Guys Being Pregnant

Guys Being Pregnant

Being a guy and going through pregnancy with your better half is cool. Alot of guys aren't into it but I am. My girlfriend is almost eighteen weeks along and I've been there through it all so far.I've felt the baby move several times listened to the heartbeat three times. In a few days we are going to go and have a mff done to make sure the baby is growing right and we might be able to see the sex. I want a girl she wants a boy,as long as the baby is healthy we don't care. Luckily she hasn't had morning sickness. Her breasts are just starting to fill up with milk and they are sore so I massage them for her which eases the pain. Every Week we are in the Internet on the baby website checking what is suppose to happen that week. The website tells us how much the baby weighs how long he/she is. Guys I tell you you being involved with the pregnancy not only gets you closer with your mate but also gets you closer with your baby. The baby can hear every word being said. I love rubbing her belly and feeling the baby and telling him/her how much I love them. the more you talk to the baby the healthier they will grow and know they're loved and wanted never refer to the baby as an it. the baby isn't an it,I call it a critter (my little critter). When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant I can't explain the joy that went through my body but it was jubilating. Guys going through everything with your better half not only brings you closer but also shows you truly love her and your baby. Whether this is your first aby or you are like me and this is your seventh,it's always awesome to be involved. Guys when you first hold hold that newborn in your arms,there's a magical bond that's formed and cutting the umbilical cord is just the start of that bond. Always be supportive of your other half during and after the pregnancy, because it's not easy raising a kid going to school,or juggling a job. My girlfriend has practically raised her thirteen year old daughter by herself,is now attending college,and is pregnant. I am supporting her emotional,physically,and mentally which makes it easier for her. Trust me guys if you really get involved life will be sweeter. Alot of us guys think no big deal you're pregnant,but guys it is a big deal. Women are more emotional,their moods change more quicker,some are more into sex ,some lose interest in sex,they feel they will lose their figure forever and be unattractive. That's why we need to be there for them as well as with them. If she's good enough to make love with than she should be good enough to support through and after the pregnancy.

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rios65 6 years ago from Lowell

Come om guys he is right if we were good enought to make love to then we are good enough to get some support from you

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