Chewing tobacco in India

Paan Making: Unhealthy stuff

The use of chewing tobacco is reaching at dangerously endemic levels in India. Students, professionals, taxi drivers, young and old - all take it. A recent survey identified the use of this bad habit by nearly 70% of college students in several Indian cities.

It's often called locally as "Gutka" (also known as gutkha, guttkha, guthka). The most common one in use is called "Sir". However those who can afford it use Paan Parag and Tulsi. Pan parag is made of betel nuts while Tulsi is grated tobacco both well known brand names of well known makers of chewing tobacco. This smokeless tobacco is so popular that highly qualified professionals like doctors also use it. The unhealthy habit often immigrates with the person to other areas of the planet. Young Asians in the UK often consume it.

Gutka vendor

Gutka's main ingredients are betel nuts mixed with areca nut, slaked lime, catechu and tobacco in granulated form. This mixture collectively known as pan masala is also added to betel leaves (known as Paan) may be harmless without the tobacco. The idea is to chew and later spit out or swallowed.

There could be several reasons for their use. Mostly due to its smoke free use and can be well hidden inside the mouth. The misconception is that it therefore does not create nuisances for others. Although tobacco promotion is officially banned in India, it is well targeted through the use of advertisements of brand name non-tobacco products. Its small, striking and low-cost sachets appeals to many young people.

Anti-Gutka video

Although its use is highly prevalent in most of whole South Asia its use in many parts of India is at endemic levels as much as it starts at preteen levels. Its use has also increased in south-east Asian countries of Taiwan and Papua New Guinea.

Gutka is very addictive and contains carcinogens. Although there are many anti-smoking and anti-gutka campaigns and many states have attempted to minimize its increasing usage by imposing sales tax, little is being done to completely ban its use. The Government should do more to stop its use.

Paan on the Streets of Bombay

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sp 7 years ago

tobacco gutka smoking is very bed habit in young ones thay eat GUTKA NAME R M D = ROJ MARANE KI DAVA . NEED BAN ON ALL TYPE OF GUKTKA AND SMOKING BY LAW .

against tobacco 6 years ago

all products with tobacco should be banned. this cancer causing product is ruining the lives of many individuals and their famalies.

Fernando 6 years ago

Yeah if something is bad for people it needs to be banned. Lol. Look the world police can't just go around banning everything. People do what they do. Banning things only makes them illegal, it doesn't make people do them less. Education is the only cure and perhaps social ostracizing. I don't date smokers, unless they look like Jessica Alba lol. I just let chicks know it's fucking disgusting. Usually after they ask why I didn't kiss them.

GREEN 5 years ago



mohammed umar khan 5 years ago

please cease the factory of tabaccoo

neel 4 years ago

mother fucker chew tobbacoo dont chew tobbacoo its a mouth cancer if you need a long life so dont chew tobbacco

satz 4 years ago

am using the chew tobacco for last 7 yrs suddenly my blood report came with reactive lymphocytes any dangerous in that pls rep me

Rabi 4 years ago

Day by day in india house wife's are Almost 50% of gutka addict think what happen when children are using gutka in age of 4-5 years.

So ples avoid it.Think betr liv betr.

Lakin tum log bat nahi sunabala hai pls ...


We can take indirect measures like totally putting ban (heavy fine) on spitting in public. This indirect measure can force mass to avoid tobacco consumption.

Medha 4 years ago

I lost my brother to tongue cancer two years ago because of Gutka. I miss him terribly. I think they should ban it completely.

VODKA 4 years ago

Moderate chewing tobacco not hamrful

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