Great food for diabetics (and those without too)


With the rise of people with diabetics on an upwards curve, it is important to understand some great food diabetics can eat to ensure that the desired nutritional needs of the diabetic are met and optimal health is achieved. In as much as the condition may seem difficult and painstaking to manage, food can be one way to contain the condition. The foods outlined below if included in the diet of the diabetic will go a long way in ensuring proper management of the disease.


Blueberries are one food diabetics can eat and get great value from. They are recommended because of their antioxidant properties which help in breakdown of free radicals that might be present in the body. The blueberries are also a great source of dietary fiber that is crucial in the control of the body cholesterol. These berries also contain massive amounts of Vitamin C, which is important in contributing to the antioxidant properties which help promote heart health and generally help in insulin regulation in the body. Flavonoids that are contained in blueberries have been shown to have an effect in regulation of Type 2 diabetes which affects 26 Million Americans as per statistics from the American Diabetes Association.


Apples are yet another great food diabetics can eat. This fruit ought to be regularly included in the diet of each person, whether with diabetes or not. As has commonly been said over and over, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. There is significant truth in the statement because the nutritional benefits of apples are quite many. These include a soluble fiber in the diet which helps regulate cholesterol and promote digestion, thus working on the blood sugar levels and regulating it. Apples also slow the digestion activity of food in the stomach through the release of soluble fiber pectin. Pectin is instrumental in the slowing down of absorption of glucose which in effect goes a long way in preventing heart disease and control of blood sugar fluctuations in the body. A medium sized apple per day should be enough for the control of blood sugar.


Simple tomatoes also are a great super food for the diabetic. These contain Vitamin C, various antioxidants, potassium, riboflavin and chromium which may go a long way in ensuring that even in diabetic condition, the blood sugar is constantly regulated. Also, research has shown that tomatoes help in protecting against prostate, breast, pancreatic and endometrial cancers.


Carrots are also another food of choice that may be used in diabetics. They are heavily recommended as research has shown that carrots help in reducing insulin resistance, mainly attributed due to the high content of Vitamin A that is present in them. Another factor that has been shown to offer great benefits of these carrots is the fiber content that is present in them. Eating a single medium sized carrot can give you the benefits you are after quite fast. The best method of eating the carrots is eating them raw to ensure no denaturing of active compounds in the carrots occurs.


The use of cheese as food diabetics can eat and is recommended, mainly due to the effect it has in regulation of blood sugar. Being a derivative of milk, it helps add protein in the diet, stabilization of blood sugar and curbing of hunger pangs. It also provides calcium that has been shown to be quite important for strong healthy bones. The best cheese for diabetics is fat reduced Cheddar cheese. Inclusion of a small slice of cheese in the daily diet should give great value.

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