Grieving And In Pain? Five Simple Ways Polarity Therapy Helps To Ease Your Sense Of Loss


When someone you love and care about dies, life changes. As you grieve and try to come to terms with your loss, you experience a broad range of physical, emotional and behavioural responses. As a complementary health care therapy, Polarity Therapy offers you a set of tools - energy exercises, nutritional advice and energy bodywork to help you move the energy of grief and sadness out of your body.

You may feel extreme sadness, sorrow and pain. At other times, your sense of loss and despair is so great, you feel numb and emotionally detached. When you feel like this, it becomes hard for your friends or loved ones to comfort you. Other times, you desperately want someone to listen to you. A friend, to hold your hand. To support you as you try to make sense of the confusion and, rampant thoughts worming their way through your mind.

The death of a loved one often leaves you feeling open and vulnerable. Your sense of connection, ability to move forward and "get on with your life" is often thwarted by the inner turmoil, fear and sense of anxiety you feel as you struggle to maintain your daily routine.

Sometimes, you feel so low and lack energy that you start to function on auto-pilot. You drift through your day in a haze, as if the world is covered in a fine grey mist. Physically, your body starts to shut down; you hunch your shoulders to protect your heart from further heart ache. The sun may be shining and the sky clear yet you feel cold inside. You go around with your arms wrapped around your chest to to keep yourself warm. You experience tightness in your chest and have difficulty breathing. Your head feels heavy and body tight as you try to control, make sense of the incessant questions going round in your head. There is literally, no space, in your mind or body for you to breathe.

Lack of energy and fatigue is a common response to grief. When your energy is low and life experiences seem to zap your sense of vitality and hope, what can you do to help yourself regain a sense of control and comfort about your situation? Life, as you previously knew it, just isn't the same. What can you do to regain balance, a sense of adventure and security in your life?

You can never replace what your loved one means to you, but what you can do is find a way, a system to help and support you as you deal with your loss and then assist you to live your life without them. If left unchecked, your immune system goes into "stress response mood" as you find it hard to find effective ways to release your internal pain. You may develop physical systems of pain and tension in the body, e.g. sore neck, stiff shoulders and lower back pain. Old injuries may surface, as your body struggles to regain inner balance and order.

Five Ways Polarity Therapy Can Help and Support You To Cope With Your Grief.

Polarity Therapy is an energy-based approach to health and healing. As a complementary health care therapy, Polarity Therapy offers you a set of tools - energy exercises, nutritional advice, energy bodywork and counselling to help you move the energy of grief and sadness out of your body. Founded by Dr. Randolph Stone, Polarity Therapy can be used to support your journey to health, wholeness and well-being.

From personal experience, regular Polarity Treatment Sessions has helped me to come to terms with the loss of my brother, a younger cousin, a miscarriage and other personal life challenges.

One: Energy Bodywork and Alignment Treatments

Through the use of gentle hands-on bodywork, Polarity Therapy activates the parasympathetic nervous system which enables the body to "rest and relax." As you start to relax, you start the process of letting go of emotional pain and tension locked in your body. When your body is tense, tired and tight you find it harder to breathe and move. As your body responds to the increase flow of energy, you feel energised and more alert. This is often the trigger you need to help you start to feel alive and in touch with your body and emotions. Your Polarity Therapist can also show you simple energy balancing techniques you can do on yourself to stimulate and re-balance your energy whenever you feel low and despondent.

Two: Nutritional Advice

The food you eat has a direct influence on how you feel. When you feel down, sluggish or in pain, you have a natural desire to seek foods which comfort you. Unfortunately, these foods tend to be high in sugar and low in nutritional value, for example, chocolate, cakes, crisps, sweet drinks. Your Polarity Therapist will listen as you explain your eating habits and offer suggestions about foods which you could try which naturally enhance, strengthen and boost your energy levels, for example, you could drink more water, use more live foods and natural raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. Your Polarity Therapist could also suggest a simple purifying diet, for example, a Liver Flush Detox and, natural remedies you can take to alleviate pain and support the body clear out toxins, calm the mind and keep your emotions light.

Three: Energy Exercises

Polarity yoga/energy exercises help to create inner space and movement in your body when your body is tense and tight from holding onto your grief and sadness. Polarity yoga exercises are simple to do and have an instant uplifting effect on your mood. For example, gently swinging your arms around your body or sitting on the floor with straight legs and make a "windscreen wipers" action with your feet, helps to release stagnant energy and blockages in your body.

Four: Counselling For Positive Thoughts and Attitudes

When you feel low or in pain, it can be hard for you to see the good, the positive in any situation. You may have "negative thoughts" or unconsciously use words which undermine your self-confidence and self-belief. Your thinking may be cluttered and thoughts confused as you try to make sense of your grief and question the "meaning of life and why your loved one died." Through active listening and empathy, your Polarity Therapist can help you shift through the mental chatter and explore ways which you can use to direct your thoughts and expectations towards more meaningful and life affirming experiences. This has the added benefit to enrich your day to day living.

Five: To achieve healing and inner peace as you grieve, you need support. Sometimes, it can be hard for you to talk with friends or loved ones, who may also be grieving and in pain. Polarity Therapy uses a holistic approach to health, healing and wellness. A Polarity session offers you a quiet safe space to let-down your guard and explore ways in which you can heal and cope with your loss.

With time, love, support and patience, you will be able to move through your pain and sadness. You will not feel stuck in your grief. There will come a time when you can be still, calm and at peace. As you slowly introduce and incorporate the tools you've have learnt through your Polarity Therapy sessions, you will regain energy, health and wholeness in your life.



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