BPH Treatment With Green Light Laser Technology for Benign Enlarged Prostate

Green Light Laser Prostate Treatment: An Introduction

For the numerous men suffering from the uncomfortable effects of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), there is new hope for a successful BPH treatment: Green Light Laser Prostate treatment (GLLP). Often referred to as PVP (photo-vaporization) treatment, Green Light Laser technology is fast-becoming the BPH treatment of choice due to its minimally-invasive nature and remarkable results.

By choosing Green Light Laser therapy, men can virtually eliminate most of their BPH symptoms with greater efficiency, fewer side effects, risks, and complications. GLLP is truly a revolutionary procedure built upon previous laser prostate treatments such as Interstitial and Holmium laser therapies. As effective as those treatments are, Green Light Laser treatment for BPH is superior due to increased power (120 watts) which allows surgeons to completely vaporize excess prostate tissue. With other, lower-powered laser treatments, greater amounts of obstructive prostate tissue are unable to be removed.

The various stages of BPH
The various stages of BPH

Green Light Laser: A More-Effective BPH Treatment

In addition to being more-effective at eliminating greater amounts of excess prostatic tissue, Green Light Laser Treatment also relieves many other common prostate treatment complications such as:

  • Intra-Operative Bleeding – The higher-powered laser is hotter and more effective at cauterizing blood during the surgical procedure; thus eliminating the majority of bleeding.
  • Post-Operative Bleeding – This common surgical side effect is reduced for the same reasons mentioned for intra-operative bleeding.
  • Longer Catheter Reliability – With Green Light Treatment, patients typically return home catheter-free in less than 24 hours.
  • Post-Operative Bladder Neck Contraction – This common side effect of other BPH treatments, i.e. TURP, is often eliminated with Green Light Treatment.

In addition, GLLP has been found to drastically reduce post-operative incontinence and erectile dysfunction [caused by scarring] often associated with other BPH treatments. The bottom line is that Green Light Laser technology is opening up new horiizons in the treatment for BPH and BPH symptoms granting new hope to millions of BPH sufferers.

A GreenLight Prostate Treatment in process.
A GreenLight Prostate Treatment in process.
A Green Light Laser Machine.
A Green Light Laser Machine.

Green Light Laser: The Process

As previously mentioned, Green Light Laser Treatment is minimally invasive when compared to previous BPH treatments. During GLLP, the urologist places a micro-thin optic fiber through the patient’s urethra by which small bursts of green-wavelength laser light are pulsed directly into the enlarged prostate vaporizing the excess tissue. Results are almost instant and extremely effective -- Even though most patients remain post-op for observation (no longer than 24 hours).

The surgical procedure is done almost exclusively on a limited, out-patient basis; under general anesthesia; and delivers dramatic symptom relief with very little recovery time. In fact, most men undergoing this Green Light BPH treatment leave the surgical clinic with little or no significant side effects. It bears mentioning, however, that retrograde ejaculation (ejaculate backing up into the bladder) can occur up to 50% of the time with most cases rectifying over time. But outside of that, GLLP is virtually free of significant complications.

A BPH Treatment That Works

Even though you have choices for your BPH treatment, with the advancements being made with Green Light laser therapy, it's conclusive enough to say that it is currently the latest and best treatment for BPH.

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Mezo profile image

Mezo 7 years ago from Egypt

interesting, never heard of it..

thnx for sharing

Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 7 years ago from HubPages, FB

Great informative hub. Thanks.

Dr Post profile image

Dr Post 7 years ago from Rochester, MN

I've had great success with men with BHP using a red cold or low-level laser. The output is just 5 miliwatts and does not destroy the tissue but stimulates healing. A patient recently went to his medical doctor and told her that he no longer wanted to fill his BHP medication because of these treatments (less than 10).

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 7 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Mezo, Vladimir and Dr. Post: Thanks for your affirming comments and I plan on doing more research into the red cold (low-level) laser mentioned by Dr. Post. For us men; esp. those of us in our prime BPH-developing years, there is so much relevant information we should all be vacuuming up like a sponge. Good luck in all you do! --- Thanks again and blessings!

jxb7076 profile image

jxb7076 7 years ago from United States of America

Very informative.  I will consult with my doctor to see if I am a candidate.

A question for the doctors: Does the prostate actually get larger or does the tissue around the prostate get thicker causing the urethra blockage?

Thanks for sharing

Greenlight Laser Therapy 7 years ago

This is informative. I have read articles about this before. But thanks for a very helpful article.


Dane Hooper 6 years ago

I had all kinds of difficult urination problems until about 6 years ago when I was introduced to Green Light. Today, sometimes I still may feel the need to get up ONE TIME in the kiddle of a good night's sleep to pee, but when I do, I start a "One one thousand, two one thousand" count and find myself still peeing solidly at "seventyfive one thousand, seventy six one thousand." Thank goodness for Green Light!

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 6 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Thanks Dane for your generous comment. I, too, like all men will experience BPH. I'm just glad there are treatments such as GreenLight Laser that can rectify the condition without too many side effects. Thanks for reading!

Dr.Mamode Ibrahim Joomun 6 years ago

Hi. I am 64 years old and suffer from BPH. I have undergone coronary angioplasty in May 2005 with a stent on LAD. Is it indicated in my case for green light laser therapy?

M.Ibrahim Joomun,M.D.

