Green Tip #5 Eating Healthy vs Convenience

Fresh is better
Fresh is better | Source
Beautiful locally grown organic carrots
Beautiful locally grown organic carrots | Source
Banana bread made from scratch
Banana bread made from scratch | Source

Today, more than ever, we find we have less time for ourselves, let alone putting a quality meal on the table after a hectic day at work. Most families have two working parents and many of us are single, working moms. In an effort to save time, and with the vast array of prepacked foods available, many of us succumb to convenience. But, I'm telling you, folks, convenience has resulted in obesity, dangerous cholestoral levels and general poor health!

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Cook from scratch for better health (and taste)

Thankfully (and I mean that from the top of my pallate!) I was raised by a from-scratch cook. I, having learned how to cook from my mother, also am a scratch cook. It is healthier eating and I know exatly what's going into my body. Pre-packaged, prepared foods contain preservatives, added fat and sodium, not to mention (dangerous!) ingredients no one can pronounce. A healthier way of feeding your family is to buy fresh foods and be creative with your menu. If you've not had the benefit of learning from a fabulous cook, as have I, do your research and venture out of the convenience zone. You can find recipes in cookbooks, online, TV and even the newspaper. Anyone can become a great, even a gourmet cook if you just trust in yourself and let your imagination flow. In fact, it takes less time to prepare gourmet meals than "stick to your ribs" meals because they call for less ingredients, diminishing prep time. Plus, you get good, clean flavor from each ingredient. Experiment. You may surprise yourelf!

Nature's color codes

Our foods are color-coded by nature, signifying the unique nutrional properties contained within. When meal planning, decorate your plate with colors, much as you would decorate the package of a gift and you'll have a nutrionally balanced meal that costs less in the long run. Why spend unnecessary dollars on foods that have been "manufactured" and all-in-one packaged for the sake of convenience, when you can buy the raw ingredients yourself and create healthy meals without preservatives and additives. Hint, If you can't pronounce it, chances are your body can't digest it! Trust me, your hard-earned dollars will be well-spent if you make it yourself! Your family will look forward to sitting down to the dinner table to see what wonderful dish you've come up with this time! Imagine that! Your family actually looking forward to sharing a delicious, wholesome meal! Give each of your kids a job in the meal preparation. Get them involved in the kitchen. It will give them lifelong lessons in nutrition and team work, while giving you a helping hand. When your friends and family ooh and aah over the delicious meals you serve, it'll all be worth the effort. And all that delicious homemade food is disguised as fuel for the body! Who knew?

In closing, buy fresh and use your imagination in the kitchen; your family (and your belly!) will thank you! Save money by preparing your meals from scratch. It's delicious, healthy, you know exactly what's in your food and your pride will swell with every "yum"!

Peace, Bravewarrior.

Shauna L Bowling

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unknown spy profile image

unknown spy 4 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

i rather go for fresh foods, fruits and vegies too. The fresher, the better. You really have these great tips bravewarrior. I lvoe your hubs.

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 4 years ago from Central Florida Author

Thanx, unknown. I've linked my hub regarding BPA in plastics to the hub you just posted today about the meaning of the various numbers on plastics and which ones can do you harm.

I'm working on posting all the articles I've written about going green. I've got 28 of them. My intention is to post the entire series.

Glad you enjoy them!

Collisa profile image

Collisa 4 years ago from California

Excellent points! I try to use fresh, raw veggies and fruits as much as possible, and am always thrilled when my children make healthy food choices.

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 4 years ago from Central Florida Author

I know what you mean, Collisa. I, too, try to eat "single ingredient" foods. I'm very pleased that my son, who used to be a junk food junkie, is now cooking and buying fresh herbs. Guess I need to work on an herb garden, huh?

profile image

Ghost32 4 years ago

Great "traditional" Hub. My (obviously insane) take on foods vs. health is that eating what is GOOD for me (according to the experts) will KILL me. I LIVE on junk food whenever I can get it--even wrote a Hub about my McDonald's diet.

And this comes from a guy who once made his living selling alternative health nutritional supplements for a 20 year period!

What I have learned to do is pay attention (as you do) to what my body is telling me. So far, that does include a number of traditional no-no categories: Alcohol, tobacco, chocolate, to name the top three.

But too much fruit? I'd never get out of ye olde restroom, EVER!

Raw? Seedless grapes, munched with cheese to hold down the bathroom effect, yes. But beyond that? Except for a (very occasional) salad, I'm not sure I've eaten anything raw in the last 40 years.

Well...maybe when I get older....

Voted Up and Useful, At Least For Some Folks. :)

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 4 years ago from Central Florida Author

You're funny, Ghost! I, too indulge in the first two of your three no-nos. I'm not a big chocolate fan. Odd for a woman, huh?

Thanx for reading. Perhaps you've gotten enough raw veggies via osmosis in reading this! Ha ha!

Enjoy your day!

My Cook Book profile image

My Cook Book 3 years ago from India

This is a good hub and i had a good read. I like eating fruits a lot. Thanks for the great share!

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 3 years ago from Central Florida Author

My Cook Book, thanx for stopping by. I'm glad you found this useful!

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 3 years ago from Orlando, FL

Amen to "Hint, If you can't pronounce it, chances are your body can't digest it!" Buy and eat fresh as often as possible. Even when it comes to chocolate! :)

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 3 years ago from Central Florida Author

You've got it, Linda!

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 3 months ago from Dallas, Texas

Great thoughts on reducing cholesterol and eating healthier food. I enjoy cooking things from scratch and I'm trying to reduce my intake of white sugar among other things. Love the photo of the banana bread.

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 3 months ago from Central Florida Author

Peg, I've just been told I need to cut back on salt by my doctor. Seems I've developed high blood pressure and salt's a contributor. Bummer.

It's always a good idea to change our eating habits when heading for a healthier lifestyle - much better than resorting to supplements or medications.

BTW, I bought your book this weekend. It should arrive any day now.

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