened, so I asked my boy to arrange the vehicle in such way that it doesn’t stay isolated.

She also remarked that the vehicle was not locked; I thought this is what they call as salt on wound. But whatever it may be, I got back my vehicle, this was least expected because staying all night unlocked could meant anything would have been possible. I thought god you saved me again and again, thank you once again.

But again my mind went back to the same place, how did it happened, where did I went wrong. How it’s possible to forget a vehicle and stay home relaxed and laid back. How on the earth it is possible that I have forgotten my vehicle somewhere outside and I am enjoying at home watching the idiot box like a couch potato.

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satya prasad 6 years ago

Yes ofcourse, it is quiet common for people, who are too busy in their lives...

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Lol. It has happened to me a few times.Infact once, I was trying to get into another persons car, until I checked the Registration - when i couldn't get in. Thanks for sharing:)

wordsword profile image

wordsword 6 years ago Author

Yes Lady_E the irony is that all this is happening at an young age is making me more worried. Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

RNMSN profile image

RNMSN 6 years ago from Tucson, Az

well...haha this has not happened to me or hubby in a long time but the older we get the more concerned I become!!This time, it will happen without the benefit of a "fun tme" ha!

wordsword profile image

wordsword 6 years ago Author

RNMSN: I think then you are very lucky indeed, thanks for sharing.

soumyasrajan 6 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

Good confession wordsword. Did it really happen? May be thank god it is only once.

There is a famous story (not true perhaps) that Einstein once forgot his umbrella in a shop. After some time he came back completely wet. Shokeeper asked him with a smile "when did you remember?" He said "well! when the rains stopped and I put my hand up to shut the umbrella.."

wordsword profile image

wordsword 6 years ago Author

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts rajanji, yes there is no denial about it.

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