Ray Duncan 6 years ago

I have an enlarged prostrate.is there a uroligist in washington State that does green light laser therapy

ALBERT RYBCZYK 6 years ago


Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 6 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Ray & Albert: In answer to your requests, I would do a quick internet search under the keywords green light laser treatment in... (name your respective city). Or you can call some local urology centers. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!


freehans profile image

freehans 6 years ago from Philippines

Great hub, thanks for a very nice information. I like reading some more of your hubs.

eleazu obinna 6 years ago

I need to know where I can find green light laser treatment for prostaTE IN THE sANFERNDO VALLEY AREA

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 6 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Freehans: Thanks for reading. I hope you find something interesting :)

Eleazu: I appreciate you stopping by! To find a qualified practitioner, I would simply do as much research locally as possible. Just remember to ask a lot of questions.



L. Bell 6 years ago

Interesred in finding a urologist in or around Augusta,Ga that does Green Light laser Surgery. include Columbia, S C area

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 6 years ago from Midwest USA Author

L Bell: I would suggest doing some research in your area to find a qualified practitioner. Call local urologists and ask good questions. Thanks for stopping by.


JC 6 years ago

What are the downside risks to having Green Light laser treatment if you have had Cyberknife treatment for prostate cancer?

Joe Seres 5 years ago

Had laser surgery 3 weeks ago. Still have blood in urine, and have difficulty controling bladder functions. I was told this is normal, and will subside. Advised to see Dr. in 3 months. THIS SURGERY SHOULD BE A LAST RESORT.

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Joe Seres: Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a strong anecdotal comment. I suppose all medical procedures have potential side effects so your experience is well-taken. Thanks again.


yuan 5 years ago

this is really good article, I hope you dont mind if I put it in my blog, with of course big thanks for you :) i also put some videos to help us understand better about the green laser surgery


best regards, Yuan Ade Sukma, MD

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA Author


It would be my pleasure for you to use my article. Just make sure you source it correctly.


Ross 5 years ago

Had surgery 3 weeks ago.Certainly not pain free and flow worse than ever.Getting up average 3 times per night.Had old Turp method years ago which was more successful at this stage of recovery.

Jim 5 years ago

I had Green Light Laser surgery on Tuesday at noon. I went home at 3:00 pm with a catherter for drainage and a large bag for the night drainage. Saw the urologist on Thursday at 1:00 pm to remove catheter. And I was home by 2:00 pm. The first pee burned slightly. Soon, the urnation was just like when I was a kid--very forceful. Think of the urethane as as the size of a pencil but you are only urnating out of the lead. After the Green Light Laser your pee Flows through the whole pencil. I can't wait until winter so I can write my name in the snow and dot the I.

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA Author


I am sorry for the lack of direction, but this is only an informational hub. I'm sure a thorough perusing of the internet and referral system in your home country can help you with your search for treatment. All the best to you. Thanks for stopping by.


Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Ross and Jim:

Thanks for your comments. As with any medical procedure, outcomes will vary between patients. I feel that compared to all other treatments for BPH, green light shows great promise. I am sure in the future new techniques will build upon the technology with continued improvement. Best of luck to both of you.


GR 5 years ago

Why is the bladder stone introduced in the advanced bph diagram (above)?

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA Author


Thank you for your thoughtful question. Bladder stones can form when there is a lack of urine flow from the bladder. Urine, after all, has many crystalline compounds in it, so when BPH restricts urine flow, the conditions for forming these stones increase. Hope this answers your question.


D M Coleman profile image

D M Coleman 5 years ago

My husband had the Green Light Laser Procedure in June, and has had wonderful results. He had to catheterize himself 3 times per day prior to that, so he is very happy! Absolutely NO complications.

TR 5 years ago

Dr.RJ what is your knowledge and opinion on Button Plasma VS Greenlight. I am 100g by ultrasound

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA Author

D M Coleman, glad to hear that your husband is doing well. I feel that as time moves forward, laser therapy is going to be the norm rather than the exception for many other conditions as well. Thank you for reading.

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA Author

TR, since I am not a dr. It would be a disservice to provide this type of advice. I would suggest speaking with a urologist. Thank you for reading.

TR 5 years ago

RJ Sorry I though you were. The Question was more of a multi persons, answer type. A consenus of Doctors using both and their opinions of which is better. Not a single persons opinion. Thanks again, stilll trying will post any answers I Get.

PAUL MCKAY 5 years ago



Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA Author

TR and Paul:

Thanks for reading. And, unfortunately, like many other medical procedures results vary. There are, however, improvements being made with lasers that will undoubtedly improve overall patient outcome. It is, as many often say, only a matter of time. After all, laser procedures in general are a relatively recent development; I would say within the last 20 years or so.

Ridwan 5 years ago

In 19 February 2011 ( in 56 Yr old) I took Leseer Grren BPH Surgery in Indonesia. Now I have no problem with my health. I am still 2 - 3 times a week have a sex.

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA Author


Glad to hear of your positive results. Thanks for reading!

Dow Bond 5 years ago

Who does the Green Ight Laser surgery closest to Twin Falls, Idaho?

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 5 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Dow Bond,

I'm not sure. You'll just have to do some local research as far as green light practitioners. Thanks for reading!

liposuction 4 years ago

Green Light Laser is one of the most common minimally invasive procedures that are performed for relief of the symptoms that are associated with BPH. In essence, the effects of the laser can easily be compared to removing the pulp of an orange and leaving the rind behind.

NYC maven 3 years ago

I used to have a bad case of BPH. Hard to urinate and empty out. Been fightin' it for years. Tried 2 prescription drugs and several herbals, with marginal results. My sex life was almost gone. Decided to try Dr Max Powers Prostate Pills after seeing them on TV. Within two days I saw improvement. Been on it for about 10 days now, and each day gets a little better. Sex life is back too. It won't make you young again, but I am well satisfied with this brand.

Rob Jundt profile image

Rob Jundt 3 years ago from Midwest USA Author

Glad to hear you've had success the non-surgical route. Good luck to you.

Bill 17 months ago

What is the average cost for green light laser prostrate surgery

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