Goosebumps Massage Balls

If you are someone that is experiencing muscle pain bought about by trigger points then a Goosebumps massage ball will help.

What Is A Goosebumps Massage Ball?

A Goosebumps massage ball is basically a small ball that has little bumps on it. Many people around the world use them to help rid their bodies of trigger points. They are great because you can do everything by yourself, and as you can see they have little instruction booklets with them so you are able to find the best points to hit. If you are someone that suffers from trigger points then you should really consider getting one of these. Trigger points are small parts of the muscle that have become very tight, and to touch you can feel it like a little lump. They can cause a lot of pain in the area that they are affecting, but they can also cause a few problems in other areas as well. They refer the pain and if you have a trigger point somewhere you might be feeling the pain elsewhere. You can really get rid of a lot of muscle pain simply by getting rid of trigger points, and if you are someone that suffers from it then you really need to consider getting yourself some Goosebump massage balls.

Trigger Point Therapy

If you want to know where all the trigger points are and get them out then you should take a look at this book. It is a comprehensive guide to all the common trigger points and it will really help you with your Goosebumps massage ball. If you know exactly where you should be putting pressure eon then it is more likely that you will be able to get better results. Combine the two and you will have no more muscles aches and pains!

How Do I Use A Goosebumps Massage Ball?

It is really quite simple to use one, even though it sometimes looks like you might have to be a contortionist! You basically need to find the trigger point, and if it is causing you pain then you will know exactly where it is. Once you have found it you manipulate your body, usually sitting on it, to be able to put pressure through the ball. So if you are targeting your bottom, then you will simply sit on it. You should go down slowly because at the start it can be quite painful and it might even be a bit of a shock. As you sit for longer you will find that the pain really dies down and you will be able to feel the trigger point releasing. This is great news and you will notice when you stand up that you have less pain and a lot more movement. A Goosebumps massage ball can really help you and the best thing is that you can do it all by yourself, you don’t need anyone around to help you, and you save a lot of money on massage fees.

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Scott 4 years ago

where can I get the goose bump massage ball in Colorado. I want the orange one that is above on this page. The one I want is a close up of the goosebump massage ball.

Email me please. thanks,

Ken Davis Sydney Australia 4 years ago

These goose bump massage balls have been a life saver. Used regularly no more trips to the Chiropractor as your back will be always be well. Hips, back and shoulders are all repairable by going through the pain until there is not pain as blood starts to move into those areas starved of blood as we age. Highly recommended and I have introduced all of my friends and colleagues to the relief these balls give if you are willing to dedicate yourself to the initial pain then freedom of pain and more agility. I use them at least once a week, but initially everyday until the pain subsides.

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