Gynecomastia (Man Boobs) The Often Misunderstood Condition


What is Gynecomastia Exactly

Gynecomastia can be defined as the abnormal development of fat and tissue around the breasts of a male. Although gynecomastia is not directly cancerous,those who have it are often at a higher risk for cancer. Roughly 45% of the male population is stricken with this debilitating condition. As a man who has overcome "Moobs" personally; a man that has experienced the severe psychological and physical destruction that gynecomastia can cause. I would like to attempt to both enlighten the ignorant masses on this issue, and support those in desperate need of help as well.

Examples of Societies Utter Ignorance in Regards to Gynecomastia

The Following excerpts were taken from a poll at ""

Ladies, would you date a guy with man-boobs? (This is the question for the poll)

Blondie 621 responded; "NO! Man boobs means fat!

fjtee responded " "I say NO to man boobs. Even Worse would be man boobs in a bra."

lola 8822 responded " boobs....oh wow, One of my good guy friends has a pretty decent set.....not a turn on for me, being the fitness nut I am, but hey.....i'm sure there are women out there who might like em"

Please feel free to look over the whole poll at

Man Boobs ≠ Overweight/Fat

One of the most common stereotypes associated with man boobs is that everyone who has them is overweight. This is simply not the truth. Gynecomastia is the result off hormone imbalances of one kind or another in the male body. Gynecomastia is not to be confused with pseudo-gynecomastia, which is an appearance of male breasts in fat, overweight people. Gynecomastia is a MEDICAL CONDITION which one has little to no control over. Symptoms may start appearing at any time but are often first seen in adolescent boys around the ages of 12-14, and middle aged men around the age of 40.

Doctors and Gynecomastia

The medical community as a whole often overlooks this issue. Many times men who suffer from gynecomastia will finally gather up the courage to confront their doctors about their condition, only to be checked for "any abnormalities" . Then sent of on their way with no real solutions. If pushed further, a physician will often tell you complete and honest lies! I personally went to see my family doctor at the age of 13 about my "Moobs" After being mentally and physically abused to the point of having NO self esteem left by most of my classmates, I felt that I had no other choice. Had I any remote sense of pride at that point; I simply would not have had the courage to be able to pull my shirt off and confront my doctor. I was examined for a moment by my doctor and told that I was perfectly fine. I responded by saying " So, there is nothing you can do to help me get rid of this issue?" Doctor responded " Many young men have cough....big breasts but its hormonal and you will grow out of it by the time your 16. I tell you my friends, I kept being told the same thing until I was well over 19!

Exercise and Gynecomastia

Seeing as how I was not likely to get help from my doctor and I was still being publicly humiliated in school on a regular basis. I thought to myself "Heck with it, I will give dieting, weightlifting, running a try!" Good new is I certainly got in better shape. While not being overweight when I first decided to become a fitness nut, I certainly wasn't buff. I felt better, ate better, slept better, and looked better. My body became a buff, stoned, lady killing machine!. Unfortunately ..sitting directly above my rock hard abs were my good old friends, MAN BOOBS. They had not gotten any smaller, they had not become pecs, they were simply as they always had been. Take my advice on this, adding exercise and good nutrition to a lifestyle has many great benefits;Gynecomastia is not fat, its breast tissue so you can't just burn it off.

How Breast Reduction Surgery Saved My Life

I had enough of the bullying, I had enough of the random strangers making snide remarks at me in public. I had enough of being single for the first 19 years of my life due to a medical condition. After talking to numerous doctors about my man boobs and being regurgitated lies and misinformation; I decided to take matter into my owns hands and commit to surgery. Although I don't want to give out the information on where exactly I got the surgery done;I will say that it was a well established place. Money was probably the worst part about having the surgery. Insurance companies do not cover Gynecomastia as they say it is a "cosmetic" and or "non-harmful" condition. As you can imagine, I would beg to differ on that one! The average male breast reduction surgery costs roughly $6,000. My own surgery winded up costing roughly 5,700 so I imagine I got off easy. I returned home on the same day I had the surgery. There was some pain and recovery took a period of several weeks. But after all that was out of the way I discovered a whole new life. I could do whatever I wanted! No longer did I have the nagging thoughts of how my moobs looked in the shirt I was wearing. No longer did I have to pretend to hate swimming. No longer did I have to avoid getting serious with women! I was a new man with a new found sense of self respect and dignity just like that.

Concluding Thoughts on Gynecomastia

This is a real problem out there that affects so many men. This is a debilitating condition that the medical community almost completely overlooks. This is countless years of savage bullying, especially by women. This is losing dignity and fighting to get some back. This is the real Gynecomastia people. So the next time you start openly laughing at someone walking down the streets with moobs. Please stop and consider just what kind of hell they are living in. Have a friend with moobs? Maybe you should stop and consider the harassment and bullying they have almost certainly been subjected to before you harass them about it the next time.

Have moobs yourself? I would suggest surgery as soon as you can manage to get it. If you can't afford surgery then perhaps get some help at a psychologist. You deserve it after being subjected to such pain, believe me I know. Perhaps there is one person that will read this article and at least see the issue at hand. I am not a politician, nor am I a man with great power over the masses. However I hope that my writing this will bring the issue to light in the minds of my readers.

Should insurance at least partially cover the removal of gynecomastia related man boobs?

Should insurance at least partially cover the removal off gyncomastia related man boobs?

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Comments 12 comments

Renee Collins 4 years ago

I never really thought of Man Boobs as a medical condition. Well actually I've never thought of Man Boobs, except when I hear someone reference them. This was interesting. I think that insurance companies should at least partially cover the surgery since men aren't supposed to have breast tissue. This was very insightful.

Dontei profile image

Dontei 4 years ago Author

I'm glad you found it interesting. I wrote this article in hopes of informing people about a prominent issue that is often overlooked or misunderstood.

SandCastles 4 years ago

Good article. People can be so mean. I'm glad you got help and feel better now.

Dontei profile image

Dontei 4 years ago Author

Thanks for you kind words, I'm glad as well. Here's hoping that insurance companies realize the severity of this issue in the near future. Many men in the same situation that I was will have no chance of getting help if they don't.

Renee Collins 4 years ago

Does this condition put men at risk for breast cancer?

Dontei profile image

Dontei 4 years ago Author

Although gynecomastia is not directly cancerous, it does significantly increase the risk for breast cancer.

Dontei profile image

Dontei 4 years ago Author

Once the hub is officially published I'll be sure to add that information. Thanks for the great question, you reminded of something important that I failed to point out.

Renee Collins 4 years ago

No problem, just thinking that if it can increase the risk for cancer than the men with the problem should really be urged to get it checked out.

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

The problem is there are the "fat" man boobs, and there are the genuine "gynecomastia" man boobs. People don't care that they're separate. They only think of the image and make immature giggles at the words "man boobs".

Dontei profile image

Dontei 4 years ago Author

I totally agree with you about the misconception that all manboobs are from fat. The fact is that there are many men who ask for help with there moobs and get told to lose weight. However in many cases what they are really dealing with is gynecomastia and that simply can not be burned off.

vick 3 years ago

I hav gynecomastia and no money......guess I'll hav to liv in hell till i earn some.....

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

Wow, I never imagined there was so much behind man boobs. It has obviously impacted you greatly, but I am happy you found a solution. Your hub was both well written and compelling. Great photo, too.

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