Golden Rules during Emergency Cases

A. Filipino emergency room nurse from Dammam.
A. Filipino emergency room nurse from Dammam.

Do's And Dont's

Accidents may happen to anyone, anywhere, any time. Nobody knows when accidents might happen.What if you are walking along in a sidewalk and you saw someone met an accident?What will you do? Here are some DO's and DON'Ts you can use during emergency cases:


+DO obtain consent when possible. Especially when the victim had a head injury.

+DO think the worst.It's better to administer first aid for the gravest possibility.

+DO remember to identify your self to the victim.To let the victim feel at ease.

+DO provide comfort and emotional support.

+DO respect the victim's modesty and physical privacy.

+DO be as calm and direct as possible.

+DO care for the most serious injuries first.

+ DO assist the victim his or her prescribed medication if she or he have it.

+DO keep onlookers away from the injured person. To maintain privacy of the victim.

+DO loosen tight clothing. Tight clothing may block the airways of the victim


-DON'T let the victim see his or her injury. You don't know if she or he had a phobia with blood or wound.

-DON'T leave the victim alone except to get further help. The victim also needs moral support.

-DON'T assume that the victim's obvious injury is the only one. The victim might have injured inside too.

-DON'T make any unrealistic promises.Like telling he victim that you will save her or him but you already know she or he is dying.

-DON'T trust the judgement of a confuse victim. He or she might still on the shock stage.

-DON'T require the victim to make decisions. Especially when he or she is unaware or half conscious on what happen.

Always remember to be calm and alert during emergency.You must think that the life in your hand might be yours or one of your love ones. Give your 100% in everything you do.

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travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 3 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

Thank you for these reminders. I am trained as a first aider at Phil. Natl Red Cross. I also helped in some crucial emergency cases. I am able to exude calmness amid a nervous mob so that help on the patient will immediately be administered.

e.a gonzales profile image

e.a gonzales 3 years ago from Philippines Author

THANKS FOR READING and reminiscing your past experience travelman:)

Healthexplorer 3 years ago

I found this above hub presents some beneficial point of views especially on emergency cases. We found some golden rules that are applicable during emergency cases especially in accident cases that what pros and cons should be used in accidents.

ann 2 years ago

nice work! Keep It Up!

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